How to lower testosterone at men

How to lower testosterone at men

A key role in development of secondary sexual characteristics in men is played hormone by testosterone. Its indicators in an organism during all life of the man have to stay in standard limits. Any anomaly is immediately shown by various undesirable symptoms. Men often complain of hormonal deficiency, however also cases when the level of this substance exceeds norm that constitutes not smaller danger to an organism are frequent.

Testosterone at men

Testosterone (T) — the major men's hormone responsible for formation of a reproductive system. It controls a metabolism, stabilizes emotional health, keeps sexual activity, promotes extension of muscles, helps to be hardened to a voice and also supports the general normal functioning of an organism.

Bark of adrenal glands and gonads are responsible for synthesis of the main men's hormone. Testosterone is always present at a male body and in normal doses does not provoke problems with health.

There is testosterone form not involved in proteins and delivered by blood serum. Such androgen is called free. It is the active type of hormone getting into cages and influencing them.

Video: testosterone at men For men of working-age the standard of the general testosterone — 8.9-42 ng/dl (according to some information, the lower bound — 12 ng/dl). Normal content of free testosterone in an organism of men from 18 to 55 years is 1-28 pg/ml (or 2% of total amount of hormone).

As a result of any given frustration in a body of the man too much testosterone can be produced (we still will talk about the reasons of the similar phenomenon below).

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In such cases the hormonal redundancy should be reduced as sharp rise in level of testosterone creates a set of undesirable side effects, leads to a number of diseases and behavioural problems.

The increased level of androgenic hormones indicates their overproduction by an organism. Such state can have also a direct connection with synthetic additives in the form of steroids (sources of artificial testosterone).

Men purposefully take the similar drugs, wishing to increase sexual appeal, to increase density of a bone tissue. Besides, professional bodybuilders are forced to resort to such measures.

Symptoms and signs of high level of testosterone at men

The following testifies to the high level of this hormone in an organism of the man:

  1. Sharp poredeniye of indumentum of the head, up to full baldness.
  2. Excessively active growth of hair on a body and face.
  3. Appearance of pimples and acne rash on integuments (appearance of pimples on the face and a neck at boys at teenage age is physiological norm — there is a formation of a hormonal background. But at the adult man the similar phenomenon should not be observed).
  4. The increased puffiness (hypostases of legs, hands and face).
  5. Liver pathologies (as result of developments of stagnation and hypostases). At the increased puffiness liquid usually not completely is removed from an organism that can provoke problems with kidneys and lead to failure in their work.
  6. Increase in sizes of a prostate and development of prostatitis.

Study useful properties of a St. John's wort, ginger, garlic, a thyme, marjoram, wormwood bitter, a celery, pumpkin sunflower seeds, nutmeg, persimmon, a filbert, green tea for health of men.

Among secondary sign of hormonal redundancy there is a sharp change of mood (from euphoria to aggression, from depression to irascibility and irritability). Besides, it is possible to observe sleep disorders, frequent headaches, a memory impairment, suicide thoughts.

At men the body weight is sharply gained (without the reasons, obvious on that). There is an uncontrollable sexual inclination that also has to guard. Further problems from a cardiovascular system are possible.

Whether you know? The British scientists tracked relationship of cause and effect between working capacity and coefficient of testosterone in the man's organism. At young employees of the futures exchanges the rise of hormone those days when their earnings exceed average norm is noted. And in the mornings, when hormone content at men is at the level above an average, their earnings are more, than in other time of day.

The reasons of the raised men's hormone

Testosterone indicators in a male body can grow for the following reasons:

  • regular intake of anabolic steroids and dietary supplements;
  • heavy physical activities;
  • improper feeding;
  • hormonal failures in an organism;
  • premature puberty;
  • syndrome of testicular feminization;
  • inflammatory diseases of bodies of an urinogenital system;
  • various tumors in adrenal glands and testicles;
  • hereditary gene deviations.

Whether you know? In the course of a kiss the man and the woman exchange this hormone. It is curious also that in the period of love at the woman testosterone level sharply increases while at the man this indicator, on the contrary, decreases.

How to learn what level of testosterone at the man

That with an accuracy to estimate the index of androgens in a body, it is necessary to make the test of plasma of blood. Simple, but very reliable method for determining level of men's hormone is also the analysis of saliva on this hormone.

Advantage of this method is simplicity of an intake of material — damages are not put to an organism. The analysis of saliva is considered the most exact for assessment of a condition of a men's hormonal background, however it is not too available.

Video: how to check testosterone level

Draw of blood or saliva has to be carried out on a hungry stomach in the morning. In 48 hours prior to visit of clinic it is necessary to cancel (after consultation with the doctor) a number of medicines.

Important! One day before testing it is important to refuse cigarettes, alcohol, overeating and also the strengthened physical activities.

How to lower testosterone at men

After the high value of an androgen in an organism is confirmed, the doctor will appoint therapy which will help to reduce hormonal redundancy. Depreciation in testosterone has to include change of food, intake of medicines. It is also possible to use national and natural ways of fight.

