How to cure cancer?

How to cure cancer?

to be treated by means of honey. Such conclusions were drawn by scientists. Besides, medical stimulates the immune system of an organism.

The modern medicine is not able to cure oncological diseases for all 100%. Besides beam and the chemotherapy not always and not everything helps. Because, each procedure of such therapy always demands certain rules. Specialists of Institute of a research of cancer opened human dendritny cages which stimulate immunity at pathologies, separately cancer.

Dendritny uterine milk stimulates dendritny cages which in turn stimulate immunity. And he is able to struggle with cancer.

Also, scientists drew conclusions that uterine milk is capable to suppress growth of leukemia. At the same time, medical effectively copes with consequences from medical anticarcinogenic treatment. Besides, perfectly fights against a beam mukozit - it is inflammation of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity.

Eat moderately:

Experts drew conclusions that moderate consumption of honey and sweets bring only benefit to an organism. However it is necessary to be always careful with measures. Abuse leads to obesity, cardiac diseases and oncology.

Scientists continue to research some honey around the world. Medical throughout many centuries it is used in the people for treatment of various diseases. At the same time, it perfectly approaches not only in an edible look, but also in external. This miracle folk remedy is easily acquired and perfectly transferred by any organism regardless of age.

Honey perfectly treats a cardiovascular system. Effectively normalizes arterial blood pressure and level of cholesterol, promotes reduction of viscosity of blood, fills an organism with glucose and other useful substances which ideally treat warm and vascular systems. Perfectly normalizes pressure and the haematogenic bodies. Besides, gastritis, gemmory, stomach ulcers of a stomach and sight treats.

Honey is very effective also at cold. Works as febrifugal and anti-inflammatory. Besides, it is ideal also for prevention of infectious diseases.

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