Exercises at flat-footedness at children

Exercises at flat-footedness at children

For children flat-footedness — a widespread problem which as a result leads to unpleasant consequences. The correct and timely therapy based on performance of massage and special medical exercises is important for prevention of change of a form of foot and correction of deformation.

We will also consider the last in this article.

Features of flat-footedness at children

Flat-footedness — a disease at which foot becomes flat because of insufficient development of muscles. It provokes further violations in work of joints, pains of various localization, the wrong bearing, difficulties in coordination of movements. Then it is already difficult to struggle with a disease, and long therapy, and at times and surgery is necessary.

At the child to certain age it is heavy to reveal flat-footedness as his bones were not created up to the end yet. And the area of foot where there has to be a dredging, at the healthy kid is still filled with fatty tissue therefore and it is heavy to reveal defect. He is accurately shown at children not earlier than by 5 — 6 years.

Whether you know? The condition of foot influences the woman's figure. At flat-footedness the load of a backbone and area of a basin because of what the shape of buttocks most often suffers is displaced.

It is quite possible that the child has a flat-footedness if:

  • after long walks on feet puffiness is observed;
  • having pressed on the middle of foot, to the child it is painful;
  • the kid complains of unpleasant feelings in feet.


  • genetic predisposition;
  • footwear with absolutely equal sole;
  • increased load on legs (at the excess weight);
  • flexibility of joints;
  • rickets;
  • injuries of feet.

Types of flat-footedness:

  1. Most often meets at teenage age. Depends on weight. It is observed more at women.
  2. Develops with increase in length of foot because of what it almost completely adjoins to a floor.
  3. Longitudinally cross — simultaneous development of two types. Feet at the same time remind flat cake. This type of flat-footedness provokes development of kifozny scoliosis and a lordoz of lumbar department.
  4. It is shown as a clubfoot. At a flat valgusnoy the foot to the adult should fight against normal blood circulation, waist pains and deformation of joints.

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Extents of deformation:

  1. The first. Symptoms are practically not observed.
  2. The second. Feet becomes flat. Pains arise regularly, they are more intensive.
  3. The third. To the child to go already absolutely painfully, he is disturbed back also by headaches. Strong puffiness.

Remedial gymnastics at flat-footedness

The remedial gymnastics at flat-footedness can be carried out in special halls (can be equipped at policlinics) with the corresponding stock, under the leadership of the doctor. But quite successfully these can be engaged also at home.

Whether you know? Until problems with feet are fixed, cellulitis will return, even at healthy nutrition and regular physical jobs.

Charging at flat-footedness which it is possible to carry out houses:

Lying on a back

  1. Delay socks to yourself, directing them inside.
  2. Move the sliding movements on a shin of an opposite leg.
  3. Bend legs in knees and connect heels. You part and reduce them.

Sitting on a chair

  1. Serially tear off heels from a floor, and after — socks.
  2. Take fingers objects and try to transfer them to other place.


  1. With gymnastic (or another suitable) a stick in hands carry out squats and semi-squats on socks.
  2. Changing gradually width of setting of hands, transfer a part of weight to the outer edges.

Exercises for treatment and prevention of flat-footedness: video


Performance of remedial gymnastics promotes:

  • to strengthening of muscle bulk of foot;
  • less noticeable deformation;
  • to prevention of violation of a bearing;
  • to strengthening of linking of feet;
  • to formation of the correct position of legs when walking.

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The gymnastics is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • existence of the expressed syndrome of uneasy legs;
  • at respiratory and heart failure;
  • in the presence of viral and infectious diseases;
  • there are skin diseases.

Identification of deformation of foot — not a sentence, does not mean at all that against it it is senseless to fight. It is possible to correct everything, thanks to the timely and correctly picked up course of treatment.

General requirements

Any gymnastics always begin occupations with warm-up, in this case — with circular motions with legs. Prepare the weakening bath with warm water and fill sea pebble there. Suggest the child to play stones by means of feet. It is better to carry out gymnastics in the morning until legs were tired yet.

Important! The certified specialist has to carry out medical massage.

The LFK complexes at flat-footedness at children

According to the diagnosed type of flat-footedness, different types of physiotherapy exercises are recommended:

  1. At longitudinal type — exercises with a ball: capture by its feet, keeping long time, pulling of socks forward in pauses.
  2. For prevention and treatment cross the ball, but already small size, with a pimply surface is also used. Its rolling from socks to a heel, and back is carried out.
  3. Longitudinally cross flat-footedness excludes exercises with arrangement of fingers in the parties. It is better to carry out independently manual massage, having massaged at first the back surface of a shin, and after side.
  4. At a flat valgusnoy the foot to the adult should fight against normal blood circulation, waist pains and deformation of joints. Therefore diagnosing of this look at children's age demands fast reaction. The elektromiostimulyation is shown. A course is conducted everyone by half a year on 7 — 12 procedures.

