Gymnastics for eyes across Zhdanov: set of exercises

Gymnastics for eyes across Zhdanov: set of exercises

Correction of sight by Zhdanov's technique represents a set of exercises which allows to restore sight without operational intervention. Its use assumes accurate observance of the technology of performance and the rules made by professor.

Bases of a technique of Zhdanov

Professor Vladimir Georgiyevich Zhdanov created the author's program of recovery of sight, based on already existing techniques of the ophthalmologist William Bates and the scientist-physiologist Gennady Shichko. Therefore the technique is also called Bates-Shichko's method.

Bates is a creator of a set of exercises which help to train the muscles which are responsible for motive abilities of an eye. Shichko is known as the author of the psikhoanaliticheky direction and Shichko's ladders — programs of bad habits which purpose is self-extermination of the person. Ladder consists of the following steps:

Problems with sight and use of points Vladimir Zhdanov carries to bad habits, and it is necessary to fight with them from the very beginning not to allow an irreversible stage.

Whether you know? The theory of recovery of sight of William Horatio Bates is not recognized by scientific community and belongs to nonconventional medicine. At the same time, the writer Aldous Huxley managed to cure far-sightedness and an astigmatism by means of this technique and in 1943 published the book How to Correct Sight.

The basis of a technique of Zhdanov consists in implementation of 3 points:

  1. Maintaining the daily log with installations for self-programming.
  2. Performance of exercises.
  3. Reception of the immunoproofreader Vety and extracts of propolis and bilberry.

Advantage and indications

Implementation of all points of a technique of Zhdanov will help:

  • to improve sight, up to its complete recovery;
  • to strengthen the muscles which are responsible for the movement of eyes;
  • to master ways of removal of visual fatigue.

Exercises can be also used as prevention of ophthalmologic pathologies. Carrying out gymnastics is shown for treatment:

  • short-sightedness;
  • far-sightednesses;
  • astigmatism;
  • squint;
  • fatigue of eyes as investigations of frequent visual tension.


The technique cannot be used in 3 cases:

  1. During the period after the undergone ophthalmologic operation (at least 6 months).
  2. Presence of threat of peeling of a retina of an eye.
  3. Existence of process of peeling of a retina.

Important! At a cataract, glaucoma and other serious pathologies the consultation of the ophthalmologist is necessary.

Exercises for improvement of sight

The complex of doctor Zhdanov includes performance of special exercises for eyes. Professor offers separate sets of exercises at short-sightedness, far-sightedness and an astigmatism. Let's consider in more detail each of them.

At short-sightedness

For gymnastics it is necessary to prepare 2 leaves with the identical text in which each word is in the next line, at the same time top has the largest size, and lower — the smallest. They have to look as the standard table for check of sight at the ophthalmologist. The text can be made independently. This self-programming offer from 8 — 10 words has to be preferable, for example: My sight will become better soon.

Whether you know? V. Zhdanov possesses a course of lectures Return yourself sight in which professor's lessons, a step-by-step technique and technology of performance of exercises are in more detail described.

The first table should be made in such size that the top line it was clearly visible at distance of several meters and to hang up it on a wall, and the second — approximately in A5 format. Technology of performance:

  1. Depart on several meters from a leaf with the big table that the first line was read without difficulties, you hold the second leaf with the small table in hand before eyes.
  2. Close the right eye a palm and read the first line on the small table.
  3. Translate a view of the text placed on a wall and read the same line.
  4. Repeat exercise with the second line, standing on the same place (it has to be visible less distinctly).
  5. Pass all lines up to the end and repeat, having closed the left eye.

At far-sightedness

For performance of this gymnastics you need an oblong subject, for example, the handle or a pencil.

Exercise No. 1

Technology of performance:

  1. Holding a subject at arm's length, look afar.
  2. Blink and translate a look regarding.
  3. Bring closer it to the level of 15 cm from the face, without translating a look.
  4. Continue to look regarding and slowly alienate him to initial situation.
  5. Blink and translate a look afar.
  6. Repeat gymnastics of 5 — 10 times.

Exercise No. 2

Important! You look afar throughout all exercise.

Technology of performance:

  1. Take a subject in a hand and bring close to eyes.
  2. Shake it at fast speed in different directions.
  3. Transfer a subject to distance to 20 cm to the right side.
  4. Return it to initial situation.
  5. Take away a subject on distance to 20 cm to the left side.
  6. Return it to an initial position.
  7. Repeat gymnastics 2 — 3 minutes.

At an astigmatism

Palming — the ophthalmologic gymnastics with use of palms which is based on physiology and psychology which is applied at correction of an astigmatism.

Learn how to do gymnastics for eyes at an astigmatism, and to restore sight according to Bates.

Technology of performance:

  1. Rub one about another palms for a warming up.
  2. Close both eyes palms so that it was possible to open eyes, but at the same time nothing was visible.
  3. Think of something pleasant (reminiscence, a landscape, dreams) and continue to do it before full relaxation of face muscles and eyes.
  4. Blink a little and take away hands.
  5. Execute inclinations the head in different directions.
  6. Slightly rub the closed eyelids palms.
  7. Open eyes.

At this frustration the solarization — treatment is considered a light source also effective.

Technology of performance:

  1. In the middle of the dark room leave one light source (it is recommended to give preference to a candle).
  2. Try to catch side sight light, but you do not look directly at its source.
  3. Execute turns by the head in different directions.
  4. Repeat 15 — 25 times.

Rules of performance of exercises

The basic rules of gymnastics across Zhdanov:

  1. Use of points and lenses is not allowed.
  2. Movements at exercises have to be smooth.
  3. At heavy stages of diseases it is necessary to reduce duration of occupations.

Important! The result will have big efficiency if to combine performance of exercises with healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

The considered system of exercises in combination with the correct psychological spirit for result and intake of the vitaminized medicines will help to restore visual abilities at various pathologies. The effect of a technique of Zhdanov is noticeable in the absence of contraindications and is confirmed by responses of patients.

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