Juniper oil: for what it is useful how to use

Juniper oil: for what it is useful how to use

Juniper shishkopodobny berries are used not only for production of vodka and gin, but also in the medical purposes and even cosmetology. Oil which is done practically of all parts of a juniper is appreciated. Than it is so good and to use in what doses — we learn further.

As receive juniper oil

The most useful air from plant berries is considered. To receive remedy liter, it is necessary to collect 30-50 kg of fruits.

Produce means by water and steam distillation. As a result the concentrated product turns out.

Important! A smell of undiluted oil sharp and unpleasant therefore it is diluted surely. After that liquid gets a fresh, light and pleasant aroma of needles.

Before purchase surely specify of what part of a plant oil is made — the berry endurance has great value and efficiency.

Chemical composition

As a part of juniper oil it is possible to find:

  • terpenes;
  • terpineol;
  • camphene;
  • tannins;
  • borneol.

There are also minerals here:

  • copper;
  • hardware;
  • manganese;
  • aluminum.

Medical elixir distinguish Page from vitamins B.

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For what is useful also that treats

This means positively influences respiratory organs. For this reason oil of a juniper is used in an aromatherapy.

Besides these properties, such are also inherent in means:

  • cleaning;
  • diuretic;
  • sudorific;
  • disinfecting;
  • healing;
  • anesthetic.

This oil is used as an additional tool in treatment of many diseases. Among them flu, bronchitis, tuberculosis, cystitis, deprive, arthritis, diabetes, allergic reactions, diseases of a GIT and bladder.

Important! In the forest air always cleaner and is fresher in juniper thickets. To a plant weak animals come to restore the forces. And all because it not only facilitates breath, but also calms.

Method of application and dosages in traditional medicine

There are different ways of use of means — inhalation, lotions, massages, bathtubs. Let's consider how many it will be required juniper oil in each case.

Aromatization and disinfection

It is possible to add a juniper smell in any room if to drip to steam of drops on a wax candle. The smell will fill the room right after ignition of a candle.

It is possible to add on a drop to special devices for an aromatherapy, humidifiers with aromatization function.

For a long time means is used for disinfection of wounds, scratches, cuts. In Asia and in Russia with oil did bandages sick. The gauze or fabric were impregnated with medical liquid and put to wounds. Now it is also possible to drip for vatu up to 5 drops of oil and to wipe the struck place. If to do lotions, then they need to be moistened completely in half of glass of water with 10 drops of an elixir. At the same time it is necessary to change bandages each two hours.


Hot inhalations have bigger effect in comparison with cold. And all because under the influence of warm air the vessels extend, and means gets quicker. In this case there will be 2 drops of air for 5 minutes of inhalation enough.

For inhalations also use essential oils of a melissa, a cedar, a tea tree, tangerine, a lemon and also fir or sea-buckthorn oil.

Do not exceed time of warm inhalations more, than for 7 minutes.

For cold the number of drops can be increased up to 3-4.


It is better to do compresses with undiluted juniper essential oil accurately that not pozhech skin. There will be about 7 drops on a gauze enough. The fabric, the less means is less.


If to add couple of drops of a juniper elixir to massage oil, then it will become also useful. The smell will calm and weaken, and means, getting into skin, will render medical effect. At back pains it will help to improve a situation quicker.

Whether you know? If the juniper dreamed you, you are waited by success and good changes in life.


For the medical and weakening bathtub it is necessary to dissolve 6 drops of a concentrate of a juniper in water or a glass of milk.

Application in cosmetology

The good effect of a juniper can be gained at its regular use in cosmetology.

And it not only masks and face and body lotions. And for hair and even for the legs injured by callosities and natoptysha.

To remember the main thing that if you add oil to any cosmetic, then hold proportions of 5 drops on 10 g of cream or lotion.

For hair

Before washing of the head pour out couple of drops of oil on a hairbrush and well comb hair.

After that we pass to washing — on a tablespoon of shampoo take 4 drops of a juniper. It is recommended to wash the head with application of means not more often than 3 times a week. This procedure will help to get rid of dandruff and an itch.

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For face skin

Especially well means will suit those who suffer with problem skin.

For this purpose it is possible to dilute 4 drops of juniper air in a glass of water. Wipe with the received means a face twice a day. It will help to clean pores, to remove fat and to reduce quantity of pimples.

It is also possible to help also owners of oily skin. It is necessary to mix 3 drops of air with a yolk and to put mix on a face for 20 minutes. After to wash away cool water.

Add couple of drops of means to clay and make a mask for 15 minutes. It will help to refresh and rejuvenate skin.

From natoptyshy standing

Mix 2 drops of air of a juniper and a lemon and also 1 tsp of olive oil. Apply the received mix for the night on the coarsened sites and put on socks. Steam out legs in the morning and remove the died-off fabrics pumice.

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Compatibility with other aromatic oils

It is best of all combined with a citrus — a lemon and orange. It is also possible to combine with hvoyevy, a bergamot, patchouli, a sandal-wood tree, a verbena.

Storage conditions

It is enough to keep butylyok in the dark and cool room at a temperature not above 20 °C.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

What medical would not be this means, it is worth avoiding it to pregnant women, people with diseases of kidneys, to allergic persons, at a hypertension. Before use surely take samples on reaction — couple of drops on a wrist or inside of an elbow. Children can give any essential oil only after permission of the doctor.

Whether you know? 1 hectare of a juniper allocates per day 30 kg of phytoncides — it enough to kill pathogenic organisms in the big city.

So, juniper oil is considered medical and soothing. It is suitable for aromatization of rooms and also at treatment of many diseases. You should not exceed a dosage — the concentrate can cause dizziness or an allergy.

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