Exercises for eyes at short-sightedness: effective complexes and techniques

Exercises for eyes at short-sightedness: effective complexes and techniques

The sight is one of the most important channels of perception of the world surrounding us without which we cannot just imagine normal and full existence. Loss of hearing or sense of smell is considered less terrible phenomenon, than total loss of sight. For this reason numerous programs of maintenance and correction of sight at the appropriate level are developed. And first of all the gymnastics for eyes comes to the rescue. For eyes at short-sightedness we will talk about advantage, types and effective techniques of carrying out preventive gymnastics in this article.

Features of shortsightedness

Shortsightedness, or in a different way short-sightedness, is a widespread disease of eyes in the modern world at which the ability accurately is lost to distinguish the objects which are in a relative distance from the person.

If when reading the book, viewing the movie and other daily affairs shortsightedness is not shown in so serious form, then with reading posters or signs, viewing number of the minibus or attempt to find in crowd of the necessary person the similar illness has an effect on a case and significantly spoils life.

Whether you know? Only in Ukraine the disease of short-sightedness is peculiar in various degree to about fifteen million people (third of the population). The coefficient having shortsightedness is approximately equal in the world to indicators of Ukraine 1:3.

Gymnastics for eyes

In case of short-sightedness, special gymnastic exercises for recovery of former quality of sight and correcting of the developed violations will come to the rescue.

In what advantage

are among:

  • contribution to relaxation of eye muscles that is especially important when performing long work at the computer or with papers when the sight is strained as much as possible;
  • preventing to deterioration of sight, its maintenance at the invariable level;
  • some types of gymnastics promote improvement of earlier worsened perception of the picture;
  • removal of fatigue after naryazhyonny labor process;
  • stimulation of plaintive channels then the cover of an eye is again humidified.

Important! Despite all usefulness of gymnastics for eyeballs, there are also some contraindications at which performance of exercises for improvement of sight is not recommended. Such contraindications are among: peeling of a retina, inflammatory diseases and also the rehabilitation period after surgical intervention.

Types of gymnastics

There is quite wide range of various types of gymnastics for eyes. They can be classified by activity type:

  • gymnastics at the computer;
  • the weakening exercises;
  • remedial gymnastics;
  • training for correction of sight;
  • removal of tension during reading or viewing the movie and others.

It is also possible to divide eye trainings by types of exercises:

  • blind-man's-buff (smykaniye and disconnection of eye eyelids);
  • rotations;
  • horizontals and verticals;
  • floating movements;
  • change of width of opening of an eyeball and others.

Important! Before use of any given adjusting or medical equipment it is necessary to consult the ophthalmologist. The equipment for removal of tension and relaxation can independently be used in house conditions.

Basic rules of performance of exercises

For eyes it is possible to carry to the basic rules of performance of trainings:

  • the regularity of performance, but is not more often than 2-3 times a day;
  • interval of application of 4-6 hours, depending on tension of work;
  • respect for sequence of exercises and quantity of their vypolneniye;
  • in case of the medical and adjusting sight trainings it is necessary to consult the ophthalmologist;
  • do not think out the exercises, their advantage will not be checked and reliable.

Gymnastics for eye muscles at shortsightedness

Let's consider directly trainings and sets of exercises which will help you with achievement of the planned purpose on correction and improvement of quality of sight and also with fight against manifestations of short-sightedness.

Get acquainted with a gymnastics set of exercises for eyes at an astigmatism.

General exercises

General exercises for children and adults included a number of the protozoa directed to removal of tension and fatigue from eyes. As the main and the most effective are considered:

  1. In these exercises it is necessary to blink at first strong, later to open eyelids and to begin to open very quickly them and to close. Such exercise will promote inflow of blood to eyeballs.
  2. Blind-man's-buff. In these gymnastic manipulations it is necessary to close strong eyelids for several seconds then to disconnect and repeat similar movements of 7-10 times. This exercise promotes removal of tension from muscles of an eye and a century and also to their strengthening.
  3. It is carried out by clean hands. The upper eyelid is massed little fingers clockwise from a nose bridge to edge of an eye. Lower eyelid on the contrary.
  4. Such exercise will help to adjust circulation of liquid in an eye and around it. For this purpose it is necessary to put three fingers on the closed eyelid and to press slightly 2–3 seconds. To repeat 7–10 times.
  5. You close eyes, and opening them, you dart a glance down, up, to the right, to the left. Carry out such combinations from 4 falling on 5–7 times.

By techniques

Besides the general exercises there are special medical techniques developed by the become famous scientists. Further we will sort the most popular technicians.

Read also about a yoga set of exercises for eyes.

Professor Zhdanov

Zhdanov complemented Bates's technique with some practices from the psychoemotional model Shichko, but in general types of exercises remained almost invariable:

  • vertical, horizontal and diagonal movement of a look on a straight line;
  • square opisyvaniye clockwise and counterclockwise;
  • opisyvany circles in two directions;
  • spirals in four directions: from below up, from top to down, from left to right, from right to left;
  • zigzags in four earlier described directions;
  • and also the circle which is narrowed to the center and dispersing to edges in the vertical plane.

