How it is correct to do a day make-up?

How it is correct to do a day make-up?

make-up is the whole science. Presently courses of a make-up teach even in higher educational institutions around the world. Its popularity only increases every year. A weak half needs to hold appearance in good condition daily. Besides, the men too not against to look good by means of a make-up.

For today the campaign to makeup artists is not luxury any more. But, daily to go to experts it is also not an exit. For this purpose it is necessary to have not only money, but also time. Besides to get up in the morning for this purpose to descend to the makeup artist, it is also heavy. Therefore, it is the best of all independently to learn to do a make-up correctly.

Methods of the correct make-up:

  • For a start it is necessary to clean face skin.
  • It is the best of all to do a make-up at a daylight. As, day lighting will help you to put it correctly. Because of artificial lighting evenly to do a make-up very difficult. And very often happens when because of bad illumination of the girl do not dokrashivat or recolour a face. Besides, day lighting will help you to make a make-up imperceptible.
  • To remember the main thing that all light tone, only increase and expand. And dark just the opposite – reduce and narrow. Therefore if not to be pleasant to you your face form, then by means of correctly picked up tones it is very easy to correct all.
  • Also, do not forget that you surely have to have a big mirror in which you will see the person under various corners.
  • Try not to do absolutely what contrasts or sharp borders of transition of flowers. It not for a day make-up. Remember that the complexion surely has to be uniform.
  • Get brushes. At professional makeup artists is them near 20 pieces. But to you, there will be only 9 pieces enough.

Brushes which will be extremely necessary for you:

  • Brush for powder. Choose big.
  • Brush for putting blush.
  • The brush keg will be ideal for shading of shadows.
  • To correct a shape of your nose, it is necessary to choose a brush of the small size.
  • Brush proofreader. It is necessary for you for liquid foundation.
  • ] Correctly to put shadows, the big brush is necessary.
  • For lips the brush is also surely necessary. It is necessary for the correct shading.
  • And of course for the general beauty the brush for eyebrows is also necessary. It to you will help to shade them correctly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team