How it is correct to choose cream?"

How it is correct to choose cream?"

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the woman is simply not capable to exist without creams? Why? Yes because women got used to be womanly, and cream it in it the assistant. Yes, yes, cream. It does skin smooth, equal, humidified, uniform and the main thing keeps youth.

How to learn it is correct to choose cream, to choose today is from what, moreover to make a choice very difficult. First of all, it is necessary to study composition of cream. Low-quality creams can cause a number of problems. Even if you were lucky also you the owner of insensitive skin, there is no guarantee that low-quality cream will not cause in you allergic reaction. In order to avoid such situations there are samplers of creams. Having tried once you will understand you suit such cream or not, therefore it is worth buying it or not.

Now about cream components. A basis – some vegetable oil, castor for example. Often add silicone derivatives to it. These components instantly do skin gentle and smooth. But the opinion is wrong that silicone promotes recovery of skin. This effect of smoothing – only temporary properties. It just simplifies process of drawing a make-up. Such cream does nothing good, and only clogs up pores therefore cream needs to be chosen without silicone.

For this purpose, that cream could cope with some problems of skin add biologically active agents to it. For example peach or olive oil.

As a part of creams for ladies of age 30+ a number of amino acids surely contains. They defend skin from free radicals. Vitamin C is very useful. It promotes removal of pigmentary spots, restores collagen and helps skin to be regenerated quicker. For problem skin it is necessary to choose creams what part allantoin and salicylic acid is.

For this purpose, that cream looked better often it stuff with chemicals, changing consistence, color, a smell. These substances can provoke an allergy. Therefore try to buy creams without them.

As for preservatives, once you avoid such, urea and parabens, they can cause irritation of skin.

In general upon purchase of cosmetics it is worth being not less attentive, than upon purchase of food. Whether only after you studied in the most thorough way structure of a jar and checked he causes allergic reaction in you, it is possible to make purchase. Successful acquisitions, always remain beautiful and young!

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