Healthy heart - in your hands!

Healthy heart - in your hands!

heart - guarantee of full physical and mental well-being of an organism. In the world there are many diseases which undermine this motor on which almost all functions of our body depend. And almost all troubles arise from the wrong way of life and addictions. Especially it is worth thinking that at whom relatives are subject to various cardiovascular diseases.

Use more fruit and vegetables. The diet in which there are a lot of fruit and also vegetables will be the best protection before diseases. When you select vegetables and fruit – pay attention to more dark fruits (for example, to grapes). In most cases they contain the greatest number of antioxidants, useful to health of heart.

Consumption of red meat should be reduced. Red meat is useful for receiving iron and proteins an organism, but you should not use it too often. It is better to limit consumption of red meat to 2-3 times a week. In other days it is better to receive a protein from other sources, for example fish, a bird and bean.

Cook food of the house. Cooking of the house helps not only to save, but also precisely know that it goes on a table. Besides, will give big confidence in quality of the products used for cooking.

It is more than cellulose. Try to increase the cellulose use. For example, beans are an excellent source of cellulose.

Moderately take alcohol. Not obligatory completely to refuse it to keep heart. But its use should be limited seriously. According to researches of scientists, the glass of wine in day is quite enough not to do much harm to heart so you should not exceed this dose.

You monitor the caffeine use. Its surplus can lead to serious problems. Working as a stimulator of the central nervous system, caffeine gives additional load of heart.

Do not forget about physical activities. For health of your heart the short-term, but intensive exercises aimed at the development of endurance well will approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team