How to escape from snore

How to escape from snore

torments and attempts to fall asleep under the sounds made by someone from members of household are familiar to much. Contrary to popular belief, the person snores at all not because somehow not so lies. The problem is much more deeply and allows to assume that with health sleeping not everything is all right.

Are the reasons of snore:

  • The anatomic violations leading to narrowing of airways:
  • Curvature of a nasal partition
  • Congenital narrowness of the nasal courses and/or drinks
  • Polyps in a nose
  • The extended palatal uvula
  • The small, displaced kzada the lower jaw (with violation of a bite)
  • Increase in tonsils
  • Obesity

The functional factors and diseases reducing a tone of muscles of a throat:

  • Actually dream (decrease in a muscular tone)
  • Deficiency of a dream and fatigue
  • Alcohol intake
  • Intake of snotovrny medicines
  • Smoking
  • Decrease in function of a thyroid gland
  • Menopause at women
  • Aging

[br/] Exists several degrees of snore. If your wife leaves the bedroom — you snore moderately, but if there leave your neighbors — you have a heavy degree of snore — Dr. Filip Vestbruk, the director of clinical center of sleep disorders Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota says. Men snore more often than women. Researchers of a dream at inspection more than 2000 people established that they snored 71% of men and only 51% of women. In other research the distinction was nearly two to one in favor of men.

For your ears the snore can not seem a musical sound, but the orchestration of a sound is carried out by the wind instrument located on a back wall of a throat. Fabric in the upper airways on a back wall of a throat relaxes during sleep. When you take a breath, fabric on a back wall of a throat vibrates, and this effect is very similar to a wind instrument.

[br/] For those whose partners in a dream talk not about separate beds, and about certain bedrooms, are offered here ways which will help to stop this music.

  • You go on a diet. As a rule, most of snorers are people of middle age, men with an excess weight.
  • Ignore alcohol and nicotine.
  • Refrain from hypnotic drugs.
  • You do not sleep on a back. During sleep you lay down sideways
  • Fight against a pillow, then get rid of it. From pillows force of your snore only increases.
  • Decrease in snore to a minimum can be helped by a bed raising.
  • Get rid of cold and an allergy.


[br/] Exist various methods of conservative and surgical treatment of snore. [/] [br/] Conservative methods are directed to br to expansion of airways. Patients have to choose the correct situation for a dream. Also there are special intra oral devices preventing appearance of snore. Patients can do special exercises for reduction of snore. [br/] [br/] Surgical correction of snore includes a complex of the operations improving nasal breath, increasing a gleam of a throat, reducing the sizes of a soft palate and lymphoid formation of a throat. These operations are usually carried out by means of a laser, ultrasonic or mechanical scalpel. [/] [br/] Is also possible br treatment in a hospital by means of positive pressure in airways.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team