Freezing injury

Freezing injury

such cold time as winter receiving freezing injury as a result of short-term or long low temperature impact on skin or body tissues is possible. It is not thought that presently perhaps full or partial freezing, but nevertheless. Those who do not take the constant place of residence or those who work in extreme conditions of cold are subject to the last.

Our today's purpose – application of first aid at such cases. Not the fact that you will face it, but, having read this article, you will be able to have the necessary effect by the possible victim.

There is a certain classification of freezing injuries to understand degree and prevalence of action of cold, but it is necessary only for doctors, you need to know only what general actions need to be made for first-aid treatment.

At all freezing injuries the victims complain of pain, and different character, an itch, burning, presence of wounds, vials and bubbles of the filled liquid or, just of change of an integument. The main primary help – warming of affected areas. After a frostbite it is necessary to bring the victim to the warm and well heated room where prepare a water bathtub with an approximate temperature about 15-20 degrees Celsius. The action purpose – the placing of the injured parts of the body in hot water and to restore temperature. Within 20-30 minutes temperature of a bathtub is raised to usual body temperature above, approximately to 40 degrees Celsius. Small massage a hand or make-shifts – the wetted towel, a bast or any fabric is at the same time recommended to run. As well as it was told earlier – we raise temperature to the necessary parameters within 30-40 minutes then victim take out from a bathtub. Integuments wipe dry then process alcohol. 70-degree alcohol is usually used. On all sites, bandage or soft fabrics are imposed, and it is necessary to track that they were not polluted then, cotton wool and again bandage is atop imposed. The patient is put to bed and allow it to drink hot drinks – tea, coffee, hot boiled water. Alcoholic products are not contraindicated, but it is necessary to give it with care.

Never you should apply snow and ice to grinding, it can perniciously affect degree of freezing injury and even to damage integuments of the victim.

If there are no conditions for warming and hot bathtubs, then it is worth being limited to a warm ukutyvaniye and application of strong drinks. If there is no it also, then the patient needs to be warmed at a fire or other center of heat.

After all these actions try to bring the victim to the nearest medical center where the following help will be rendered to him. You should not postpone hospitalization of such patients, even besides that the victim quickly came to an order and asks not to bring anywhere.

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