Fir oil: what it is applied to that treats how to use

Fir oil: what it is applied to that treats how to use

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Fir oil is widely used both in the medical purposes, and in cosmetology. Massage, improving bathtubs, removal of warts and fight against cold — not all list of the fact that it treats and where it is used.

Than fir oil is useful

Extract disinfects, anesthetizes, makes bactericidal and anti-inflammatory impact, tones up and calms.

Fir oil as it gives expectorant effect, quite often use for treatment of pulmonary diseases, at cold, bronchitis and not only.

Extract is useful at frostbites, overcoolings, burns and hypostases. Oil well influences people with neuritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism. It promotes increase in pressure, narrows vessels, restores blood circulation.

Helps to overcome a stressful state, fatigue, struggles with sleep disorders, returns to an organism a tone. It is quite often used as additional treatment of diseases of urological and gynecologic character.

Fir oil can promote an allergy therefore before to apply it, at first carry out the test for reaction. Apply it to skin and observe. Within one-two minutes the easy pricking can be felt — it is normal. At other reactions (strong reddening, burning) it is better to purify skin and to see a doctor.

Application in cosmetology and traditional medicine: recipes

This extract is applied rather variously. Literally any person will find something for himself. Recipes and recommendations, actually, set.

For face skin

It is used, as a rule, by people with oily problem skin, it perfectly cleans it, saving from pimples.

Whether you know? In the ancient time the fir was considered as a sacred tree. Healers claimed that, being near it, you receive powerful inflow of positive energy, feel inspiration, cure the soul, clean thoughts, at you interest in life wakens.

For hair

Oil of a fir deals also with the problem of excessive fat content of hair. But it is used also at emergence of other problems.

Resorting to the help of the nature in the presence of various problems, it is useful to know about properties cedar, castor, corn, coconut, tea tree oils, sprouts of wheat, pomegranate stones.

For massage

Massage with fir oil wonderfully weakens and makes medical impact — it promotes disposal of wrinkles, elasticity of skin, restores a dream.

Massage with extract (it 2-3 drops on the struck places drip and mass) is irreplaceable at psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema.

Extract is fine also for regular anti-cellulite massage: drip 3-4 droplets on problem places and mass.

By the way, just to make massage mix most: add 25 drops of fir to 30 ml of the main oil (take apricot, almond, camomile or peach).

For joints

Of course, it is necessary to treat joints not one oil of a fir, but as addition to other techniques it will approach perfectly.

Aromatherapy and improving bathtubs

The aromatherapy also does not do without fir oil. If you go to a bath or a sauna, dissolve it in water or drip on the heated stones a little. It will be very useful to breathe in these couples.

And before improving bathtubs prepare a special emulsion. Boil 550 ml of water, add 30 g of polished children's soap and you cook on slow fire until it is dissolved. Remove the vessel from fire, and 15 minutes later, accurately disturbing, pour in it in 0.5 l of oil. Properly mix, pour in capacity and densely close them. You store in the dark place. Proceeding from such calculation, the emulsion will be enough for 20 procedures.

In the filled bathtub pour in 15 ml of an emulsion, carefully stir. Take a bath for 15 minutes (water should not affect the warm area). Already 10 minutes later you will feel easy pricking in a groin zone. In order to avoid it it is possible to apply on a crotch vaseline in advance. It is not necessary to be rubbed off upon termination of, better just quietly lie down 15-20 minutes.

From each bathroom increase quantity of an emulsion by 5 ml — up to 85 ml. Take baths with fir oil daily before going to bed. A course can be taken again later half a year.

Important! During a course (and two days after its termination) will not be allowed to take any alcohol, to smoke and eat spicy food. Otherwise no medical effect will occur or even health will worsen.


Inhalations with fir oil are good at cough and cold (if there is no temperature). Boil water liter, slightly cool it, drip to steam of drops of oil and breathe over steam for 5-10 minutes, having covered with a towel. Upon termination of lay down in a bed or just be properly wrapped up.

Inhalation is performed against flu and bronchitis.

From warts

The emulsion is effective also against warts if to grease them four times a day. And it is possible to do mix. Squeeze out 300 g of juice and when it becomes as jelly of a celandine, add 20 ml of oil. Smear warts three times a day until they are gone.

There is also such way: mash two garlic gloves and mix with lemon juice (there will be enough half of a citrus), add 10 ml of acetic acid and 30 ml of fir extract, stir, daily smear warts. Before any of these procedures of a wart it is recommended to steam out in hot water.

At cuts and bruises

If you were cut, dip bandage in extract, cover with it a wound, and from above put a polyethylene/film. Change a compress in 12 hours before full healing. At deep cuts it is contraindicated to apply such method!

And if you hurt, then pound this place twice a day — since morning and before going to bed.

Whether you know? Still Hippocrates knew about salutary opportunities of fir oil, quite often it occurs also in recipes of the Tibetan medicine. And shamans of the American Indians applied it in the rituals and practicians.

At a fungus of feet or nails

Fungus of feet treat lotions from pure oil, putting them for half an hour. At a fungus of nails lower feet in the container with extract for 30 minutes. The fungus, as a rule, is treated 7-10 days.

At toothaches

Against a toothache or inflammation of gums apply the tampon soaked in oil for 20 minutes. If pain completely does not release, do so each two hours. Not to burn mucous, 5 ml of oil dissolve in a cup with warm water.

From stings of insects

If you were bitten by an insect, grease this place with extract. If there is hypostasis, it should be mixed with olive, apricot or almond oil.

Important! Among other things, fir oil well helps from cold: part three of its drops in 50 ml of water and drip in a nose three times a day.

How to choose upon purchase

Having come into drugstore, surely study packing. If on the label it is written about fragrances, then it is better to set aside extract aside — it is artificial.

One more way is to drip oil on a piece of paper. If after a while it evaporated not completely, and left a fat divorce, most likely, at extract there is a sunflower basis, and it speaks about its poor quality.

Pay attention that the real emulsion has to smell only of a fir, foreign smells should not be. One more way, but it is possible to use it after purchase: drip oil in the shower gel. It should not be stratified.

How to store in house conditions

It is necessary to store means in the place protected from light and that children had to it no access. Storage temperature — is not above +25 °C.

Contraindications and harm

Fir oil not for all is equally useful. Its use is contraindicated:

Important! Remember: it is not recommended to be used inside on a hungry stomach!

Fir oil has many useful properties. But nevertheless before to use it, surely learn about it more and get acquainted with contraindications. And it will be even better to consult with the expert.

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