Honey in traditional medicine.

Honey in traditional medicine.

ancient times honey is considered the most useful colds, tonsillitis medicine and in general the good substance strengthening immunity. Its force is that as it is made of flower nectar, it contains fructose. And thanks to bees who actually also transfer nectar to honey this product still about is enriched with all vitamins and enzymes which proceed from bees.

Of course, to think that honey has healing superforce at least silly. One honey in itself is not capable to cure of cancer for example, but nevertheless honey influences the immune system, so and health in general.

There are several recipes which will help with certain situations:

  • The situations connected with respiratory organs:
  1. Hoarse cough, hurts and tears up in a throat: a glass of warmed up, it is possible even hot milk + a spoon of sweet honey.
  2. Cough, cold: lemon juice, honey and grated ginger — the fact that it is necessary. To accept on a spoon before meal.
  3. Problems with the upper airways or with an oral cavity: on 1 tea spoon of honey of 4-5 times a day to hold in a mouth before full dissolution.
  4. Problems with airways: inhalations over boiled water from 20-30% honey solution.
  5. Inflammation in bronchial tubes: by honey solution to do an electrophoresis.
  6. Bleeding in lungs: crude turnip (juice), carrots and honey.
  • The situations connected with bodies of a cardiovascular system:

What advantage to such bodies from honey? First it reduces blood pressure, secondly expands vessels and, thirdly, feeds a heart muscle. But nevertheless it is worth remembering that honey in great quantities can be heavy for heart therefore it is worth accepting it, without exceeding norm (100-200 grams).

  1. Hypertension: 100 grams of honey a day will make the business.
  2. Weakness of a cardiac muscle: the products rich in vitamin C + honey will become useful. For example sea-buckthorn broth or dogrose decoction.
  • The situations connected with bodies of digestive tract:

Honey helps to bring to normalize formation of gastric juice. It is also very useful at ulcers, gastritises, pancreatitis, colitis, locks. But if you test heartburn taking honey on an empty stomach or in pure form, add it instead of sugar to food better.

  1. Water with honey directly before food — will enhance intensity of release of gastric juice.
  2. Water with honey in 2-3 hours prior to meal — will weaken intensity of release of gastric juice.
  3. at stomach ulcer: every day use 100 grams of honey.
  • The situations connected with bodies of nervous system:

Honey has ability to weaken and calm. Using honey it is daily possible to adjust a dream, to improve mental endurance and memory. In general even to correct mood and to bring itself into a tone.

  1. Insomnia: for half an hour to a dream warm water + one spoon of honey. Honey by the way the healthy sleeping pill which is most existing in the world.

Once you also consider such important quality of honey, property not to spoil very long. It as good cognac only improves with age. So eat honey and God bless you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team