How to slow down aging?

How to slow down aging?

is proved that it is quite real to slow down process of aging. Besides, according to experts of people begins to grow old right after the birth. But nevertheless, some grow old quicker, and others more slowly. But why, - often people ask questions. It is all about a way of life. Correct habits will help you to grow old more slowly. And it is necessary for All without any exception. Nobody wishes to grow old quicker than the peers.

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Ways which slow down aging:

  • Be engaged in physical exercises. At an opportunity sport. It is proved that they perfectly slow down aging. Besides, it to you will help to get rid of many diseases and to prevent them. Also the good health is provided to you.
  • Eat less or even better try to starve, but moderately. Scientists proved that moderate starvation slows down aging processes. It is the best of all to starve once a week. You watch closely the weight. The more you will eat, the quicker you will grow old.
  • Drink as much as possible water. The person consists almost of water. The organism grows old first of all because of a lack of water quicker. Experts drew conclusions that the newborn child consists for 80% of water. Middle-aged for 70%, and at advanced age at most only for 58% and less. Therefore, drink as much as possible. Experts advise to drink at least 1.5 liters, but it is better if your minimum standard daily rate is 2 liters.
  • Eat almonds. It perfectly protects skin from free radicals and ultraviolet rays. Besides, will protect your heart from diseases.
  • Tomatoes are known that I reduce risk of cancer not only skin, but also other bodies.
  • Sweet potatoes contain vitamin C which perfectly helps skin look healthier and younger.
  • Spinach contains huge amount of calcium and magnesium. Spinach perfectly acts on an artery, protects them from contaminations and promotes the best blood circulation. Thus, by means of spinach you will not only look better, but also will be healthy.
  • Carrots are a well of vitamin A which remarkably protects skin from negative impacts. Thus, he creates to skin an invisible board against negative factors. Besides, carrots prevent obstruction of a time.
  • And do not forget the main thing that you should have no addictions which will make old you quicker than you expected that: smoking, alcohol, junk food.

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