In what products contains and as B10 vitamin affects human health

In what products contains and as B10 vitamin affects human health

each person thinks of any given vitamin coming to its organism. Especially them so many that you will not remember everything! But know that it is necessary to us for full-fledged life and good health, probably, nevertheless costs. Here, for example, B10 vitamin also known as H1 or paraaminobenzoic acid. Let's understand that and we learn it about its influence on our health.

Description and general characteristic

As you already understood, this vitamin has several names. However, today it is still poorly studied. Treats group B vitamins, but actually is vitaminopodobny connection.

It is important know what can will turn back gipervitaminoz and whether it is worth being afraid of avitaminosis.

Substance the first time was emitted from yeast in far 1863. Scientists saw that it has ability to influence production of the melanin which is responsible for color of hair, organs of vision and skin, however, at them it turned out to understand ways of its hit to a human body not at once and to define to vitamins.

Whether you know? At cinema we quite often observe scenes where heroes take cocaine. And so, in movies this drug is replaced with lactose powder. And if the actor has an intolerance of lactose, then vitamin B powder is used.

The subsequent studying substance, began in decades and already yielded many interesting results. For example, it became clear that paraaminobenzoic acid is produced by intestinal microflora therefore the organism can give itself its necessary quantity.

The main functions and advantage for an organism

B10 is the antioxidant still having sun-protection properties. Well influences hair, skin, prevents appearance of an allergy. Paraaminobenzoic acid has also anti-virus opportunities thanks to what it is applied during novocaine creation.

Besides, B10 is characterized as bacterial vitamin as it is very important for development of good bacteria — bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

It is important to know value and a role of minerals in a human body.

Also it is necessary for a metabolism, the correct functioning of a thyroid gland. Helps our organism to acquire proteins and fats.

It is very important for the nursing women too — is irreplaceable at development of milk.

It is necessary to distinguish prevention of strokes, thromboses, growth of malignant tumors from other advantages.

It is written out at anemia, arthritis, vitiligo, a skleroderma, Peyroni's disease, and at high fatigue, sensitivity of skin to light, solar burns, slow development, digestion problems.

Vitamin sources

The products containing B10 are divided into products of plant and animal origin. Examples of food of each of possible options are given below.


The products of plant origin become more and more popular in the domestic market, in particular and therefore that meat products increase in price. At the same time, consuming habitual products you will be able to fill reserves of the described B10 vitamin, it contains in:

  • yeast;
  • to wheat flour;
  • to potato;
  • spinach;
  • nutlets;
  • mushrooms;
  • to carrot;
  • rice bran;
  • to melissa;
  • sunflower sunflower seeds.

From listed for certain each hostess has a lot of things in kitchen therefore problems with search of these products should not arise at all.

Important! In general, as it was already mentioned, B10 is developed in full by microflora of our intestines. But, if it is necessary, it is possible to be saturated with vitamin or eating the correct products, or applying special drugs (it is obligatory only after consultation with the doctor).


Among animal products the most popular sources of the described vitamin are:

  • offal, in particular beef and pork liver;
  • small fish;
  • egg yolk;
  • milk and kislomolochka.

Of course, most of all attention is deserved in this case by a liver, but as a vegeteriansky alternative also milk food not bad will approach.

It is important to know norm, value and a role of vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, E, D, N, K, PP, U in a human body.

Daily requirement and norm

It, not until the end of the studied vitamin, has no established daily dose. It is considered if you normally eat, and your intestines work trouble-free, you already receive the necessary volume of this substance.

When developing pathologies which appear from behind a lack of B10 the expert can attribute special medicinal structure. In that case the recommended daily dose — 0.4-4 g of substance.

Whether you know? Only nine baked potatoes will be enough for the person weighing about 65 kg for obtaining necessary daily number of calories and the main amino acids.

Shortcoming and surplus

The most widespread prerequisites to the shortage of vitamin — unbalanced food and the long use of sulfanamide drugs. Its symptoms:

  • loss of hair, early gray hair;
  • skin pathologies;
  • headaches;
  • digestion illnesses;
  • strong fatigue;
  • violations of nervous system;
  • anemia;
  • dystrophy of muscles;
  • decrease in sexual desire;
  • the overestimated sensitivity to the sun;
  • children have a slowed-down development.

The surplus of B10 is observed infrequently, excess paraaminobenzoic acid comes to light thanks to kidneys. But if it nevertheless is present, then will be followed:

  • violation of work of a thyroid gland;
  • nausea, vomiting, gastric frustration;
  • decrease in operability of a liver.

Important! You have to understand that the correct level of substance will be determined only by the doctor and only after the blood test taken from you. All these symptoms do not give to 100% of confidence in diagnosis yet. Especially, to self-medicate very dangerously and just silly!

Interaction with other substances

H1 practically does not fall under the influence of the big temperature, pressure, acids, alkalis.

Its activity goes down because of alcohol, sulfanamide medical medicines, separate hormones, the refined sugar (as natural processes in intestines are suppressed).

Paraaminobenzoic acid lowers activity of hormones of a thyroid gland, adrenaline, penicillin.

It is important to know norm, value and a role of minerals in a human body: calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iodine, selenium, chrome.

Dosage forms of B10 vitamin

Dosage forms of H1 are on sale in pills, kapsulka, suspensions, ampoules. They are written out as additive to food after a serious long illness, injuries, sometimes — to restore deficiency of substance. There is a lot of examples of popular medicines:

  • Aktival, Altimeyt, Vitrum Beauty, Multivit, Vitamaks — polyvitaminic complexes.
  • RAVA — bioactive additive.
  • Aktipol — eye droplets, are applied at diseases of a cornea and a retina of eyes.
  • Aktipol (for pricks) — is written out by the doctor who selects a dose necessary to you.
  • 15% ointment of paraaminobenzoic acid — it is advised at pigmentary points, in particular on a face.
  • Kameton (spray), the Doctor of MOM (ointment) — the structures helping to cope with inflammatory processes.

Whether you know? Consumption of a liver of a polar bear can easily lead to a lethal outcome as it contains excessive amount of vitamin A. Eskimos after cutting of a carcass clumsy even dig in this part to save from poisoning of the dogs.

Now you in detail know what is B10 vitamin. We hope that you opened for yourself something new and really useful. It is very important to understand what is not enough for our organism and in time to resupply nutrients. And it is even better to remember prevention as it is anyway better, than to be treated for various illnesses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team