How to get rid of a hangover?"

How to get rid of a hangover?"

most effective secret of fight against a hangover was opened by the British scientists. All secret in mashed potatoes. By their councils, mashed potatoes need to be eaten before consumption of alcohol. To avoid bad consequences of a hangover it is enough to eat only several spoons. Besides, food will help to get drunk more slowly.

But if you forgot to eat potatoes, then at a hangover you can be suited:

The brine is an effective and checked method from a hangover. It is the best of all to choose cabbage or cucumber., they contain necessary balance of sodium and potassium.

Mineral water – will be ideal if there is no brine. But the main thing not to forget what needs to be drunk in the small portions.

Milk or kefir – perfectly will help in this case. They remarkably to you will help to get rid of toxins. But it is necessary to be careful in number of consumption of dairy products. They lead to gastric frustration.

Remarkably juice, and, above all apple helps. It contains vitamin C and fructose which work as antioxidants.

Not bad hot borsch helps. But before its use it is necessary to adhere to some rules. It should not be eaten right after awakening as effect to turn out the return.

Experts advise during a hangover better to vozderzhat from any food, and instead to have tea. But it is necessary to use it not right after awakening. Best of all will approach green with a lemon or black.

The dream will help to get rid of a hangover to you. If no events are necessary to you, then you sleep how many you will wish.

Perfectly the contrast shower works. But it is necessary to be careful. It will suit only people with healthy heart.

Excellent hangover medicine – is fresher air. After small walk in the fresh air the organism feels much better and more vigorously, and the head to become is lighter. Also, after the party it is the best of all to open a window in the bedroom. But if, on the street winter, then it is necessary to be careful. It is possible will catch a cold and will overcool.

The main rule – do not help with wineache a notch after the party. The state only to worsen and you can go to hard drinking. It is necessary to refrain only hour or two, then at once it will become easier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team