How to use electrohair curlers"

How to use electrohair curlers"

Throughout many ages of the woman try to give to the hair beautiful and well-groomed view, construct various hairstyles, stack and twist curls. About a modern method of a wave, namely about electrohair curlers, the speech in this article will go.

About electrohair curlers

This adaptation is a cylindrical form a wax container with a covering and a heating core inside.

The small metal plate carries out heat from the power supply network to a core thanks to what wax heats up. On heated cylinders wind a lock of hair, and under the influence of heat it takes the wavy form.

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Cylinders for a wave of different volumes in number from 8 to 40 pieces, clips for fixing, a container for heating and a cord to it are provided in standard set.

In what feature of such device for a wave and difference from other means, we will consider in detail:

  • the similar wave spares hair more other types thanks to quality materials of a covering and function of ionization;
  • they heat up quicker, in many models there is an indicator reporting about the necessary temperature of heating;
  • safety in use thanks to isolation;
  • speed of a wave: no more than half an hour together with heating;
  • they can be taken to the road (only access to the power supply network is necessary for application).

Whether you know? The first hair curlers were invented in Ancient Greece, beauties of the Greek woman loved difficult hairstyles with curls of a different form, and as make-shifts used metal cores — kalamisa.

What electrohair curlers it is better

When choosing goods it is necessary to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. The number of heating rollers in set and their diameter — for a thick hair of the minimum number will be obvious a little, for long curls hair curlers of large diameter are desirable, cylinders with a small volume will be suitable for short hair.
  2. Material — aluminum hair curlers, for example, badly affect structure of hair though they are cheaper. Experts advise to acquire sets with special, making thrifty use of hair, a covering — teflon, ceramics. Such sets can be wrapped up in velor or a velvet that will create additional protection against high temperature, will prevent emergence of the whipped tips.
  3. Fastening options — the set with easy clips in the form of "hair claws" is the best of all to get, they not so strongly squeeze a lock, but, nevertheless, press it densely and well hold. From under a hairpin or a clip the lock can be beaten out.
  4. Technical characteristics — the heating indicator, ionization function, the minimum time of heating, protection against overheating. Existence of such characteristics will save hair from overheating and will save time on a hairstyle construction.
  5. The container — the is more convenient for storage capacity, the set is more functional. A soft, compact container with several offices, for example, with a separate pocket for a cord, the working business trip or a trip to rest will allow to take it in any travel, whether it be. Separate pockets guarantee an order and usability.

Video: how to choose electrohair curlers

Whether you know? The first public demonstration of the car for a wave by means of electricity was carried out in 1905 in London by Karl Nessler. The German hairdresser showed operation of the machine, using the spouse as model. Her hair were wound on the brass cores which are heating up by means of the electrodevice. Subsequently the improved Nessler's method received the name of "a six-month wave" — such time curls kept.

Judging by responses of ordinary buyers and experts in work with hair, the best sets of electrohair curlers consider the following brands:

  • Babyliss;
  • Remington;
  • Vitek;
  • Philips;
  • Binatone;
  • Clatronic.

How to prepare hair

The wave and laying are carried out on a clean head of hear. After washing by shampoo surely use balm: it will make hair more obedient and soft, will add them gloss.

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It is the best of all to dry up hair in the natural way as both the hair dryer, and hair curlers are loading for hair.

But if you hurry, use the hair dryer, it is desirable to dry at a small speed more cool air.

To give to a hairstyle additional volume and to prolong life of curls, use means for laying: mousse, skin.

Important! Do not overdo with quantity of means for laying that hair were not bound together and did not look dirty.

Electrohair curlers: instruction for application

As it was told above, more volume hair curlers are suitable short locks for long locks — hair curlers with a small volume of the roller. For a start it is necessary to prepare everything that will be necessary:

  • hairbrush with the sharp end for division of locks;
  • soft brush of round shape;
  • means for laying and fixing;
  • big mirror;
  • set of hair curlers.

Further sequence of actions:

  1. Heat zavivochny set.
  2. While it is heated, comb and prepare hair (process foam or mousse).
  3. Be defined for yourself in what way you will wind a lock: to, from. That the hairstyle was successful, locks have to be identical then the image will turn out thought over and integral.
  4. It is expedient to begin work with a nape. Divide hair into a hair parting, accurately separate locks on a nape from lump, serially wind on heated cylinders.
  5. Fix a lock by a clip, holding that did not break up.
  6. Gradually you pass to side locks.
  7. The bang is twisted right at the end.
  8. In 15-20 minutes it is possible to remove hair curlers.
  9. The last stroke — to stir up a head of hear hands or to give the form a hairbrush, it is possible to fix by means of varnish.

Important! Do not take a lock more widely, than roller length: it will collapse. Accurately wind the ends of a lock if to make it carelessly, subsequently the curl will look broken.

Several councils for precautionary measures:

  • adaptation works from electricity therefore to work with it and it is necessary to store it far away from water;
  • when using it is necessary to avoid contact with head skin not to burn it;
  • to prolong set service life, it is necessary to look after him — after use to wipe the cooled-down hair curlers with wet towel wipes, to store in a container.

Video: how to use Elektrobigudi's hair curlers — a convenient and fast method to give to the head of hear a desirable look. Modern sets with the improved covering and additional functions and details are more expensive, than sets it is simpler. But even these sets will cost cheaper, than service in a wave in salon.

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Bought Babyliss a week ago ceramic with a velors covering for 2400 rubles were not pleasant create a wave and all. Hair to shovels, the employee advised. The truth at her hair looks great well 2 days keep. Another bought Vitek awfully to her it was not pleasant do not hold at all.


Very convenient piece. My Babyliss with a velors covering years six. There two types of clips: as a delay curved - inconvenient, and hair claws cool.


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