Heartburn - first aid

Heartburn - first aid

, perhaps, one of unpleasant states which is followed by a sore throat and unpleasant burning. It is sign of violation of any processes in digestion. Usually it is the predecessor of overeating, acceptance of too greasy, spicy, salty food or just one of symptoms of some disease – gastritis, the ezofagit, an ulcer or other options.

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But, be not frightened, it can be also the physiological answer of an organism to the counteracting factor. But, if it happens very often, then it is necessary to see a doctor who, having appointed corresponding analyses and researches, will define if you have a disease, will bring to treatment. But about it a little later, and now there is a wish to tell about the first methods of the help at heartburn.

  • 1. There is such recipe which is very much loved in a people at large. If you had a heartburn, then at once accept baking soda. NEVER DO IT! Yes, it is valid, you will have a temporary relief, even and and for 10-20 minutes. And only then there will be a boomerang effect after which heartburn will work much stronger and more awfully.
  • 2. The best is to drink a good portion of milk. I had a heartburn because of errors in a diet in recent times, but I coped with it very well. Milk saved me within a week. That else here good so it is possible to drink it how many want and when want. I regret that who does not transfer lactose.
  • 3. Low-fat kefir – too the idea, but it not always helps, and at times even it becomes worse. I personally do not recommend this method.
  • 4. Kissel – very I recommend, especially viscous and tasty.
  • 5. Drug intake usually too is optimum, not everything is simple know that it is possible and that it is impossible. How the doctor I can tell that I will help with this option antatsida, and here what – just ask this group or our way What is from heartburn?. It is thought that will at once offer you several options.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team