"Field horsetail: from what helps also that treats how to use in the medical purposes

"Field horsetail: from what helps also that treats how to use in the medical purposes

For a long time people got used to ask for first aid curative herbs, doing of them various internal and external medicines — it saved them from many illnesses, gave forces and kept beauty. Medical plants such grow on our lands to this day, however not all of them have such wide range of application as a horsetail field, about advantage and about which some contraindications we also will talk today.

As looks and where the horsetail field grows

The horsetail field is a sporous grassy kind of the perennial plants carried by scientists to the Hvoshchyovye family. The characteristic black rhizome during the spring period of time releases the pale red, juicy, not having branchings stalks which are getting married a cone.

In the summer from it 60-centimeter, plentifully branched, ridge stalks of green color which just and are used directly for medical purpose make the way. With approach of winter time the escapes begin to die off and change gradually the shades from green for pale corporal.

Leaves grow underdeveloped and connect among themselves on a stalk in cylindrical tubular vaginas, the sporonosnost occurs from April to May. The general growth of all plant, as a rule, fluctuates between 15-30 cm.

The horsetail field practically across all territory of the former USSR extends, bypassing only the southern deserts and cold spaces of Far North.

Chemical composition

This grass is enriched with various valuable components and their connections:

  • alkaloids,
  • ascorbic acid,
  • vitamin C (up to 180 mg),
  • dimethylsulphone,
  • fat oil,
  • carotene,
  • silicon acid (for 2.5%),
  • mineral salts,
  • nicotine,
  • organic acids (apple, oxalic, akonitovy, linoleic),
  • palyustriny,
  • saponin,
  • ekvizetoniny,
  • sitosterol,
  • pitches,
  • trimetoksipiridiny,
  • flavonidam (ekvizetrin, liteolin-7-glycoside, izokvertsitrin, lyuteolin).

Medicinal properties

The properties of a horsetail promoting strengthening of health have various impact. It is expressed in spheres of antiseptics, spasmolysants and also in rendering the diuretic, styptic, knitting, expectorant, wound healing, antibacterial, glistogonny and all-strengthening influence.

We recommend to you to esteem also about curative properties of an ekhinatsea, solyanka holmovy, a lyubistka, thistles, clovers, cowberry leaves, dyagilya, lindens, calendulas, a hyssop, a sage, a dogrose, a thyme, a wormwood bitter and cornflowers.


Let's consider in more detail that the horsetail field in various spheres of human health treats: to traditional medicine, cosmetology and cookery.

In traditional medicine

The folk healers enriched with centuries-old medical experience recommend to apply a horsetail at various organic violations, both external, and internal.

Whether you know? Already Avicenna used juice of a field horsetail when healed wounds and ulcers, and applied hvoshchevy tinctures on wine to fight against spread of gastric and hepatic tumors, against intestinal frustration and dropsy.

It can be:

  • konyyuktivit;
  • various fungal defeats;
  • everything that is connected with a support for motive functions: sciatica, osteochondrosis, arthritis, fractures of a bone tissue;
  • inflammations of a mouth: stomatitis, periodontosis, gingivit, (at children promotes reduction of adenoides);
  • ulcer damages of a stomach and 12-pyorstny gut;
  • diseases of an urinogenital system: cystitis, ureteritis, MKB;
  • initial and average stage of diabetes;
  • cardiac atherosclerosis;
  • different poisonings;
  • external abscesses and also deprive, eczema, psoriasis;
  • bronchial cough, pulmonary or skin tuberculosis (last two diseases only in certain cases);
  • diarrhea of various degree of complexity;
  • plentiful forms of menstrual bleedings.

Important! Application of a horsetail field in traditional medicine always yields good results and practically never becomes complicated collateral manifestations. Despite this, before use of this plant it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Besides the listed advantages, the perennial perfectly proved in the concerning issue of weight loss. Weight reduction is promoted by plant extract which helps removal from an organism of excess stagnant liquid together with the collected toxins: salt exchange at the same time is not broken, but blood is purified, as leads, as a result, to natural and healthy loss of excess weight.

In cosmetology

Thanks to the increased calcium absorption, this field grass can quickly fix problems with head skin, hair bulbs and even baldness of a non-hormonal etiology.