The products lowering testosterone at men

One more method of suspension of excessive synthesis of this hormone is transition to a special diet. It is useful to include the products rich with phytoestrogen in the diet, are red grapes, white honey and linseed oil. The fruit, vegetables and whole grain rich with food fibers, also help to lower testosterone indicators. It is recommended to take herbal tea where as the main ingredient serves mint, hop or a clover. One more means which is perniciously operating on a free androgen is caffeine.

Such food as wheat bran, buckwheat, pearl barley, porridge, nuts, haricot siliculose, carrots, dried apricots, dried apples, beet boiled, cabbage Bruxelles and white rich with food fibers.

Try to fill up the diet with soy products for a while. At regular consumption of soy it is possible to reduce in one month androgen level in blood serum by the whole 19%.

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Medicines for testosterone lowering of the level

Complex measures for decrease in amount of hormones in an organism include medicamentous therapy. A lot of testosterone official medicine fights by means of the medicines containing an analog of lyuteiniziruyushchy rileasing-hormone.

This means suppresses function of a hypophysis and oppresses too active work of gonadotrophins. These are the strong medicines having many contraindications. Drugs have to be appointed only by the doctor.

Folk remedies for reduction of level of hormone

Folk healers recommend to men to use for decrease in an androgen recipes on the basis of an elevated part and rhizomes of various plants:

  1. The recipe of infusion from an inflorescence of a red clover. Fill in 100 g of dry flowers with liter of the boiling water and insist on an extent of 2 hours. The specified amount of drink should be drunk for one day in 3-4 receptions. A therapy course — about 15 days.
  2. The recipe of infusion from a solodkovy root. Fill in 2 tablespoons of dried roots with 2 glasses of boiled water. Several hours later drink will be ready. It is necessary to accept infusion 3 times a day on 1 tsp in the course of meal. Therapy duration — 1 week. Drink from a rhizome of a licorice can be made with addition of a plant under the name the peony evading — the result will be faster. Besides, in drugstore it is possible to buy a dry root of a licorice and to chew it 5 minutes 3 times a day — it not only will lower the high index of an androgen, but also will warn catarrhal illnesses.
  3. Recipe of mint tea. Fill in 1 tablespoon of a dried or fresh grass with the boiling water in number of 500 ml, then insist about 2 hours. If the fast result is necessary for you, have a glass of medical infusion 2 times a day. The optimum duration of treatment is about 2 weeks.
  4. Recipe of oat broth. Fill in a plant with cold water and boil thoroughly on low fire within an hour. When oats are ready, wipe it and carefully mix. Accept broth on 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. The course of therapy makes about 10-14 days.
  5. Infusion from a rhizome dyagilya. To fill in an underground part of a plant (about 1 tablespoon) with a glass of boiled water and to insist within a day in a thermos. Drink 100 ml 3 times a day. Therapy duration — about 2 weeks.

Important! After a course of treatment herbs undergo diagnostics on free testosterone. If coefficient still high, it is possible to repeat a therapy course a week later.

Natural way

The hormonal index is influenced by balance between activity and rest. Inactive work negatively affects health. The regular physical activity is, perhaps, the best way of decrease in hormonal surplus.

Here enter:

  • easy exercises in the gym;
  • long foot walks;
  • morning exercises;
  • jogs in the open air.

We recommend to esteem about in what advantage of run how not to miss during run and also as it is correct to run on the street in the winter.

It is not necessary to be fond of intake of additives or consumption of the products helping to increase muscles. Sometimes only one refusal of similar means happens enough to lower and stabilize hormone level. A good and simple method of decrease in hormonal surplus — reduction of time allowed for a dream (it is no more than 6 hours in day).

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Besides, it is necessary to fight against addictions and also to refuse unhealthy food. At high values of testosterone it is better to reduce consumption of eggs, meat, fish and bird as animal protein will aggravate a situation.

For passing of treatment it is desirable not to abuse sweet, fat and very salty dishes.

Glucose can influence increase in hormone. Among other products which consumption needs to be limited or completely to delete from the daily diet — potatoes, fancy bread, smoked products, sweet drinks with gas.

Important! Independently it is possible to lower testosterone only updating of the menu and a daily routine. Self-treatment does not help with hard cases. Medicamentous therapy, and at times and surgery is required.

How to keep the level of men's hormone normal

That the analysis on testosterone level always showed stable figures, it is necessary to hold first of all normal body weight. Regular trainings by sport are useful (for example, swimming or run). Fill the shortage of a calciferol (vitamin D) in an organism. For this purpose try to be more time on the street on sunny days.

Protect yourself from emotional and mental shocks, be nervous less, do not overtire. Staying in a continuous stress, you block synthesis of androgens in an organism. The level of psychological tension is higher, the extent of hormonal violations is higher.

Zinc helps to hold testosterone normal. With this chemical element kefir, cheeses, bean, fish and red meat are rich. Exclude from a diet sweet food, bakery products and other food with a high glycemic rate.

Video: the interesting facts about testosterone Use only healthy fats. Oil of an olive and a flax, dairy products with low fat content, fast fish and meat — all this the products keeping androgen coefficient within the standard at men is more senior than 50.

As you can see, there is a mass of ways by means of which you can cope with the overestimated testosterone secretion. What earlier you will begin to take measures, those will manage to avoid bigger number of undesirable complications.

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