How to avoid cardiovascular diseases?

How to avoid cardiovascular diseases?

largest number of people around the world dies of cardiovascular diseases. It is stated by World Health Organization. Only in 2008 more than 17 million people died. Besides, annually at least 9 million people die of cardiovascular diseases.

The countries with low income are subject to most of all heart and vascular diseases. Therefore, experts I advise not to take close to heart material problems. You treat life easier. Experiences and nervous breakdowns to you will not help to solve your problems.

Doctors around the world advise:

  • To eat properly. Unhealthy food promotes the increased blood pressure. At the same time, glucose level in blood increases. Thereof there is obesity. For reduction of risk of diseases the experts advise first of all to reduce the salt use.
  • To refuse tobacco. Smoking leads to 80% of all cases of a heart trouble and vessels of the main brain. Experts proved that the refusal of tobacco considerably reduces risk of development of heart and vascular diseases.
  • Try to get enough sleep. The rash well helps to prevent heart diseases.
  • Regularly measure your level of blood pressure. It will help you with need cases to see in due time a doctor and to avoid serious consequences. Normal level of pressure is considered 140/85.
  • Be engaged in physical activity. It is proved that exercises not only reduce risk of premature death by 50%, but also are a youth source. Besides, the physical activity perfectly reduces stress, reduces blood pressure, lightens the mood and prevents memory loss.
  • Laugh on health! The best medicine is a laughter. Only 15 minutes of your laughter will replace to you 30 minutes of aerobic exercises.
  • Pay the attention not to weight, and to a waist. The high blood pressure and level of cholesterol it is directly connected with excess weight around your waist.
  • Do anti-cholesteric days. Only 1 meatless day perfectly promotes decrease in saturated fat in your organism.
  • You watch closely teeth. Caries also increases risk of diseases of heart.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team