Life with Parkinson's disease"

Life with Parkinson's disease"

are simple rules which are capable to help to facilitate life that who suffers from Parkinson's disease along with intake of standard medicines.

Physical activity

In a complex of daily exercises, feasible to everyone, those which maintain mobility of joints and force of muscles have to enter. Along with it the physical activity helps to resist to stresses and a depression, in general raises a tone.


Walks in the fresh air are especially useful. Define a route where not really there are a lot of people for walking and there is an opportunity to choose the necessary rate of the movement. It is not necessary to overtire, you go how many you will be able.

Comfortable clothes and footwear

It is the best of all to choose clothes without buttons and footwear without laces. In special degree it is important for people whose main problem – a tremor of hands. Footwear has to be the most convenient, not on the sliding sole and without heels.

Healthy nutrition

Quite often the people having Parkinson's disease are subject to decrease of the activity of digestive tract therefore for them the diet rich with cellulose – vegetables, wholegrain products, boiled beans, rice, pasta, fresh fruit and bran is recommended. It is also necessary to drink in day up to two liters of water.

Full-fledged dream

As a rule, to get enough sleep, people with Parkinson's disease need more time. If that is demanded by an organism, it is necessary to sleep and in the afternoon. Try to avoid excessively high headboard. It is the best of all to enclose the roller or a small pillow under a neck.


It is not necessary to hesitate of use of a cane and other devices. During walk for safety it is better that with you there was a fellow traveler.


For the letter try to choose the handle heavier and to write with printing letters. Try to put on also a wrist a heavy bracelet to minimize trembling of hands.

Comfort in life

Considerably support on walls, convenient chairs with special armrests, the bedside lamp, nonslipping rugs and liquid soap can facilitate human life with Parkinson's disease.

It is strictly forbidden to increase independently a dose of the registered medicines as it can entail boomerang effect and lead to even more expressed involuntary movements and a tremor.

It is possible as well to buy a cane telescopic. It will help to walk more conveniently in the mornings

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team