Ivan tea: from what helps and treats when to collect how to dry and make

Ivan tea: from what helps and treats when to collect how to dry and make

tea, or a willow-herb narrow-leaved — a perennial plant which grows in all Northern hemisphere. Koporsky tea as it is called in the people, is often applied in traditional medicine and even as cosmetology means. Let's sort in detail how to collect and dry ivan-tea and also some recipes of its use.

Chemical composition

As a part of ivan-tea there is a vitamin A which helps to maintain immunity and affects sight. Also it promotes stable formation of some hormones. Are group B vitamins among which a part of a willow-herb:

  • thiamine (B1). It is synthesized by several species of bacteria which are in microflora of a large intestine;
  • Riboflavinum (B2). The molecule of vitamin connects to the corresponding proteins and participates in many biochemical processes. It is actively applied to treatment of diseases of eyes, digestive tract, diabetes, cirrhosis;
  • B6 vitamin. Participates in synthesis of hemoglobin in blood, takes part in formation of erythrocytes and digestion of glucose nervous cages;
  • folic acid (B9). Takes part in development of blood and immune systems;
  • nicotinic acid (B3 or RR vitamin). Improves work of a blood system due to expansion of small blood vessels.

100 grams of raw materials of a willow-herb contain 23 mg of iron, 16 mg of manganese, 6 mg of a pine forest and other substances (molybdenum, titanium, nickel). Ivan tea is the plant rich with tannins. In young leaves and roots their contents can reach 20%. In a willow-herb the high content of cellulose and lectins is revealed. There is a vitamin C.

Whether you know? In ivan-tea narrow-leaved contains in 5-6 times more of vitamin C, than in a citrus.

Than ivan-tea is useful

Thanks to the chemical composition the willow-herb helps at many diseases and their prevention. There are separate recommendations about application for men, women and pregnant women.

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For women

Broths and infusions of a perennial help women to reduce headaches, improve a state during a premenstrual syndrome. The willow-herb will help with prevention and treatment of a hypertension, will soften inflows during a climax. To pregnant women recommend to use perennial decoctions because it reduces hypostases, eliminates nervousness, improves work of a digestive tract and has the calming property.

For men

Sharp or chronic prostatitis, prostate adenoma, stones in adenoma is from what men are helped by ivan-tea. Koporsky tea helps to improve potency. It is applied as folk remedy in treatment of alcoholism and smoking. During the postoperative period has the protivospalitelny and calming effect.

Collecting, drying, fermentation

Collecting a willow-herb begins during its blossoming (in June). It is necessary to bring together him far from roads. Leaves take from the middle and the top part of a stalk. It is better not to collect the lower leaves, on them there are more earth and dust. Ivan tea it is possible to collect entirely, without fermenting flowers which dry separately from leaves. After collecting it is recommended to wash with clear water.

Whether you know? A big fire — the place where at the first ivan-tea narrow-leaved begins to grow. Therefore it is often called a fiery grass.

After collecting you have to spread out green raw materials on fabric or paper 3-5 centimeters thick and to leave for two hours. It is possible to leave for longer period. At this stage you have to make leaves softer. Sometimes it is worth mixing raw materials that the top layer did not become dry.

Then it is necessary to twist leaves in peculiar tubules. This stage will help to receive the leaves ready to fermentation. It is easy to ferment ivan-tea in house conditions as for this purpose you need the enameled ware and the fabric moistened in water. Spread out the twisted leaves in ware and cover with damp fabric. It is possible to start drying after you feel a fruit smell at fermentation of a willow-herb. The fact is that because of high humidity the leaves change the grass smell for more sweet, fruit. Before drying the willow-herb should be cut on small parts and to spread out on a baking sheet. Thickness of the spread-out raw materials has to be 1.5 cm. It is necessary to dry ivan-tea at a temperature of +80 °C not less than an hour.

Important! Temperature should not be high that koporsky tea kept all useful properties.

