How to make so it was easy and pleasant to wake up?

How to make so it was easy and pleasant to wake up?

— the most hard time of day. This time is associated with need to wake up from the importunate alarm clock, to leave a lukewarm bed, to gather and hurry in a hurry somewhere: for work, in the university, on a meeting or just to some important place. How to make so that the moment of awakening was not such painful, and on the contrary brought satisfactions and pleasure?

The problem of complexity of morning is very relevant. For this reason various latest alarm clocks which it would have to seemed to do the part are very popular. And they work, you wake up, but whether you become happier that you were woken by the latest alarm clock?

If it does not act on you, then several our councils will be useful to you.

Council No. 1. Set the biological mode.

Get used during certain time for withdrawal for sleeping and respectively for awakening. Believe an organism very quickly will cope with training and your biological clock will work for you.

Council No. 2 Send the old alarm clock on a musornik.

Also get the newcomer. Such which will play something pleasant, but not importunate. It is the most pleasant to wake up under sounds of the favourite work therefore be not too lazy and find, and establish that it is valid to you to taste as an alarm clock melody on phone or the laptop. You set the alarm clock for about 15-20 minutes earlier, than in fact you plan to get up. Give yourself a little time for this purpose to wake up, having luxuriated under a lukewarm blanket.

Council No. 3 Decide on the correct motivation of rise.

These 20 minutes of lying in a bed not so not for this purpose again to depart for sleeping, and for this purpose to think of what waits for you out of a bed there: cup of fragrant hot tea, fresh healthy breakfast, fine weather, comfortable clothes, pleasant shower eventually.

Council No. 4 Write down the plate.

Collect favourite music which invigorates you in one playlist and include to yourself in the mornings. Not the TV and radio. No! What is pleasant to you and is capable to lighten you the mood adequately of your attention.

Council No. 5 Let's wake up to the body.

The warm shower, as a rule weakens. And here the contrast shower not only is very useful to health in general, but it still as invigorates. As a rule, thanks to change of water temperatures the body becomes tonizirovanny and strong. If suddenly you have no opportunity to take a shower in the morning, be not upset, it is possible to do usual exercises.

Council No. 6 Surely breakfast!

Some people have a habit to say that there is no time for a breakfast. For this reason they have breakfast a cigarette and a cup of strong coffee. It only justification. The breakfast is not a dinner and not his lunch and it is not necessary to prepare 2 hours standing at a plate. As a rule, for breakfast use something easy and what quickly is preparing: eggs, sandwich, cottage cheese, porridge with fruit, muesli with yogurt. You should not think that you have fully breakfast a yesterday's dinner. You are not lazy. Same an energy charge for all day!

Council No. 7. Think of the plans for day. Structure them and be going to carry out.

During a breakfast make the action plan. Decide on the purpose of today. Think of that how many good affairs you should make today.

And if nothing stimulates you in that case to wake up a bit earlier if you do not find the purpose for your further day if it is difficult to you to understand why in general every morning to force itself to go somewhere, think, most likely a problem not with awakening and with what that more global in your life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team