How to accustom the kid to own bed?"

How to accustom the kid to own bed?"

often mothers put to bed the small kids near themselves. It is so much simpler because you always near the baby and to you it is not necessary to rise from a bed to calm him or to breastfeed if suddenly he begins to cry. But time goes – the child grows. Also it becomes already not so convenient to sleep with him in one bed. He figures prominently and to parents is unusable to stay together. Psychological researches show that to the child who overslept several years (or even months) in one bed with parents, it is very difficult to get used to own bed in which except him there is nobody.

To retrain – in principle very difficult occupation. Therefore it is better to provide own secluded town for a dream to the baby since the birth. From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that if your baby initially sleeps separately – you will just get rid of excess problems in the future. But what to do if already late and your kid got used to sleep near you?

On that to solve this problem a lot of time and forces is required. Why? To avoid psychological frustration at your child. Everything needs to be done gradually not to plunge the kid into a stress. Therefore you should stock up with patience.

To begin to priuchivat the baby to own place for a dream better at the age of 6-8 months. The child is already rather adult independently to turn over and lay down as to him conveniently and it is necessary to feed him much less often. But if your kid is more senior, be not upset, never late to disaccustom him to your bed.

If you decided to accustom the child to the bed do not depart from the decision. You should not concede to it stacking it near yourself "only one time". If solved – means so to that and to be. Otherwise all efforts are up the spout.

Rule first: we are put to bed always at the same time. It is possible to think up a peculiar ritual. For example, after you buy the kid read him the book, sing a lullaby and stroke, thereby helping to fall asleep.

The ritual has to keep within 15 minutes and has to be quiet and pacifying to cause drowsiness in the child.

After you do everything conceived as a ritual, sit a little until the baby falls asleep, and then you leave. If suddenly the child wakes up – approach, calm, stroke a little more, but do not take away him to yourself.

The first 10 - 15 nights will be over difficult because the child will wake up very often, just to make sure that mother is near. Your task is to show him that you really nearby, just you sleep in different beds now.

One more very effective way is "to replace" mother with something another, for example, some soft toy. And leaving the room to ask to protect it your kid. So he will feel your care even then when you are absent nearby.

All children are afraid of the dark. Therefore in the beginning it is better to leave included in a night lamp.

If the frail child you do not hurry with "moving". Do not leave his one if it cuts teeth or any other indisposition. You should not leave for a long time it crying, you can break its mentality thus. [/Но if everything is good both at you and at the baby – then forward. Remember: than earlier you will make it – the it will be better both for you and for it. I it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team