As well as where to store medical raw materials

Store the received raw materials in ceramic or glasswares. It has to be closed densely. Choose the place for storage dark and dry that moisture and sunshine did not affect properties of ivan-tea. Before preparation of broths or tinctures it is recommended to give to raw materials will infuse at least one month.

How to make tasty and useful drink

Let's understand as it is correct to make ivan-tea. Will depend on it whether we will keep its medicinal properties. The teaspoon of the dried-up raw materials cannot be filled in with boiled water. After boiling wait some time that water in a teapot was 80-90 °C. Only in that case it is possible to fill in raw materials with water. Then cover the container with tea and wait 10-15 minutes that drink infused. The made willow-herb is recommended to use in the morning and in the evening.

Application in traditional medicine: recipes

The perennial received the greatest distribution in traditional medicine. Thanks to the availability and low cost it is possible to make a set of dosage forms of a willow-herb. Especially as ivan-tea possesses the knitting, protivospalitelny action. In its leaves there is a slime which reduces pains, flavonoids which render bile-expelling effect. We will sort the most popular recipes from a perennial.


1 tablespoon of dry raw materials on 1 glass of cold water. To boil everything on a water bath within 15 minutes. To leave for two hours, to filter. To accept in 30-40 minutes prior to food on 1 tablespoon four times a day. Broth helps to get rid of a headache and insomnia. It improves blood circulation and helps to lower pains at inflammation of an urethra.


To add 2 tablespoons of dried raw materials on 2 glasses of boiled water. To insist in a thermos within 6 hours. Use of infusion: 1/4 tablespoons in 30 minutes prior to food four times a day. Infusion improves digestion and is recommended at stomach ulcer. It helps wounds to heal quicker.

Spirit tincture

Spirit tincture will improve a condition of the woman during a climax. For its preparation you need 50 g of the dried-up and crushed perennial flowers. They need to be filled in with 500 ml of 70% of alcohol. To store in the dark place in glass capacity. It is recommended to stir up contents sometimes. To insist three weeks. Then to drink three times a day till 20-30 of drops. To wash down with water.

Recipes of application in the cosmetology purposes

The willow-herb narrow-leaved is often used in masks for hair. Its uniqueness is that it approaches all-type skin the heads. So, the recipe of masks for an oily hair:

  1. To fill in 3 tablespoons of dry mustard with 1 tablespoon of broth of ivan-tea. To add warm clear water. As a result paste which is applied on all length of hair has to turn out. Musk should hold no more than 10 minutes. It is possible to wash away cool water or the cooled-down broth of herbs. To repeat the procedure once a week.
  2. 10 ml of infusion of a willow-herb connect to 2-3 ground cherries. Mix is applied on all length of hair. It is necessary to leave for 1 hour. Then to wash away warm water. The procedure is carried out within one month (no more than two times a week).

For dry hair: To mix 3 tablespoons of honey with the same amount of olive oil and to warm a little. Then to add 10 ml of infusion of ivan-tea and to mix carefully. It is necessary to apply on moist hair. To cover with a polyethylene hat and from above a towel. It is necessary to hold 40 minutes. To wash away warm water.

For normal hair: Take several berries of raspberry. They need to be pounded to a condition of puree. There add 2 tablespoons of juice of radish, 1 egg and 10 ml of broth of a willow-herb narrow-leaved. Having mixed all ingredients, apply on the moistened hair and wrap up also in a hat and a towel. Wash away warm water in 20-30 minutes after drawing.

Contraindications and harm

Despite all advantage of a perennial for men and women, you should not forget also about harm which can put ivan-tea. The long use of broths or infusions leads to accumulation of substances in a liver and a digestive tract — it can affect functionality of bodies.

Important! It is impossible to have Koporsky tea more than five times a day.

So, having learned as it is correct to drink ivan-tea, you can safely prepare from it infusions and broths. The dried-up raw materials can be bought even in drugstore if you live in the city or you have no time to collect herbs. Ivan tea is a universal remedy, will suit as morning drink even to people without problems with health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team