How to look after the injured hair in house conditions? Top of 3 best masks"

How to look after the injured hair in house conditions? Top of 3 best masks"

of special pride of each woman are her hair. And each woman is eager for changes. Sometimes we too often experiment with hairstyles. From it hair look not really attractive: they tarnish, lose natural beauty, become fragile and lifeless. Especially after regular coloring.

How to restore the vital force of our hair? Some will prefer to go to professional stylists, and others will try to make it in house conditions.

There is a courage of ways of care for the injured hair: masks, shampoos, conditioners, gels. We will tell you about the national recipes of three best masks checked on own experience, which stood the test of time and credible.

  1. Honey and egg mask for giving of gloss.

For its preparation it is necessary to take two spoons of honey and egg. Ingredients need to be mixed and to apply accurately on dry dirty hair on all length. To leave it for 40 minutes and to wash away water, it is desirable with shampoo. Thanks to honey, head skin will be moisturized, and hair will be sated with nutritious elements. The yolk will add gloss.

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  1. Mask from blue clay for saturation of hair oxygen.

Blue clay very well cleans and protects structure of hair from various damages. This mask should be used so: to apply on a little moist hair necessary amount of clay (same as though you put a ready store mask), to leave a mask for twenty minutes and to wash away. After its application the hair will become very smooth and soft.

  1. Mask with coconut oil with effect of lamination.

This mask - "must have" for the injured hair. Take three tablespoons of coconut oil and two teaspoons of gelatin, stir in the blender and apply mix. Leave a mask for 17 minutes and wash away. You will be enraptured with it! It not just smoothes and also feeds and incredibly quickly recovers the spoiled hair.

Masks should be used several times a week for treatment of a dim and brittle hair, 1-2 times – for prevention. Having completed a course of masks, you at first will think and whether it is worth scoffing at hair: to dry them the hair dryer, to twist, paint chemical paints. It is much more pleasant to see a well-groomed head of hear, than the hung and tired hair in a mirror. Good luck to you in fight for beauty and health of your hair!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team