Heartburn medicine"

Heartburn medicine"

– very unpleasant feeling caused in view of a variety of reasons concerning a digestive tract. It is a frequent symptom which is suffered by many people, and frequent manifestation it is always necessary to study and address the therapist for detection of the reason. Usually this improper feeding or some disease.

At heartburn many at once begin to use drugs or national methods, but it is always necessary to know what drugs can really help which to do much harm and which in general, you should not even accept.

Antiacid means are heartburn medicine at which acceptance levels of acidity and alkalinity are regulated then heartburn will disappear because of normal concentration of gastric juice. This group of drugs is divided into two groups. The first group is a soaking-up antatsida which are not applicable now as there are side effects from a cardiovascular system and also can cause the local inflammatory phenomena. The second group is antatsida which are not soaked up in fabric, at the same time locally neutralizing the acid environment, and envelop walls of body. What is bad as it is small validity period, possible side effects, also symptomatic action. Though the last nuance is not absolutely right and what you would like from medicine first of all? Of course, lightning effect. Here also I think, the etiology can be removed later, the main thing is to remove all unpleasant symptoms. All antatsida are issued in the form of suspensions, powders and tablets.

Pro-kinetics - heartburn medicine which affects structures of walls of bodies calm the fluctuations causing throwings of gastric juice in a gullet and also promote fast removal of contents.

Inhibitors of a proton pomp are the heartburn medicine influencing directly suppression of gastric juice the slime which sekretirutsya by stomach walls. National methods sometimes are effective, however nevertheless consult with doctors who will make recommendations about your case.

If you have extra kilos, then it is time to grow thin. Weight reduction will optimum affect a condition of your acid-base balance, will reduce activity of muscles mucous a stomach and will adjust operation of the valve of a gullet.

LifeGidrekomenduet: Useful tips of the nutritionist

If near at hand there is nothing, then drink milk, yogurt or sour cream. For a start will help. But never use baking soda, especially according to the recommendation of old residents! It will cause the return reaction, and at acceptance it will be valid effect in the beginning, and then it will become even worse. So, completely exclude this option.

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