Video: technology of performance of exercises for eyes by a technique of professor Zhdanov In more detail of the technician is painted in Bates's technique which became the ancestor of gymnastics for eyes.


The technician Bates was the first in own way, and therefore had a number of shortcomings. In particular, with its help it was not possible to restore completely sight, but when carrying out experiments positive dynamics was observed. At the heart of a technique — 16 exercises:

  • vertical movement of eyes up-down;
  • horizontal movements to the right-to the left;
  • firing by eyes on diagonals;
  • square opisyvaniye with a look stop on corners;
  • the movement up, later on diagonal down, further again up and again on diagonal in a starting point;
  • similar system to the right and to the left with movements on diagonals;
  • opisyvany circles clockwise and against;
  • zigzags;
  • spiral from the bottom left corner in the bottom right corner;
  • spiral from the top left corner in the bottom right corner;
  • spiral in the plane: an opisyvaniye of a continuous circle with a radius decreasing to the center;
  • ellipse opisyvaniye in the horizontal plane;
  • exercises with hands: forefingers of both hands at the level of eyes and further distributing of hands in the parties across, at the same time looking after fingers;
  • cultivation by hands on diagonal;
  • down;
  • on circles.

Video: technician of performance of exercises for eyes by a technique Bates

M.S. Norbekova

Norbekov's technique practically repeats Bates's exercises, but in it only 12 exercises are used. These are views here and there down, horizontals and diagonals, zigzags, rotations around and to an ellipse clockwise and counterclockwise, filched, the circle twisting to the center and a square. Switching of attention from neighbors to distant objects in course of execution of 12 exercises became feature of this technique. Thus higher concentration of attention is reached and sight focus improves.

Video: technician of performance of exercises for eyes by a technique M.S. Norbekov

E.S. Avetisova

Avetisov's technique is intended first of all for school students and comprises three groups of exercises, each of which has the purpose, namely:

  • the first group — finds blood circulation in eye tissues;
  • the second group — is calculated on strengthening of eye muscles;
  • the third group — improves accommodation.

Examine effective exercises of gymnastics for eyes of children.

The following exercises belong to the first group:

  • firing by eyes up-down, to the right-to the left and on diagonal;
  • circular motions clockwise and counterclockwise;
  • hourglasses (movement on two specularly reflected triangles);
  • semi-circles with the top and lower bend.

Treat to the second group:

  • movement on a rhombus;
  • the turned and direct Latin letter S;
  • opisyvany circles with a gap in the top and lower point;
  • focusing of sight on the next subject and on the most remote.

Treat to the third group:

  • threefold look up (eyes carry out three jog movements up), and then three views down;
  • crosswise movement on diagonals;
  • threefold look to the right, then threefold look to the left;
  • double look to the right and up, double look to the left and up, and similarly down.

Video: the technician of performance of exercises for eyes by a technique E.S. Avetisov Carrying out these simple exercises, it is possible to recustomize sight focus, thereby having overcome problems of short-sightedness or far-sightedness and also to improve the general quality of sight.

How to enhance efficiency of gymnastics?

Performance of a number of recommendations about strengthening of efficiency from execution of gymnastic trainings of eyeballs will allow to make them the most useful and safe:

  • it is not recommended to make training actions without existence of desire;
  • both front, and cervical muscle fibers should remain in full tranquility and not to take part in rotary motions of eyes;
  • eyes have to stay in a condition of the maximum slackness;
  • it is necessary to make movements as it is possible more smoothly and more softly;
  • it is forbidden to carry out a training if strengthening of fatigue of eye muscles is felt;
  • during the training you monitor breath, it has to be equal and quiet;
  • before starting performance of gymnastics, glasses or contact lenses should be taken off.

Whether you know? Except the main exercises of a complex, Bates offered a psychological technique according to which the person had to close eyes, present some beautiful landscape and try to draw it with eyes on the imagined sheet of paper.

Exercises for prevention of short-sightedness

To anticipate and reduce the probability of appearance of short-sightedness, it is necessary to follow some preventive rules:

  • work at the computer or reading there have to be normirovana and be interrupted every 40-60 minutes for 10–15 minutes to avoid drying of an eye cover and to prevent development of a syndrome of a dry eye;
  • correct lighting: light has to fall from above or sideways and at the same time not to be too bright (hurts the eyes) or excessively dim;
  • it is not recommended to read in transport when everything jumps, or lying when a point of view too slanting that will result in fast fatigue of eyes;
  • 2–3 times a day carry out the easy gymnastics combined from the exercises given above.

Adhering to the described recommendations and carrying out sets of exercises, you will be able to secure yourself against so unpleasant phenomena as decline in quality or a defocusing of sight.

Daily performance of five general exercises which will help your eyes to relax and remove stress after work will become ideal and also not to allow appearance of short-sightedness or other undesirable eye diseases.

Pay attention to vitamins for improvement of sight.

If such diseases already entered your life, then consult with the ophthalmologist and choose the technique of remedial gymnastics which is the most suitable for your case.

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