How do high heels affect health?

How do high heels affect health?

centuries there was a set of strange customs which were connected with perception of female beauty. For example, in Africa beautiful it is considered when the woman delays a lower lip or a lobe of an ear by means of a ring. In Asia until recently black teeth were considered as sign of prosperity and prosperity. China was considered as beautiful small a foot. Women bandaged to themselves legs that they did not grow and became cripples.

Presently carrying heels is considered very beautiful. 65% of women of the world carry heels of 40 hours in a week. 35% of women carry heels from 12 cm high.

How do heels affect female health?

  1. Knee.

Carrying heels increases pressure upon the internal surface of a knee upon 26%. Women get sick with knee osteoarthritis.

  1. Calves.

As a result of long wearing of heels the gastrocnemius muscles contract and shortened.

  1. Achilles tendon.

When gastrocnemius muscles are reduced, they pull an Achilles tendon up therefore there is a bending in an ankle joint.

  1. Haglund's deformation.

Close shoes or rigid material of a back promote formation of a bone outgrowth – an ekzostoza behind a calcaneal bone (Haglund's deformation).

  1. Anklebone injury.

Big heels break balance and can end with stretching or an injury of an anklebone.

  1. Metatarzalgiya.

Heels break distribution of weight to a metetarsal that leads to leg pains.

  1. Morton's nerves.

Footwear with high heels and narrow noses can create a thickening of fabrics about a nerve between the third and fourth toes. As a result, frequent pains and numbness of toes will develop.

  1. Outgrowth.

Close footwear can cause outgrowths in the leg thumb basis.

  1. Molotkoobrazny deformation.

On the second or fifth toes molotkoobrazny deformation is formed.

  1. Bearing.

During carrying heels the tilt angle of a body changes, creating uneven load of bodies and joints.

  1. Pressure upon foot.

At circulation on heels the elevated pressure is put upon front foot (on a 22-76%bolsha).

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team