How to be protected from weak-mindedness?"

How to be protected from weak-mindedness?"

today around the world nearly 38 million people suffer from weak-mindedness. It is stated by World Health Organization. And it is only statistics. Actually them more. It agrees the forecast of WHO, by 2020 the number of such people will increase three times. And by 2050 will make 115 million.

Ways which will help to prevent weak-mindedness:

  • As it is possible play sports or physical exercises more regularly. For this purpose always to be in a tone doctors advise at least 4 times a week to train. And the earlier you will begin to be engaged the better. Such trainings will perfectly protect your brain from weak-mindedness.
  • Always be physically active. Physicians, proved that the physical activity fills cells of a brain with oxygen. Thus, you will be able to protect yourself from weak-mindedness.
  • Try to walk as often as possible. It is proved that regular walks perfectly influence work of our brain.
  • Experts advise: to read as much as possible books, to learn languages, to solve crossword puzzles or for example to play a musical instrument. All this perfectly will help your brain to work actively.
  • Adhere to a diet. Use vegetables and fruit as much as possible. As, vitamins C and E, and also antioxidants which to contain in vegetables and fruit perfectly will help you to keep clarity of your mind. Best of all work: walnuts and bilberry. Besides, they perfectly will help you to be protected also from diseases.
  • Try to control pressure. The hypertension damages capillaries which deliver oxygen to a brain. Physicians proved that hypertensive persons too slowly remember events. Besides, it is heavy to them to process information which they see around themselves.
  • Also, refuse addictions such as: alcohol, smoking. It is proved that too badly influence a brain.
  • Be engaged in mental activity as much as possible. It perfectly prevents weak-mindedness.
  • Besides, experts advise very much to show consideration for all bodies of the body. As the set of diseases can also cause weak-mindedness.

Weak-mindedness is caused: pathology of a thyroid gland, medicamentous means, the shortage of thiamine owing to alcoholism, a stroke, a brain injury, multiple scleroses, brain infections, hydrocephaly, AIDS and tumors of a brain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team