How to lower cholesterol?

How to lower cholesterol?

increased level of cholesterol causes a set of diseases in people. First of all leads to atherosclerosis, stenocardias, to a heart attack and even sudden death. Especially raised cholesterol became one of the main problems of mankind presently. Therefore, doctors advise to be examined and in need of it to lower.

Ways which will help to lower cholesterol:

  • Much attention needs to be paid to a sorrel. It is said by physicians. According to them these greens are capable to lower considerably cholesterol in your organism. Plus the sorrel perfectly influences work of warm and vascular systems. It is all the fact that these greens contain huge amount of potassium and vitamin C. Besides, it also lowers pressure.
  • Reduce the uses of fat, meat, oil, cheese. Try to replace them with the fish, a bird and low-fat dairy products. Plus try to use polyunsaturated oils, for example: corn, sunflower or soy.
  • As often as possible use olive oil. Such oils as can replace it: oil of a canon, avocado, nuts and peanut butter. These oils, not only reduce cholesterol level, but also still are useful. Also, these oils perfectly according to nutritionists are suitable for diets. It is daily necessary to use 2-3 tablespoons of these oils.
  • Eat as little as possible eggs. They contain huge amount of cholesterol. But also, you should not exclude them from the diet absolutely. As, they according to physicians, are also necessary for an organism. For this purpose, to avoid the high level of cholesterol, it is necessary to use no more than 3 eggs daily. This quantity is absolutely harmless to our organism. Besides, cholesterol contains only in yolks. Therefore, you can eat proteins as much as necessary.
  • Use bean as much as possible. As, they are capable to remove in significant amounts cholesterol from an organism. Physicians proved that those people who used only 1.5 cups bean in day at them cholesterol level considerably went down. Especially at men. And one cup of bean suits all without any exception.
  • Also, doctors insist, on that always to watch own body weight. As, than you are fuller than subjects more in your organism of cholesterol. Besides, the Netherlands physicians proved that it is possible to determine only by body weight more precisely what level of cholesterol the person contains.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team