Horse-radish (root and leaves) — from what helps how to use in the medical purposes, recipes

Horse-radish (root and leaves) — from what helps how to use in the medical purposes, recipes

Horse-radish is a perennial from family cabbage. To it the branchy direct stalk and also a long and powerful root system is characteristic. In Russia such culture was used as remedy and for preparation of fragrant seasonings. Today the popularity of such plant not only did not decrease, but also became even more considerable as the product is more often applied both in cookery, and in traditional medicine. Further we will in detail reveal all features of this vegetable culture.

Caloric content and chemical composition

The root has very rich structure. There are food fibers, antioxidants and organic acids. Also as a part of a product there are vitamins of groups B and SS.

Important! Despite essential quantity of useful elements in structure, the plant has a low indicator of caloric content. Only 56 kcal are the share of 100 g of a product.

Than horse-radish is useful to an organism

As one of the making components of remedies, horse-radish began to use for a long time. It is connected with the fact that the plant has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. The discussed vegetable culture is a certain natural antibiotic which is capable to influence favorably increase in protective properties of an organism and strengthening of immunity. Horse-radish makes diuretic impact and also to increase amounts of hydrochloric acid.

Learn how to make hot spice from horse-radish, and in what its advantage and harm.


It is known that horse-radish is very useful to health of men. In the absence of contraindications it is possible to recommend the regular use of such product. It should be used in the form of infusion which is capable to normalize male power. The rhizome is remarkable aphrodisiac, a peculiar Viagras substitute.

  • Men who suffer from baldness are recommended to rub juice of a rhizome of this plant in a head integument. Previously juice is recommended to be diluted with boiled water in order to avoid unpleasant burning.
  • Also the plant can be used in the presence of urological diseases. The product has diuretic property thanks to what can save from problems with urination.
  • Men who as a result of sedentary work caught inflammation of a sciatic nerve can fix such problem by means of compresses on the basis of gruel from horse-radish.
  • It is possible to use juice of such plant in the presence of arthritis and sciatica as the product promotes formation of blood cells.

Get acquainted also with such spices as: coriander, black caraway seeds, anisetree, marjoram, fenugreek, carnation, cinnamon, wormwood, hyssop, ginger and curry.


  • Horse-radish is capable to improve an intestines vermicular movement, and, so will be the great assistant for those women who wish to lose weight.
  • The product perfectly works against a pronounced form of cellulitis.
  • Regular consumption of tincture of a root with addition of honey will reduce appetite, than too will help with weight loss.


Further we will specify, horse-radish in cook business is how exactly used and also we will provide several recipes of folk remedies with its use.

In cookery

Rhizomes in cookery use as a component for preparation of sauces, and leaves of a plant are applied to preservation. Horse-radish is added to salads at the expense of what the taste of marinated vegetables improves, also use its leaves at conservation of cucumbers, thereby protecting the last from a mold. Young leaves of the considered plant will be well combined with meat dishes as will give them sharpness and special aroma. Still foliage is often added to soups and decorate with it sandwiches.

Important! The discussed vegetable culture remarkably is combined with poultry, with jellied dishes and pork.

In traditional medicine

Curative properties of horse-radish are widely known. The rhizome of the considered culture is especially appreciated.

  • Root part stimulates work of digestive glands and the system of digestion in general. Thanks to the considerable volume of cellulose, the plant helps intestines to bring disintegration products out of an organism. It is peculiar to horse-radish diuretic, bactericidal and expectorant actions.
  • At a root there is also a considerable amount of phytoncides that does it by excellent folk remedy for fight against cold and flu.
  • The considered grassy plant also helps in the presence of physical or intellectual exhaustion of an organism as it is capable to show the toning property.

Recipes of application

For the current time the set of various recipes for national medicines on the basis of horse-radish is known. We offer the most widespread of them to acquaintance.

At headaches

Green part of the considered plant well helps to get rid of a headache. If pain resulted from sharp change of pressure, it is recommended to make a compress with the ground leaves of horse-radish. At first leaves are required to be crushed carefully then to grind in kasheobrazny weight. Gruel should be turned in a gauze and to put to temples. Improvement of health occurs approximately in 15-20 minutes.

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At cold, cough and cold

  • Juice of horse-radish which should be mixed previously with boiled water (1:3) helps to struggle with cold. In day it is necessary to use about 50-70 mg.
  • In the presence of bronchitis it is recommended to use the ground root. 150 g of gruel mix up with lemon juice and are accepted on one dessertspoon a day on an empty stomach.
  • To improve health at a tonsillitis, it is recommended to mix the ground root and honey in identical quantities. It is necessary to accept such mix on one teaspoon each hour.
  • Treatment of similar diseases can also be conducted thanks to inhalations. The root of the considered plant needs to be ground or processed carefully before obtaining uniform consistence. Gruel is located in a glass plate, half an hour is covered and infuses. On the expiration of such time the fumes of horse-radish need to be inhaled through a mouth. In day it is recommended to repeat four-five such procedures. Treatment — about a week.

