"How to save sight, working at the computer

"How to save sight, working at the computer

you see before yourself this text means, you read us from the monitor and ask the question "Whether Really the Computer Damages Eyesight?".

Unfortunately, many of those for whom the computer is an integral part of work can brag of poor eyesight. The thing is that human eyes are not strongly adapted for examining of the images submitted by the screen of your personal computer.

All work of the person which is carried out for the personal computer – examining, introductions of the text, etc. is a huge loading for eyes, unlike the drawing on paper which consists from continuous lines, to have to compare to a human eye on the monitor points which besides still shine and flicker.

Harms eyes even such banal things as color and selection of fonts, and especially the wrong organization of a workplace harms.

At PC users:

  • the visual acuity decreases,
  • eyes begin to water,
  • there is an exhaustion and a headache.

Exercises for prevention of decrease in sight and treatment of short-sightedness:

Initial situation – sitting. Repetition – on 5-6 times on exercise.

  1. Having leaned back on a chair a little back, make a deep breath, then bend forward make an exhalation.
  2. Lean on a chair back, cover eyelids, strong narrow eyes, open eyelids.
  3. Put hands on a belt, turn the head to the right, look at an elbow of the right hand; turn the head to the left, look at an elbow of the left hand, return to a starting position.
  4. Raise eyes up, make eyes circular motions clockwise, and then counterclockwise.
  5. Expose hands forward, look at finger-tips, tighten hands up, having made a breath, you look after the movement of hands, lower hands, without raising the head, having made an exhalation.

It is desirable to repeat such exercises time 40 minutes during your work after the personal computer. The training has to take 3-5 minutes.

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team