How to cure a depression by means of vitamin D?

How to cure a depression by means of vitamin D?

proved that the shortage of vitamin D leads to a depression. In the modern world most of people suffer from a depression. Vitamins of group D help perfectly an organism to acquire calcium. Thus, except the cured depression in addition you receive strong, healthy teeth and bones.

Vitamin D interferes with diseases of a thyroid gland and perfectly normalizes blood clotting. By means of this group of vitamins the organism is capable to resist to skin diseases. For an example this prophylactic against psoriasis.

For normal work of all bodies the organism needs to use such norms of vitamin of group D:

  1. Children are from 0 to 13 years old – 200 ME.
  2. Teenagers are from 14 to 18 years old – 200 ME.
  3. The adult of 19-50 years – 200 ME.
  4. The adult of 51-70 years – 400 ME.
  5. Elderly of 71 year – 600 ME.
  6. To pregnant women – 200 ME.
  7. Nursing – 200 ME.

Group D vitamin rich such products: salmon, milk, cereals, eggs, orange juice, mushrooms, margarine, beef liver, soy. Also, vitamin D rich sunshine. Therefore it is very useful not only to sunbathe, and it is even simple to walk the street. Thus it is whenever possible necessary to be on air and to try solar vitamin.

Scientists drew conclusions that vitamin of group D is a prophylactic against cancer. At the same time, he removes reddening and peeling of skin, reduces the naggers.

Also contain vitamin D with other vitamins significantly strengthen the immune system. Perfectly struggles with catarrhal diseases and effectively conjunctivitis treats.

Especially vitamin D is useful to children in formations of inert fabric and growth. Its deficiency can lead to rickets and deformation of a skeleton. The lack of this vitamin results in slackness, strong drowsiness, the increased emotional reaction – tearfulness, unreasonable whims, excessive fearfulness.

The lack of vitamin D causes violation of a mineralization of bones in adults. Muscle tissue to become sluggish and weakens. Besides, the deficiency of vitamin develops osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, bones become fragile and begin to break at any injuries. And grow after changes very long.

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