Fungus - not a problem!

Fungus - not a problem!

– very artful infectious disease. Most often it arises on skin and nails of legs. Treatment of fungal diseases is quite difficult because of fast reproduction and distribution of fungal bacteria. First of all, the elementary care and respect for hygiene will save from a fungus. Be circumspect in pools, on beaches, in saunas. Also try to use only the footwear.

The fungus causes destruction of nails both extremely strong irritation and peeling of skin on stupnyakh. At detection of these symptoms it is necessary to see urgently a doctor for specification of the diagnosis. If to you nevertheless has not the luck to pick up a fungus, try to get rid of it by means of traditional medicine.

  1. Steam legs in euphorbia grass broth.
  2. Grease legs with mix of alcohol and propolis.
  3. Put onions compresses.
  4. Sometimes it is possible to recover from a fungus immersing legs in strong made natural coffee.
  5. You keep a couple of minutes of a foot of legs in wine vinegar before going to bed.
  6. Often at a fungus wipe problem zones with tomato or onions juice, mix of butter and the pounded garlic.
  7. For fast treatment of a fungus to a parta every evening legs in broth of a grass of Veronika.
  8. At strong fungal defeats to the struck places put the crushed mint leaves with salt.

If you need to get rid of a fungus on nails, then try to prepare curative ointment, having mixed and having shaken up egg, vinegar and butter. Also infected nails can be oiled essential a geranium or a tea tree. For prevention of a fungus you store the footwear in the dry place.

In drugstores it is possible to find very large number of antimikotichesky means for treatment of fungi. For comprehensive care it is possible to use also them. The most known - Nitrofungin and Mikoseptin. You apply these ointments on the washed-up and dry surface.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team