It is made for rinsing of the head and added to various strengthening masks which not just feed and literally recover "tired" hair, but also stimulate the new, "fallen asleep" bulbs. In cosmetology the field horsetail, first of all, is appreciated the silicon which is contained in it which well influences integuments by activization of elastin and collagen:

  • disinfects and removes inflammations on skin;
  • stimulates microblood circulation;
  • narrows pores;
  • strengthens small capillaries;
  • removes hypostases under eyes;
  • restores the correct functioning of sebaceous glands.

Also application of a perennial will help to save from the following problems:

  • couperosis;
  • extensions;
  • cellulitis;
  • pimples;
  • age wrinkles.

In cookery

For a long time field medicine was used not only for the amendment of health, but also as tasty ingredient in various dishes. Juicy bright stalks and leaves are the real well of useful components; in particular, because of silicon content the plant is considered medicinal and preventive.

Than the field horsetail, so it is still useful that it is successfully added to pancakes, baked puddings, pies, roast, soups and okroshkas. Not revealed, sweetish and juicy, escapes can be used in the raw or to add to salads.

Pharmaceutical medicines on the basis of a horsetail

The most popular pharmacological substances on the basis of a field horsetail are:

  1. Fitolizin — vegetable (only) paste which water solution is accepted inside when, against the background of an infectious etiology and a nefrourolitiaz, in an urinogenital system there are inflammatory processes.
  2. "Horsetail extract dry or liquid" is good for a stop of bleedings, treatment of enuresis and other diseases of a bladder and all bodies of an urinogenital system, at the skin disorders demanding medical intervention.

Whether you know? The science knows about 12 thousand species of herbs. Saying of drevnebuddiysky physicians: "If to look around with a look of the doctor who is looking for medicines, then it is possible to tell that we live in the world of drugs...".

Recipes of application in the medical and cosmetology purposes

The officinal field horsetail can be applied in various variations, each of which will be directed to a certain disease.


Medical tea which promotes fast removal of slags from an organism and serves as prevention of infectious diseases is very shown to application. The recipe is very simple: 1 h the spoon of a grass is ready a glass of boiled water and 1 hour infuses. Have hot tea to 5 times a day.

Quickly to get rid of painful urination, it is necessary to make tea with a horsetail and a camomile, having taken equally each of ingredients. To insist within an hour, to drink again hot 5-6 once a day.


Broths of their horsetail field considerably will improve a condition of the patient at which wounds, ulcers and/or inflammations in a mouth long do not heal. The plant should be made in the enameled capacity: 1 tablespoon of a grass on two glasses (400 ml) of clear water. Then mix it is necessary to boil thoroughly half an hour. How to accept the prepared broth: to filter carefully in clean ware, then to use for designated purpose (lotions for wounds, rinsing).

Water infusion

Water infusion is applied in (2 tablespoons 3 times a day) at stones in kidneys or in a bladder, inflammation in a liver, cardiac hypostases, diseases of a female reproductive system, atherosclerosis and manifestations of a hypertension.

Outwardly tincture wash and wipe the festered wounds, decubituses, eczemas and furuncles. In conjunctival bags, at inflammation, it is dug in serially, on 2 drops by 3 times a day.

Spirit tincture

As good means for strengthening of all organism serves tincture on ethyl alcohol, it also significantly accelerates metabolism. Preparation: 20 g of a horsetail are filled in with 1 liter of wine (white), infuse within a week, then are filtered.

It is necessary to accept spirit infusion on a hungry stomach, once on 2 tablespoons a day within two weeks. Spirit tincture of a horsetail with addition of additional herbs will be suitable for effective treatment of the stones which accumulated in a gall bladder: bear ears, grass of a gryzhnik, foliage of cowberry and bird's gorechnik. Herbs need to be taken in identical proportions. At first 5 minutes bear ears are boiled, then cowberry is added to a saucepan with broth and boiled within 10 minutes.

After removal from a plate, in broth other ingredients pour out, capacity is densely closed by a cover, wrapped up in a towel and not less than half an hour infuses. After time, tincture is filtered, and then add in it alcohol.

It is necessary to accept the prepared medicine on 20 g a day, it is obligatory after meal.


It is possible to make with own hand medicine in the form of ointment which strengthens regeneration of wounds and skin cracks. Vaseline (1:4) is added to the dry crushed hvoshchevy raw materials, careful hashing follows further.


