How to relax neck muscles in house conditions

How to relax neck muscles in house conditions

Pain in a neck or shoulders was tested by each person, even having model health as practically nobody is saved from overfatigue in a sitting position at emergency position of a backbone. How to relax the muscles of shoulders which are held down by spasms and necks of the house, and the speech in article will go.

Long stay in situation, unnatural for a spine column, is fraught not only emergence of spasms and accompanying them be ill, but also emergence of effect of a vicious circle which gears up harmful process. The long uncomfortable position of a backbone leads to expansion or, on the contrary, compression intervertebral disks that, in turn, makes the pressing impact on spinal backs and on the vegetative nervous terminations.

And it provokes a bigger reduction of muscles of a neck and further strengthening of pressure with the subsequent emergence of new muscular clips and activization of pain syndromes. At children most often emergence of spasms of muscles has a bit different character and is caused by lag of growth of muscular weight and sheaves from development of skeletal base. Besides, spasms at the child can be a consequence of cervical incomplete dislocations, infectious diseases and also a dream on an inconvenient pillow, emergence of the miozit or because of a congenital wryneck.

Whether you know? According to physicians, all people have every day more than one hundred attacks of pain which are not felt only because the painful center which is in a brain filters small, in his opinion, painful manifestations and passes only really disturbing.

  • hardness of the spazmirovanny muscles which are followed by pain;
  • active or moderate twitchings of area of a neck;
  • constraint and feeling of weight in the same place;
  • it to make difficulties with an inclination or turning of the head or impossibility;
  • appearance of hypostases in brushes in the mornings;
  • difficulties to make a deep breath;
  • formation of a lump in a throat.

At the same time it is necessary to distinguish the most frequent causes of the cervical and humeral spasms caused by osteochondrosis and neurosis. At osteochondrosis the stoop of a figure and specific symptoms in a look are observed:

  • strong pain;
  • numbness;
  • constraint of movements;
  • prickings in an occipital part of the head;
  • dizzinesses;
  • darkenings in eyes.

Neurosis is characteristic the chaotic reduction of cervical and humeral muscles which is followed by strong pain syndromes.

Examine useful exercises for relaxation of muscles of a back and a neck.

Except a long-term uncomfortable position of a backbone, there are some more essential reasons of emergence of spasms in cervical or humeral areas of a body which are caused:

  • negative mechanical impacts on a spine column or muscles;
  • deficiency in an organism of vitamin group B or important minerals;
  • diseases of infectious character;
  • long impact of cold;
  • neurosis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • jamming of the nervous terminations;
  • rheumatism consequences;
  • inflammatory process in a backbone.
  • osteochondrosis and also hernias and osteofita;
  • stressful situations and long-term mental experiences;
  • diseases of nervous system;
  • dystrophy of muscles and also presence of meningitis, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis;
  • consequences of injuries and stretchings;
  • the injuries at children got during the birth;
  • long static muscular tension.

Whether you know? Women more severe pains, than men as female sex hormone estrogen initially has soothing properties are capable to maintain.

Except pain, the spasm of cervical muscles is fraught also with more serious consequences expressed in:

  • puffinesses on a face;
  • appearance of early front wrinkles;
  • emergence of the second chin;
  • formation of folds on each side necks;
  • emergence of cervical withers;
  • noticeable violation of composure;
  • pinching of a vagusny nerve;
  • deterioration in the brain blood circulation leading to insomnia, head pains and the increased blood pressure.

For understanding of how to remove stress in certain areas of a body, it is necessary to find the true reasons of its education. And as the causes of tension of muscles of a neck and shoulders are diverse, ways of their elimination are also various.

Generally medical medicines solve problems with tight muscles in a neck and shoulders in three directions:

  • spazmolitichesky;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anesthetizing.

Read in more detail how to do a set of exercises for a neck by Bubnovsky and Butrimov's method.

  • Kapsikam — represents anesthetic and spazmolitichesky means which three times a day with a thin layer is applied on problem sites and rub in skin within 10 days;
  • Dolgit — is anti-inflammatory medicine which is applied to skin by a thin layer for 3 days;
  • The ibuprofen — in the form of ointment has the anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing and spazmolitichesky effect by means of thrice drawing on problem sites to an absolute recovery, but not longer than 3 weeks;
  • Tioflex — is effective spasmolysant which with a thin layer is applied on problem places three times a day.
  • Spazmalgon — is spasmolysant, accept after a meal 2 tablets twice a day within at most 5 days;
  • Midokalm — removes spasms and at the same time anesthetizing drug which is taken after a meal on 50 mg three times a day, gradually increasing a dose to 150 mg every day;
  • Tizalud — represents spasmolysant with the anesthetizing action which is taken three times a day on 2–4 mg, increasing a dose in hard cases to 12–24 mg every day within a week.
  • Tolperizon — is good spasmolysant which by means of injections is entered on 100 mg 2 times a day, and intravenously — 100 mg a day;
  • Midostad Kombi — has spazmolitichesky qualities, is entered intramuscularly on 100 mg twice a day before recovery;
  • Muskomed — has soothing and spazmolitichesky properties, enter intramuscularly 4 mg twice a day in the mornings and to evenings within 5 days.
  • electrophoresis;
  • laser therapy;
  • magnetotherapies;
  • acupunctures;
  • low-frequency current.

