How to look after heels

How to look after heels

the woman everything has to be fine, beginning from tips of hair and finishing with a marigold on toes. And this is true. We find a lot of time for the hair, body, hands care, and legs often remain unaddressed. With arrival of heat ours of a foot have to be beautiful, heels soft, and a pedicure ideal.

How to look after heels?

The easiest way it to address to beauty shop where to you experts will help to make your legs beautiful and well-groomed. But it is necessary not to be lazy and to look after independently the legs, it is absolutely simple though it is necessary to visit salon, of course. For smoothness of heels we should do regularly massage, to accept baths, to grease with nutritious cream of a foot.

We do heels smooth.

You should not use the razor to heel care, at its use it is possible to put serious damage, and positively not to gain effect. When you cut off rough skin, on its place the new layer which will become more rough and rigid each time starts over again growing.

The best way of care for heels and in fight against the coarsened skin it to do baths. Such procedure is recognized as the best for home care of legs. It is possible to pick up the recipe individually, considering features of skin and personal preferences. Baths are salt, grassy, to addition of various oils and soap and soda. The simplest and widespread leg recipe of a bath, from ingredients which are always at home: it is necessary to connect milk, solution from soap, usual salt and water. We allow legs to stay in this solution of 40-60 min., further by means of fine-grained pumice we clean the top steamed-out layer, after that we grease with cream the processed leather. If regularly your heels carry out such baths soft and smooth.

We get rid of cracks on heels.

Dry air, hot weather, water with chlorine can lead to cracks on heels. That to get rid of them it is necessary to do masks, same, as well as for the person. Vegetables and fruit can enter a basis of such masks.

If you look after the legs regularly and correctly, then not to force itself to expect result long and in a week you will be able already to shine on the street with heels, smooth and pink as at the baby.

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