Inhalations – the old and checked way of treatment of cold

Inhalations – the old and checked way of treatment of cold

decades ago, when drugs of modern type only began to appear on counters of drugstores, people treated catarrhal diseases of the easy, inexpensive and checked way – inhalation. As a rule, these procedures do over the heated capacity of type of a pan or deep bowl, having covered with a towel. Medical institutions carry out inhalation by means of the special device.

In the course of inhalation there is an inhalation of various medicines which under the influence of high temperatures spread on a human body quicker. Most effectively applications of inhalation at the initial stages of chronic and sharp respiratory diseases, like pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsillitis and attacks of asthma.

There are two most widespread methods of performing inhalation – inhalation of aromatic substances or water vapors.

Inhalations with use of various substances allow medicines to get quickly into blood of the person and to extend on all body. At this method of inhalation use aerosol substances. The correct performance of inhalation will allow medicines to influence directly mucous, passing at the same time a stomach.              

Water inhalations provide dissolution of medicines in water. Sometimes for a change use sea and mineral water. Inhalations on water can be steam (with high heating), heatdamp (with solution heating) and damp (without heating).

For high efficiency of this procedure it is necessary to follow some rules.

  1. At treatment it is necessary to limit to inhalation of small children procedure time up to two minutes in order to avoid a burn of airways.
  2. Inhalations should be carried out in two-three hours after meal.
  3. During inhalation it is deeply and evenly necessary to inhale curative fumes, at the same time it is desirable to exempt a neck from clothes not to complicate breath.
  4. It is not recommended to do inhalations at high temperature, at diseases of heart and lungs, at heart failure and to people with frequent nasal bleedings.
  5. After inhalation it is not recommended to talk, eat food and water and to load the throat.
  6. For performing inhalation compressor or ultrasonic nebulizers which quickly evaporateare very effective. They can be got in any drugstore.
  7. Excess of a dose of inhalations with essential oils can cause side effects.
  8. In the period of epidemics of viral diseases performing preventive inhalations for which it is the best of all to use melkonarezanny garlic or onions and essential oils of a basil and eucalyptus will be not superfluous.

Also before the procedures it is necessary to be checked for tolerance of the drugs entering a complex of procedures. And if you worsened health after inhalation, then it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

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