How to shell pine nuts: preparation of tincture and broth

How to shell pine nuts: preparation of tincture and broth

The advantage of pine nuts and nuts in general is obvious and described in a set of sources. Getting nutlets, you do not hurry to take cleaned. First, they quickly enough lose the useful properties without cover. Secondly, the shell of nuts is not less useful, than an interior. The list of scopes of a shell is not limited to cookery. This component is also used in medicine, cosmetology, design, gardening and even construction.

Chemical composition

Nut is a wonderful source useful macro - and minerals for an organism. In kernels very high content of protein, fat, vitamins of groups B, E, K and also scarce amino acids, iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese. The structure of kernels and a shell, naturally, differ. So, in the last there are also a titanium, tin, barium, vanadium, calcium, it is a lot of vitamin C, however there are no iodine, a pine forest, strontium and cobalt. Also in both components of pine nuts there are tannins, high level of content of glutamic acid.

Whether you know? Technically, pine nuts are not nuts, but pine seeds at all. The wrong term so grew into various gastronomic terminology that there are permanent already hundreds of years.

Are a part of a shell: carbohydrates (92%), proteins (1-2%), pitches and fats (up to 4%), the mineral substances and vitamins, essential oils painting and tannins, ashes, moisture content — up to 7%.

Useful properties

For determination of advantage of a cedar shell it is possible to allocate two directions figuratively: structure and aroma. Thanks to availability of tannins in a shell, from it the excellent balms, broths and tinctures which are well influencing an organism turn out. Cedar balms have the knitting, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, promote fast healing of wounds both on skin, and on mucous. Tannins in structure give such effect. Vitamin C strengthens vessels, accelerates process of regeneration and increases immunity.

Learn, than cashew nut, black fox, a macadamia, pistachios, almonds and also the Brazil, walnut and black nut is useful.

Because of the high content of calcium as a part of a shell it is so effective for the solution of problems with bones and joints. Aromatic properties of a cedar are good not only for the perfumery purposes, but also for medical. So, scientists proved beneficial influence of a cedar smell on nervous system, it calms, reduces irritability and nervousness, and therefore perfectly is suitable for meditations.


Initially pine nut found the application only in cookery, however quickly won popularity in various spheres — from perfumery before construction. For today the cedar is used in such spheres:

  • perfumery and aromatherapy;
  • cosmetology: strengthening of nail plates (bath), creation of srubs, depiliruyushchy means, conditioner for hair;
  • construction and landscaping;
  • traditional medicine;
  • agriculture.

Important! The cedar can improve a condition of hair. The tannins which are contained in it are known for the knitting action, they strengthen hair bulbs, condense a hair. Pay attention that the cedar contains dyes which give to hair a subtle chestnut shade.

In more detail about use of a cedar shell in medicine and a household — further.

Study useful properties of cedar oil and tincture.

In medicine

Since ancient times cedar tinctures and broths apply inside to improvement of work of kidneys and a liver, improvement of a condition of intestines. For external application use lotions and balms. Weld cedar infusion and accept orally. It strengthens intestines walls, improves work of kidneys and a liver, improves hearing.

Well influences work of a bladder, has bile-expelling effect (thanks to what it is good at cholecystitises, diseases of a gall bladder). The same infusion can be used also for external application: for grindings at diseases of joints, rheumatism, ORZ and also as lotions for treatment of herpes.

Whether you know? Cedar pines usually grow very big and actively fructify. Height these trees usually of 30-40 m, in a year the adult tree gives about 50 kg of clean seeds. However, the tree begins to fructify only for 2-3 year, however well takes root on any soil, not whimsical, resistant to parasites and rodents.

