How to resist to magnetic storms?

How to resist to magnetic storms?

the modern world meteodependent from 10 to 15% of the population. Other population feels bad. Such conclusions were drawn by scientists. Magnetic storms arise because in the Sun there are x-ray flashes which reach Earth. Such storms I break work of heart and lead to feeling sick.

At the same time magnetic storms provoke: heart attack, hypertensive crisis, stroke. The second day of magnetic storms is considered the heaviest. Erythrocytes which supply blood with oxygen stick together at this time.

People with violations of brain blood circulation and failures in nervous system are too subject to magnetic storms. At the same time magnetic storms bring an organism to a stressful state and provoke insomnia.

What to do at magnetic storms?

It is necessary to calm nervous system. Best of all herb infusion will approach.

It is obligatory to monitor these days work of the cardiac and vascular system. Just at this time she strongly suffers. Owing to, such storms provoke platelets. Therefore, these days the doctors advise to accept acetilsalicylic acid – it dilutes blood. And to dihundred-nicknames to apply diuretics.

It is necessary to take care of brain blood circulation. And, above all that who suffers from atherosclerosis and cervical osteochondrosis. At this time massage of a neck will help.

Lead a healthy lifestyle. Completely in the period of magnetic storms refuse alcoholic drinks. Find time for rest in the fresh air as much as possible, play sports. These days it is the best of all to use dairy products, low-fat grades of meat, and also fishes.

Also, it is necessary to take care of blood circulation. There is a set of exercises, for an example:

Running on the spot or walking on the place. To do this exercise at accelerating speed.

To extend hands with an expander forward. To stretch an expander on a breath, and to release on an exhalation.

Repeat this exercise not to exchange of 15 times.

To put legs more widely than shoulders. To raise hands over the head together with an expander. Then to stretch an expander and to bend down.

Legs on width of shoulders, at the same time, of a hand have to be behind the head, and elbows on the parties. To transfer body weight to the bent leg, at the same time it is impossible to reject a trunk. And to make a semi-squat on an exhalation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team