Whether you know? It is considered that horse-radish began to be eaten in Ancient Egypt. People at that time thought that this product stimulates appetite, and still gives vital forces. In Russia it began to be grown up only at the beginning of the ninth century.

At indigestions

In the presence of indigestion or intestines horse-radish will be useful in any form. An exception are only ulcer diseases. For a start it is necessary to crush 200 grams of a rhizome and to fill in gruel with three glasses of boiled water. All ingredients are carefully kneaded then infuse in the closed capacity within 2 days.

At indigestions it is also possible to eat honey with propolis, an anisetree, cottage cheese, meadow medical, cloudberries, rosemary, a quince, cinnamon and oat milk.

It is necessary to infuse mix in the cool, dark room. One such portion needs to be divided into 5 parts and to use during the day. The course of treatment takes one week then it is possible to take a break for 2 weeks and, if necessary, to repeat treatment.

At joint pains

The root of horse-radish needs to be crushed and steamed out on small fire. Then mix should be applied on fabric or a gauze and to put to the problem place. At sore joints it is possible to prepare means, using identical amounts of the crushed horse-radish, radishes and turnips. It is necessary to store ready mix in glass capacity. The course of treatment can proceed from 2 to 5 weeks. Rub with a product joints then they are warmed. Such procedures are performed most often for the night.

At puffiness of legs

It is necessary to take 150 grams of a rhizome, about 50 grams of a lemon together with a peel and 2 tablespoons of honey. First of all the root together with a lemon needs to be processed carefully, using the meat grinder. Then to mix it is added medical and all mixes up. Ready means can be stored in the fridge. It is necessary to use this medicine 2 times a day.

At sciatica

The root needs to be grated. Ready weight should be mixed with fat sour cream in a proportion two to one. The ready-made product is put to the sick site. A compress it is necessary to hold about half an hour then to remove. Such procedure has to be carried out 2-3 times a day with breaks at three-four o'clock. The full course lasts about 3 weeks.

At inflammation of an urinogenital system

In the presence of cystitis, or another similar well helps a disease infusion on the basis of horse-radish. First of all it is necessary to chop small a root then to fill in it with boiled water. On 100 grams of the main product one and a half glasses of boiled water undertake. It is necessary to infuse mix about 10 minutes then to filter and leave to cool down. Infusion is divided into 4 parts and is used during the day every two-three hours. Treatment lasts about 14 days then, if necessary, can repeat after a seven-day break.

Whether you know? In Japan the scientists found out that horse-radish can interfere with reproduction of bacteria which provoke formation of caries. Experts even worked on creation of toothpaste at the heart of which there has to be a discussed product, but meanwhile they did not define how to remove the aroma which is absolutely atypical for this hygienic means.

When to collect and how to prepare for the winter

  • Leaflets need to be cut off, washed up then to dry in the open air. The dried-up product is crushed, placed in glass capacity and densely closed. Such product can be stored till the next season.
  • It is necessary to collect rhizomes during the autumn period. It is necessary to undermine at first accurately them and to shake off the earth. After that it is necessary to cut off all foliage and to remove roots in a cellar, where and to store, having poured the damp earth.
  • It is also possible to grate horse-radish, to dry up in an oven, to place in densely closed capacity and to store it in such look.

Contraindications and harm

Despite of very essential benefit which is brought by horse-radish to an organism, it is also necessary to remember that it is spice, and, so not each organism can normally perceive it. Not to get burn, it is necessary to use horse-radish with care.

It is known that the burn is possible only at long impact of this product on skin. If the person has no problems with a digestive tract, then horse-radish can be used. But abuse of such spice will be able to do to an organism harm.

  • It is impossible to use horse-radish at problems in functional work of a liver and kidneys and also in the presence of chronic diseases of bodies of a GIT. Also it is necessary to refuse the use in the presence of colitis and at sharp disorders of intestines as such pathologies as a result of consumption of horse-radish can only become aggravated.
  • It is forbidden to use horse-radish during pregnancy, at a lactation and also in the presence of an allergy to any substances which are a part of a root.

Summing up the results, it should be noted that horse-radish really is a useful product for a human body. Certainly, it is necessary to use it in moderate quantity that it brought only benefit, but not harm.

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