And to remove clips in muscles tissues, in 90% of cases the electrophoresis by means of which under skin the medical drugs getting then in muscles tissue by means of electric current are injected is applied. This procedure is useful:

  • elimination of feelings of pain;
  • decrease in intensity of inflammation;
  • knocking over of spasms in muscles;
  • elimination of hypostases;
  • the calming action on a condition of nervous system;
  • activization of immunity.

Also it will be interesting to you to learn more about exercises for the head and muscles of a neck.

  • adrenaline;
  • atropine;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • bromine;
  • thiamine;
  • lidaza;
  • histamine;
  • Dimedrol;
  • iodine;
  • novocaine;
  • streptocide;
  • phosphoric acid;
  • ephedrine.

The massage rendering fast spazmolitichesky effect stimulates inflow of blood to the muscle tissues affected by clips, thereby including in them restoration processes. At the same time massaging of problem places well influences mentality, improves a dream, provides good nutrition of cervical muscle tissues.

Read in more detail about yoga for relaxation of muscles.

  1. It is necessary to mass in the direction from top to down, that is beginning from the lower termination of an occipital share and finishing with shoulder joints.
  2. It is necessary to avoid any pressings, using iklyuchitelno the ironing movements of hands.
  3. Shay needs to mass together with forearms.
  4. It is desirable to make massage both hands, alternating them or working with them synchronously.
  5. Back part of a neck is massed palms.
  6. At plucked movements the thumb is located on the one side of a neck, and the others — on other party.
  7. Massaging of a neck and forearms comes to an end with the strokings rendering the weakening effect.

Physical exercises have practically the same effect, as massaging of problem parts of the body. All difference is that exercises are carried out by the patient. Exercises are very simple performed by and quite people can do without any physical training:

  1. At inclinations the head needs to be moved it forward and back, trying as it is possible to stretch stronger muscles during 10 repetitions.
  2. During tenfold rotary motions by the head clockwise and against it it is necessary to watch that the chin as much as possible approached a breast.
  3. It is possible to incline the head to the right and left shoulder in turn to 20 times.
  4. It is necessary to make rotary motions by hands with the maximum amplitude up to 10 times.
  5. To strengthen cervical muscles, it is necessary during a ducking to one of shoulders a hand from the same party to slow down the movement of the head, and at inclinations forward or back to use for counteraction already both hands. To repeat movements it is tenfold.
  6. At slow raising of the head from a lying position it is necessary to detain for 5 seconds a look on toes and to hang the head in former situation. This exercise also demands tenfold repetition.

Important! At the same time it is necessary to remember that exercises should not be carried out for instant removal of spasms as in this state there is a danger because of incorrect movements even more to do much harm to itself.

The complexity of fight against spasms in cervical and chest departments of a human body consists in similarity of observed symptoms with radical difference in the reasons of their manifestation at neurosis and osteochondrosis therefore for the correct treatment first of all it is necessary to establish the true reason of the shown symptoms precisely. The existing considerable difference is visually visible from the following observations:

  1. At neurosis the sharp increase in blood pressure is caused by violations of functioning of the autonomic nervous system, and at osteochondrosis the hypertensive manifestations are caused by blood circulation violations.
  2. Long-term stressful situations are the cause of neurosis, and formation of osteochondrosis is provoked by external factors in the form of injuries or unnatural position of a spine column.
  3. Osteochondrosis is easily diagnosed by means of ultrasonography, X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, and neurosis by means of the equipment cannot be revealed.
  4. When the cause of spasms in muscular tissues of a neck and shoulders is defined, treatment goes to the correct course of fight either against osteochondrosis, or with neurosis.
  1. It is necessary to watch constantly a physical condition of the body, giving it feasible, but regular physical activity.
  2. At long sitting it is necessary to avoid stay of a body in the same situation. It is for this purpose recommended to a thicket to change poses.
  3. It is necessary to resort to easy warm-up after a dream and during a break at work.
  4. It is necessary not to allow overcoolings of a body and to avoid drafts.
  5. Food has to be the most balanced on availability in it of vitamins and minerals.

Important! At emergence of the first disturbing symptoms it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

It is necessary to take effective measures on overcoming a spasm of a neck and shoulders not only for knocking over of strong pain, but also for prevention of more serious consequences for an organism. And here to the forefront there are preventive measures which allow not to bring a body to so unpleasant and dangerous state.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team