The medical juice prepared from a fresh horsetail is capable to save the person from such pathologies for a long time: hypostases, varicosity, frequent cold, the reeled immunity, the bleeding and purulent wounds and frequent emergence of blood allocations from a nose. Preparation requires a svezhesorvanny grass which should be washed out under flowing water, and then to turn into carefully crushed weight and to wring out juice. Medicine dosage inside: three times a day on two tea spoons.

Outwardly it is necessary to process wounds too three times a day, not less. To carry out instillation in a nose on 2 drops in each nostril 3 times a day.


In specialized shops or drugstores it is possible to buy extract of a horsetail field, received through extraction by organic solvents, drying and evaporation. Therefore hygroscopic powdery weight turns out.

Medicinal and improving properties of extract are intended for internal reception, recovery of a limp and dim hair, treatment of tuberculosis, both skin, and pulmonary, lead intoxications, diabetes (scourge of modern mankind), strengthening of the immune system, than it was weakened, and removals (easing) of rheumatic pains.

Medicine is drunk on half of spoons by (tea) 3 times within a day, previously having dissolved a half of a briquette in a 200-gram glass with clear water, then having boiled and having filtered.

Hvoshchevy bathtubs

Hvoshchevy bathtubs well help people with the broken blood-groove with extremities, at a frostbite, reduced metabolism, rheumatism, articulate diseases and the increased perspiration of legs (hands too). That the medical bathtub turned out, it is necessary to fill in 100 g of a dry horsetail with liter of boiled water and to draw half an hour.

Then the filtered mix is added to water in a usual bathtub. Treatment course consists of 15 bathtubs on a quarter of hour alternated every other day.

Preparation of medical raw materials

It is considered to be medical raw materials those parts of a hvoshchevy grass (always in dried up, but in the integral or crushed look) which tower above the ground. It is about 30-centimeter stalks of a dim green shade, with sourish taste and poorly expressed smell.

That independently to prepare them, having kept at the same time all useful properties, during collecting, drying and storage it is necessary to follow some important rules:

  • it is necessary to collect plants on sour soils (near the wood, along the river);
  • places in which the chosen herbs grow have to be in the cleanest ecological zone as the horsetail almost instantly incorporates poisons and other hazardous substances from the atmosphere;
  • collecting needs to be carried out in dry weather, in the presence of the sun which is not closed by clouds after passes midday heat;
  • for collecting the whole summer months when the grass reaches the 20-30-centimeter size are considered as optimum time;
  • the cut of a plant has to be made in 10 centimeters (approximately) from the earth's surface;
  • just before the beginning of drying, raw materials carefully get over to get rid of unnecessary yellow shoots;
  • it is good to dry the prepared horsetail it is possible in the natural way — for example, on the attic; for the accelerated process it is possible to use the special dryer intended for vegetables and fruit;
  • at natural drying it is very important to mix often raw materials to avoid a peregnivaniye. The first day it should be done not less than 3 times. On air the grass completely will dry up in 7-10 days;
  • when using the special modern dryer of a plant it is necessary to process no more than at 45 °C. In 10 hours at most and 6 at least preparation will be completely ready;
  • correctly dried up, quality green raw materials have to have a grayish shade and poorly felt smack of acid.

Important! Any washing of a collected grass (categorically) — badly drying damp material in most cases quickly begins to decay.

That the dry grass well remained, it is located in packages (bags) from paper or linen fabric, packings are put in most darkened and dry place.

Contraindications and harm

The horsetail field is capable to help from what the person is often protected by means of chemical medicines from — different problems with health and immunity. But, in some individual cases or at non-compliance with the warning contraindications, natural means can do much harm.

The plant is not recommended to be used at such states:

  • nefroz and nephrite of kidneys;
  • strong allergic reactions even if it is only about predisposition to them;
  • lactation;
  • severe internal bleeding;
  • individual intolerance.

Also it is necessary to remember that the long internal use of a horsetail is fraught with urine acidulation therefore patients with its sour reaction are in addition recommended to take the alkalizing drugs preventing the strengthened formation of crystal urat (salt of uric acid which testifies to the broken metabolism in an organism). Using natural properties of the described plant, you can help yourself and to the relatives to improve health. But, when the person without due medical qualification undertakes such work, it can lead also to negative manifestations.

Application of a horsetail field has to be surely previously coordinated with the attending physician — only this way you will be able to achieve the best safe result and to avoid any side effects.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team