How to remove a hangover

How to remove a hangover

would seem how was cool yesterday – friends, girlfriends, the sea of alcohol, a large number of snack and a talk which seemed the most necessary and preferable at that time. And here, there came morning, and the head does not remember a number of the events which took place yesterday and and responds pain, pressure, and maybe in general, still sleeps. At once the good advice of the old acquaintance or father is remembered, and maybe grandfathers – freshen the nip. Fifty grams of vodka or a small bottle of beer, 100 grams of red wine or die, but the head fog will leave obviously not soon. So to do at this most unpleasant moment? And everything is quite simple. I will tell at once that the hungover syndrome passes at all differently, but nevertheless gives in to the standard techniques.

  • Headache pill nevertheless should be taken. Many say that supposedly it is impossible to drink tablets after alcohol acceptance as there will be an allergic reaction. Myth. Effect of alcohol slowly comes to an end if the dream lasted several hours. Choice medicines any remedy for the head – Citramonum, Paracetamol, Ketonal, Diclofenac and other. Only do not mix means of an opokhmel and a tablet – will not result in good.
  • Cool shower – one of strong means to restore an organism from night adventures.
  • Hot soup, broth – good means for recuperation of an organism after alcohol which causes organism dehydration.
  • After awakening it is desirable to drink cool kefir, curdled milk or a brine which will help to restore some lost elements.
  • But the most checked option is to make everything listed and to go to bed further. You will wake up in excellent mood and a state.

Several councils to avoid the reek of alcohol if you are a driver of the car.

  • If it is necessary to take the wheel since morning, then drink a maximum till 12 in the night, 6-7 hours will help to remove an alcohol smell from a mouth. Only do not go too far in quantity, otherwise nothing will help.
  • As woke up, drink 1-2 glasses of milk which has property to envelop a stomach.
  • There is an old way – to throw a pinch of green tea under a lip. Frankly speaking, few times saved.
  • The most interesting way is to burn out a bunch of cilantro, parsley or fennel. The effect is very positive.
  • And the best and absolute way of fight against the reek of alcohol is to stay at home and not to take the wheel.

The more passed time, the residual substances were removed more, so the organism coped with loading.

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team