For what beer yeast, structure and application, features are necessary

For what beer yeast, structure and application, features are necessary

Beer yeast is known to all as a brewing basis. But it turns out that their application is not limited only to preparation of darling by many of intoxicated drink. Already many years use unique structure of this product as the vitamin and immunostimulating additives.

Beer yeast is a source of vitamins of natural origin, an effective remedy which is applied both to treatment, and to prevention of an organism. Yeast for restoration of a proteinaceous and carbohydrate and mineral metabolism is widely used. It is a well of biologically active components and minerals.

Appoint medicine to people who have dysbacteriosis, have problems with nervous system. Also this additive is widely applied in cosmetology and dermatology.

Beer yeast promotes strengthening of immunity, increase in resilience of an organism to infections, a working capacity raising. All this thanks to substances which are a part of biological additive.

  • proteins;
  • amino acids;
  • vitamins B;
  • folic acid;
  • RR vitamin;
  • vitamin E;
  • vitamin H;
  • vitamin D;
  • fatty acids;
  • zinc;
  • selenium;
  • hardware;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • manganese.

Important! Yeast can be bought in drugstore without recipe, however before reception it is necessary to consult the doctor.

  • Natural — strengthen an organism in general, increase immunity, improve mental work, contribute to normalization of a metabolism, remove a syndrome of chronic fatigue. Are recommended to athletes, as prevention at obesity and diabetes.
  • With iron — besides the all-strengthening action enrich an organism with iron, strengthen immunity, increase physical endurance of the person, promote decrease in fatigue. Are recommended to the people having anemia, busy hard intellectual or physical work.
  • With sulfur — actively feed a brain with oxygen, slow down process of aging of an organism, are effective at treatment of diabetes. Are recommended for people of advanced age and also after transferring of a serious illness. Restore the normal growth of hair and nails, improve a condition of skin.
  • With zinc — are an additional source of zinc which helps an organism to struggle effectively with a stress, colds and other diseases undermining immunity of the person. Are recommended to people with a problem liver and also as prevention of viral infections.
  • With potassium — enrich an organism with potassium, increase intellectual working capacity, feeding a brain with oxygen. Promote pressure decrease and regulation of salt exchange. Are recommended for normalization of muscular activity.
  • Cosmetic — are used in cosmetology for clarification of skin, removal of furuncles and eels, strengthening of hair and nails. Group B vitamins which are a part of a complex provide an organism with missing elements therefore the general condition of an organism improves.
  • With mummies — the all-strengthening effect of beer yeast amplifies positive effect from a mummy therefore regeneration of fabrics improves, healing of burns, wounds and ulcers accelerates, the physical activity of the person increases. Are recommended as toning and resolvent.

Whether you know? Vitamin which is required to a human body least of all — B12. It is enough to accept only 0.001 g a year.

Beer yeast is universal remedy which at regular reception positively influences an organism and all its functions:

  • compensates for the vitamin B deficiency;
  • stabilizes a proteinaceous and carbohydrate and mineral metabolism;
  • promotes recovering from infections;
  • increases immunity;
  • improves appearance;
  • improves work of a cardiovascular system.

It is only a part of medicinal properties of this product which is equally useful as men, so to women and children.

  • increase in working capacity and endurance at excessive physical activities;
  • food of a brain and increase in its activity at intense brainwork;
  • decrease in fatigue and the all-strengthening action.
  • promotes growth of hair and nails;
  • improves a condition of skin, cleaning and rejuvenating it;
  • feeds an organism with substances necessary for it therefore the general state improves.

Bee pollen, mint, cocoa and also, essential oils of avocado, grape seeds, rosemary and jojoba promote growth of hair and nails.

In addition, women use additive as an effective remedy for weight loss.

  • for treatment of an intestinal imbalance;
  • for recovering of an organism from the postponed diseases of infectious character;
  • as additive to the main food for food of a brain and improvement of mental activity.
  • for completion of deficiency of vitamins;
  • at poor nutrition;
  • at a lack of folic acid;
  • at early stages of pregnancy when the condition of skin and a hair can worsen.

We recommend to you to esteem about vitamins necessary for pregnant women.

  • metabolism violation;
  • the increased intellectual and physical activities;
  • stomatitis and other diseases of a mouth;
  • alcoholism;
  • intestines imbalance;
  • radiation by radiation;
  • adverse environmental conditions;
  • limited food.

