Linden: from what helps also that treats as it is used in the medical purposes

Linden: from what helps also that treats as it is used in the medical purposes

Many of the plants surrounding us have enviable medicinal properties. It belongs and to trees habitual to an eye which in old times were nearly main sources of medicinal raw materials. If to look round around, then among other types also the linden highly valued in traditional medicine for certain will get. We learn in more detail, than it is remarkable and from what the well-known lime color helps.

Chemical composition

The value of this plant is caused by saturated structure of its inflorescences.

With small (up to 1.5 cm in the diameter) yellow-white flowers contain in these small thyroid shoots:

  • vitamins A and With;
  • essential oil (5-8 mg / 100 of weight) to which color is obliged by the gentle aroma;
  • carotene;
  • salicylic acid;
  • saponins and glucosides (tiliatsin and hesperidin);
  • flavonoids (akatsetin, quercetin, tilirozid, etc.);
  • tannins;
  • derivatives of coffee acid.

Do not concede to them and fruits in the form of small round nutlets with 1-2 semyanka — in the cleaned look they have 55-58% of the most valuable oil, to taste similar to peach or almond.

Important! In our latitudes the most widespread the look a linden heart-shaped is considered. More rare large-leaved version which meets in parks does not concede to it in medicinal abilities (though blossoms earlier).

As macrocells potassium (23.6 mg/g) and calcium perform with magnesium (on 16.9 and 3 mg on the same weight). The microcell part is assigned to iron (it 0.2 mg here).

Useful and medicinal properties

As it is easy to guess, the linden is very useful to an organism, and now we will find out, than. Doctors and those who are engaged in medical collecting, know that she shows such properties:

  • strengthens immunity;
  • softly affecting stomach walls, normalizes digestion;
  • improves a metabolism;
  • it is capable to bring down temperature and to intensify sweating;
  • as expectorant means, facilitates a slime exit at cough;
  • due to antihistaminic action neutralizes effect of allergens;
  • reduces sugar level in blood;
  • dilutes blood, preventing appearance of blood clots;
  • relaxes nervous system and reduces stress;
  • removes hypostases, an itch and promotes fast healing of the damaged sites of skin;
  • strengthens hair;
  • working as spasmolysant, saves from severe pains — head, in joints, periodic;
  • accelerates a bile conclusion;
  • restores functions of an urinogenital system;
  • thanks to phytohormones provides the normal course of a menstrual cycle.

Whether you know? The linden is one of basic elements in the Czech heraldry — a tree entirely and its different parts are represented on the city coats of arms, medals and awards. For example, the lower part of a board on the coat of arms of Prague visually lies on branches of this plant.

Such set of abilities of this plant will hardly leave someone indifferent. It is no wonder that a linden long ago and are widely used in various spheres.


The main scope of the products received from this tree is after all medicine. We will also begin with it.

Learn more about curative properties and methods of application of a thyme, cornflower, bearberry, sea-buckthorn, hawthorn, dogrose, a calendula, a wormwood, a hyssop, sage.

In medicine and gynecology

In scientific pharmacology it is applied, generally color of a linden which is used for preparation all-strengthening and the febrifuges used for fight against catarrhal diseases.

Traditional medicine traditionally operates with wider compounding: at competent use, effective water infusions and popular tinctures on alcohol, plain broths and compresses turn out. All this range of means is applied as spasmolysants and antiseptics, expectorant and febrifugal, diuretic and anti-inflammatory structures. Of course, everything depends on ingredients and the correct calculation of a dose (before such treatment it is necessary to consult to the doctor).

The linden and in gynecology is used, its advantage is obvious to women, different in age, to much. Flowers (is more rare — leaves) in the form of infusions block the pain periods amplifying in process of approach, remove inflammations as a colpitis, save from a painful itch so in delicate area. Phytohormones are useful also at a climax: they considerably improve health of the woman during this period.

In cosmetology

If to study composition of some creams and lotions, then there it is possible to find also extract of a linden. This really unique component smoothes skin, normalizes circulation of liquid in its fabrics. Result — recovery of elasticity and strengthening terms.

Important! Excessive hobby for self-made cosmetic structures can lead to the fact that skin will become dry — here sense of proportion is necessary too.

Besides, such extract tones up epidermis and smoothes wrinkles, at the same time eliminating a swelling a century and circles under eyes. As an element of balms and shampoos it strengthens hair, doing them obedient and silky.

