How to restore an organism after loadings?

How to restore an organism after loadings?

each person experienced at least once in life physical or psychological activities. After loadings the doctors insistently advise to restore an organism. With such cases you will always be helped by the equipment of a relaxation. It very effectively influences an organism. During a relaxation the organism is awake, but at the same time the psychological and physical activity of an organism decreases. Relaxation slows down a metabolism, reduces pressure and muscular tension. Thereof, the organism quickly begins to be restored.

Very effectively also visualization works. For this purpose, to achieve the maximum result it is enough to visualize the most pleasant and quiet images in all details.

The visualization method according to scientists always without any exception brings result. Scientists proved that representation of such images affects from subconsciousness consciousness.

Also, the organism is very effectively affected by muscular relaxation. Scientists proved that the condition of everyone even of the smallest muscle is always transferred to a brain.

Will very important relax in a comfortable position. At the same time to inspire in itself for an example: I relax and calm down. My hands and legs relax and grow warm. My hands and legs which are completely relaxed, warm, motionless.

Similar phrases need to be repeated about themselves several times. Thus, the body agrees by means of certain words.

Positive words effectively begin to affect an organism right after a week of trainings. Such trainings after this time affect an organism as the adjusting program. That is, at once when you will begin to remember the learned phrases, they will weaken at once an organism.

The erudite cardiologist Herbert Benson developed the special technique for relaxation - it is a relaxation, according to him such relaxation available to everyone. For its efficiency it is necessary to be engaged alone. On more conveniently sit down on a chair and close eyes. After that, you need to try to cause feeling of heat. And, above all to concentrate on feelings. It is necessary to breathe slowly and naturally. At an exhalation through a nose surely boil the word one. It is obligatory to repeat this exercise for 10 minutes. After that open eyes and sit several minutes in quiet situation.

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