Whether you know? Beer yeast uses not only for preparation of beer and also for other alcoholic beverages, such as ale, cider, whisky.

In dermatology the beer product is appointed at such problems as a dermatosis, psoriasis, furunkulez and eczema. In cosmetology recommend to take the drug not only internally, but also as the rejuvenating and cleaning masks for removal of pimples.

Beer yeast is quite safe medicine, however and there are exceptions. They are not appointed in such cases:

  • to children up to 3 years;
  • at individual intolerance of components of medicine;
  • to people with diseases of kidneys;
  • to patients with Leber's disease;
  • at the dysbacteriosis caused by Candida mushrooms;
  • at gout.

The red mountain ash and chicory help to eliminate dysbacteriosis.

To choose yeast which is necessary for you it is necessary to pay attention to the options enriched with any microcell. Now such yeast enjoys special popularity and from usual classical they are separated only by availability of additional vitamin.

This addition can be a decisive factor in the choice of the necessary medicine which will make the necessary directed impact on an organism. So, amber acid improves elasticity of muscles and reduces pain at physical activities. Such option perfectly will be suitable for athletes.

It is better for the people having anemia and lowered by hemoglobin level to choose yeast with iron. At violations of work of a thyroid gland advise to receive medical treatment with iodine additive.

Medicine with zinc which normalizes work of this body is recommended to people with problems of a liver. Yeast with calcium will become a great choice for those who need to strengthen a bone tissue and joints.

Beer yeast in the form of tablets accepts after a meal. Usually the course of treatment lasts 30 days. According to the recommendation of the doctor can repeat through certain time. As prevention appoint in such doses:

  • children are 3-7 years old: 2 times a day on 0.25 mg;
  • children are 7-12 years old: 2 times a day on 0.5 g;
  • to children 12 years and the adult are more senior: 2 or 3 times a day on 1 g.

At treatment of certain diseases the doctor increases a dose by 1.5-2 times. As face packs use 2 tablets, fraying them in powder and diluting with water.

Weight loss by means of beer yeast is found possible if at the same time to adhere to the mode of the healthy balanced nutrition. Combustion of fats happens by means of group B vitamins which are one of compound components of yeast and also active accelerator of metabolism.

They help an organism to recover quicker muscles after the trainings and at the same time to give more energy. Vitamins of this group are popular with the athletes keeping to a diet with the minimum quantity of calories. Minerals zinc and magnesium calm nervous system of the person that favorably affects an organism and gives it the chance to be restored quicker after the trainings. Amino acids are perfectly acquired in intestines and compensate for the protein deficiency at a strict diet.

Dry yeast accepts for weight loss every morning to food on one tablespoon which is filled in with boiled water. At the same time the breakfast has to contain proteins which in combination with yeast will help to receive a maximum from amino acids and vitamins. Yeast in the form of tablets for the purpose of weight loss accepts 4-5 capsules a day.

  • in food to adhere to a formula ves*30 kcal;
  • to increase amount of the consumed green vegetables and fruit, fish and cereals;
  • to forget about having a snack with boredom, white loaf, sweet drinks, sugar and semi-finished products.

Important! Main thing: to remember that non-compliance with a diet will result in boomerang effect — a set of excess weight.

Beer yeast is used not only for weight loss, but also for a set of weight. The principle of action of this product promotes gradual accumulation of body weight. Step by step this process looks thus:

  • normalization of a metabolism and increase in appetite;
  • disposal of an organism of toxic substances and metabolism acceleration;
  • gradual set of weight.

The athletes wishing to gain weight as a result of physical trainings eat beer yeast in any kind. For this purpose it is necessary to take three pill a day and also to adhere to a certain food allowance and the schedule:

  • to reduce consumption of salty and greasy food which promotes fat accumulation, but not increase in muscle bulk;
  • not to overeat, eat no more than 4 times a day;
  • for breakfast to eat nutritious healthy food which will provide with energy for the whole day;
  • it is regular to load muscles of all body with physical exercises.

Beer yeast has no side effects. In isolated cases allergic rashes in the form of a small tortoiseshell can meet if the person has an intolerance of any component.

As we see, beer yeast is one of the few universal remedies which positively influence an organism in general and at the same time has very broad application: in medicine, cosmetology, dermatology, sport and weight loss. Not important, in what form you use yeast. The result will not keep itself waiting and will be shown in several weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team