Broth cooks without alcohol and is used both for internal, and for external application. Helps to resolve to salts in joints, reduces pain at osteochondroses, it is recommended at diseases of blood and for improvement of turgor of vessels. Helps at gastritis and ulcers of a GIT, removes poisoning symptoms. Also broth is used for rinsing of an oral cavity in the presence of inflammatory diseases. However you should not carry out the procedure several times a day as the cedar will give to teeth a dark beige shade. For external application broths are used for bathtubs (help at arthritises, rheumatism) and for lotions. If lotions from spirit cedar tincture help to struggle with herpes, then from neutral broth — are used for treatment of burns, open wounds, depriving also of eczema.

In life

For house use the cedar shell can be divided into three categories: garden/kitchen garden, building and design. It is used in the crushed state as additive to sterns animal (because of the rich chemical composition, it is used as dietary supplement) and also used as soil additive for improvement of alkaline balance (a cedar shell — the natural catalyst of alkali). By the way, is good drenazhy because of what is useful to houseplants.

Whether you know? A cedar — very interesting material. Cedar ware slows down oxidation processes owing to what dairy products will longer remain fresh. Because of a special smell the cedar frightens off mol and if to throw cedar branches in a fire, then from a field of vision mosquitoes and also ticks and fleas for a long time will be gone.

Construction. It is used as heater (analog of peat, sawdust), for internal finishing of rooms (so-called kedroplast) and as one of components of blocks for walls. Concrete walls with addition of a cedar are warmer, but are less resistant to external influence of the environment because of what it is recommended to place kedroblok in a building box. Design of a landscape. It is used as powder for landscape elements (a path, a bed etc.). By the way, it not only is esthetically beautiful, but also it is useful — cedar powder hampers the growth of weeds, incorporates surplus of moisture and at the same time does not allow moisture to evaporate from the soil. Keeps presentation within 5 years, but demands a periodic dosypaniye.

Harm and contraindications

There are contraindications to application of pine nuts, but not shells — except for individual allergic reactions. With varicosity, tendency to formation of blood clots it is also worth consulting previously with the doctor. Spirit tinctures should be taken carefully, especially to children, pregnant women and feeding, to people with intolerance of alcohol-containing substances and problems with a liver.

Broth and tincture

Recipe for tincture from cedar skorlupok:

  1. The washed-out and dried up shell is filled up in a bank/bottle.
  2. In bank pour vodka so that that covered a shell.
  3. Leave in the dark and warm place for 8-10 days then tincture is ready. Accept on an empty stomach till 30-50 drops 2-3 times a day. It is possible to mix with water, to drip on sugar or on bread.

As for broth preparation, the recipe is not more difficult here:

  1. We wash out a shell and we dry up. We fill in with water in a proportion 1:4.
  2. We cook under a cover on slow fire 3-4 hours.
  3. We decant and broth is ready. We take for half an hour to food 100-150 g 2 times a day.

Pay attention that broth will work more effectively while it is warm and fresh. The maximum expiration date of broth — 2 days so it is better to cook often, but in the small portions.

How to shell pine nuts

Such small pine nut is hidden behind a powerful shell which is not always simple for removing in house conditions.

Important! Small life hack: fry thoroughly nutlets in an oven or in a frying pan literally a couple of minutes. It will weaken coupling of a shell and process of cleaning it will become much simpler. However such council has a shortcoming: kernels when heating lose a part of useful substances.

It is possible to split these tough nuts by means of household objects: chesnokodavka, rolling pins, hammer or even flat-nose pliers. Preliminary soaking of seeds for 10-15 minutes in warm water can accelerate process.

Shell walnut.


Pine nut not really resistant — is stored in the cleaned look at most a year, and with a shell can live several years. It should be noted that pine nuts should be thrown out as soon as the bitterish smack appears. Such change says that seeds became toxic and the use them not only will not bring benefit, but also will do much harm. Skorlupki can be stored for years, however you keep them in the dark, dry place for prevention of a mold and a fungus. The recommended storage temperature from +5 °C to +30 °C. Here such application for, apparently, unnecessary part of nuts. Not for nothing the cedar tree, a shell, seeds, oil were used since ancient times in traditional medicine.

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