Let's consider below feature of diagnostics and development of flat-footedness in children of different age group and exercise for its correction.

LFK for children at valgusny deformation of foot: video

Since the first birthdays

Flat foot at children up to 2 years — norm. It is explained by physiology as a bone tissue at kids soft. In 2 — 3 years the process of its formation which comes to an end by 6 years begins.

At this age it is important to present treatment process to the child as a game. For example:

  1. Play with it animals. Ask it to resemble as it is done by the called animal.
  2. As soon as he sits down on a chair, enclose to the child under legs round objects that it played them feet, shifting from one place to another.
  3. On a usual rubber rug attach stones of one height and suggest the kid to go on it daily.

Pay attention to exercises for children: with a hoop, with dumbbells, on a horizontal bar, on an extension, push-ups.

Preschool age

It is already possible to diagnose a certain degree of flat-footedness for children of preschool return. Most of them is engaged in preventive exercises in kindergarten. They are included in wellness programs of many institutions for the purpose of strengthening of the copular device.

But nevertheless, occupations in gardens are directed only to prevention of development of flat-footedness. For treatment it is necessary to do additional exercises. So you should not ignore home trainings. Seat the child on a chair and ask it to execute the following exercises:

  1. To bend and unbend feet on 10 times each leg.
  2. To twist in turn feet at first clockwise, then — in the opposite direction. On each approach — 30 seconds.
  3. To move apart and shift fingers standing for a minute.
  4. To finish exercises with walking on tiptoe, and after — on heels.

It is possible to get the Swedish wall on which the child not only will be able to adjust a bearing, but also to carry out exercises against flat-footedness — to rise by several crossbeams up, to make capture hands for a level directly before itself and, having rested socks against the lower crossbeam, to balance on it up-down — heels have to remain free.

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School age and teenagers

From the beginning of studies children lead an inactive life. Sufficient load of legs is absent that provokes development of flat-footedness as muscles do not develop and weaken.

Teenage girls begin to wear shoes on a high heel, often incorrectly picked up height, than provoke development of a curvature of foot. During this period sharp differences of indicators of body weight are also characteristic that negatively is reflected in feet.

Motivate the teenager to moderate sports activities and to wearing comfortable footwear. Buy the roller massager, orthopedic balls, a special rug. The teenager will be able to practise, without distracting from the major activity. The massage course against flat-footedness will also not be superfluous. Offer such exercises:

  1. Portrayal of patterns toes, sitting.
  2. Squats with orthopedic balls under legs.

Preventive gymnastics

Do with the child, as soon as possible, the exercises directed to prevention of flat-footedness: let's walk often barefoot or in thin socks on sand, on a grass, on paths from small stones and to other uneven surfaces. Get a special orthopedic rug or make it independently of improvised materials. Buy footwear with an orthopedic insole.

Also such exercises will approach:

  1. Variable walking on tiptoe and heels. And after — on the internal and external parties.
  2. Pumping from socks on heels, imitating movements of the boat.

It is worth carrying out them daily 10 minutes.

Important! You have with the child annually examination at the orthopedist. And on the first year of life of the kid visit the doctor not less than three times a year.

Councils for parents

Flat-footedness, as well as any disease, it is simpler to prevent, than to be engaged in its treatment. Therefore the parents suspecting that at the child the deformation of foot develops, can do the following:

  1. Before consultation of the doctor, check the probability of presence of a disease. Oil sunflower or water-based paints (watercolor, gouache) foot of the kid and put him on a clean sheet of paper. Try to distract its attention that the accurate mold managed to be created for a couple of minutes. It is possible to ask to rise the child on wet fabric and after to walk on a floor. If the trace reminds a bean form — there is no flat-footedness. If all foot imprinted completely — register in consultation.
  2. Do not ignore preventive occupations, motivate the child them to carry out.
  3. At confirmation of the diagnosis flat-footedness, begin a course of treatment immediately, without hoping that with age the defect will pass in itself.

Get acquainted with complexes of morning exercises for children of different age.

You watch that the child did not overload a leg and led active lifestyle, did warm-up for legs, wore the correct shoes — steady and free, with orthopedic correct form of a sole, from the quality materials which are well passing air. Then the probability of development of flat-footedness will become minimum.

A set of exercises at flat-footedness: video

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