How to get rid of pimples and presenilation?

How to get rid of pimples and presenilation?

dream of the healthy, beautiful and shining skin. But not at all it turns out. All shortcomings try to hide the majority in the modern world under a make-up not only a female, but also men's. But the main problem remains. And the most professional make-up is not able to save you from bad thoughts of skin. Therefore, it is necessary to fight not against cosmetics help here, and at the expense of healthy habits which at constant observance will forever save you not only from pimples, but also from presenilation.

Therefore, we reconsider the habits and we do not use:

Coca-Cola causes pimples not only in teenagers, but also adults. This drink is made of the subacidic environment and bigger amount of sugar. Besides, this Coca-Cola harms not only skin, but also teeth. Therefore, it is worth forgetting about it forever. Replace this drink with water. It is the best of all not aerated.

Forever forget about alcohol. Alcohol leads to presenilation, due to ability dehydrates it. Even too rare use of alcohol harms your skin. Result on a face at once.

Agave the most harmful substitute of sugar for skin. For today due to advertizing the agave received the known popularity. But almost nobody thinks of consequences. This substitute causes pimples, and even various skin inflammations. And in baking it is postponed in the form of fat. Besides, causes eczema. This very popular sugar substitute causes all these problems at the expense of fructose of which it consists for 97%. Natural honey will ideally replace to you an agave.

For the sake of healthy skin completely refuse coffee. Coffee accelerates process of aging of your young skin. At the same time skin becomes: sluggish, dim, distinguished and sensitive. Such effect of coffee causes at the expense of the high content of caffeine. Therefore, even try not to take all versions some drinks which contain caffeine. Besides, caffeine leads to frequent diseases due to decrease in immunity, to lapses of memory, a sleep disorder, to nightmares, a depression, decrease in working capacity, etc. Therefore it is worth refusing habits, harmful to you, and your problems with skin to be solved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team