The toning properties of products from a linden are applied and at production of bath foam and also shower gels — the broth which is their part moisturizes the skin and works as sedative.

Recipes of traditional medicine

On number of the self-made means which found application in popular traditional medicine, the linden modest in appearance will give odds to many plants.

Let's consider what ways of house processing of such raw materials and in what purposes it is used are.


Perhaps, this the first that occurs at the mention of lime color.

The most popular remain tea for strengthening of immunity in cold season. It is very simple to make it: 15 grams of inflorescences fill in with a glass of boiled water then draw the wrapped-up capacity of 20 minutes. Having added a little honey for strengthening of effect, it is possible to drink (1, at most 2 times a day are desirable — one reception has to coincide with withdrawal for sleeping).

At severe cold such mix helps:

  • pieces of 5 inflorescences wash with water which is shaken immediately;
  • then collecting is put in a teapot, having filled in with boiled water;
  • 15 minutes under a cover — also add green tea (it has to stand even minutes 10);
  • after decantation, liquid is poured in a cup, add honey and accepted three times a day, on an empty stomach.

Whether you know? In Croatia the linden strongly is associated with money: quite so in this country change (analogs of our kopeks) are called. On their obverse it is possible to see the rapped-out fruits and leaves of the tree of the same name.

As soothing the following drink will approach: the dried linden (about 70 g) is filled in with cold water and boiled in a saucepan of 5 minutes. All this time preparation stir slowly then remove and put away for 15 minutes. Tea leaves can be taken also on the second time, having added boiled water. An optimum dose — a usual cup before going to bed. At severe periodic pains at women the double insisting is used. Simple scheme: the color infused on boiled water within 10-15 minutes, is maintained also on a water bath (about half an hour). It is necessary to take from raw materials at most of advantage. Drink such structure on ½ glasses, 2 times a day for an hour to food.

To find lime color not a problem — it is sold in drugstores. Another thing is that tea from a linden can bring not only benefit, but also harm: it strongly loads a cardiovascular system. If there are problems of such plan (especially insufficiency), it is better to refuse consumption of drink. Do not give it and to babies whereas for children is more senior a dose minimize.


Such means usually kill joint pains:

  • the washed-out lime leaves of 3-5 minutes keep in boiled water;
  • having allowed liquid to cool down slightly, immediately bandage on the problem site;
  • it is the best of all to carry out this procedure in the evening, having densely wrapped up a leg no more than for 2 hours;
  • the admissible number of repetitions — 3 in a week (that is, every other day). After 2 weeks a break in 7-10 days is surely taken.

Important! The first procedures such take 15-20 minutes: duration is increased gradually. Sharp transition is capable to cause a lot of unpleasant feelings.

Having paid attention to this method, be ready that at similar sessions the increased perspiration is felt (and at more frequent application also problems with blood supply in sheaves are not excluded).


Various broths enjoy much bigger popularity.

At cold with strong release of slime it is enough to throw 1 tablespoons of dry flowers in the boiling water. 15 minutes of boiling, decantation through 2-3 layers of a gauze, and liquid it is possible to accept more hotly. However, many in view of strong action are limited to single reception (which is approved also by doctors).

It is possible to struggle with flu in other way: here prepare the whole composition. Color of a linden in equal shares is stirred with a marjoram stalk, coltsfoot leaves and also the erased raspberry fruits. All this in the sum has to make 2 tablespoons then filling by boiled water (2 glasses) and 10-minute upholding with decantation follows at the end.

Drink such mix hot, on 2 times a day after meal.

If digestive tract tumors are diagnosed, one more simple means is used:

  • the same tablespoon of collecting is filled in with a glass of boiled water and maintained on a water bath within 15 minutes;
  • after cooling and filtering, broth is ready to the use;
  • reception: a third of a glass (3 times for about a day to food). But there is one nuance: liquid has to be hardly warm, not close to boiled water.

The anti-inflammatory recipe means also participation of a camomile:

  • the crushed flowers of a linden and camomile collect in a tablespoon, having sustained a proportion 2:3;
  • after filling by a glass of boiled water mix draw half an hour, having densely wrapped up capacity;
  • after decantation of the received liquid it it is possible to rinse a throat several times in day (time of the procedure is not tied to meal — be guided by the state).

Whether you know? In old times the bast shoes almost everywhere trudged from lime bark. Somehow forgot about it as soon as such footwear consigned to the past — it occurred only in 1930-hkh years.

The bile-expelling structure becomes in a different way: 2 tablespoons of flowers and the same glass of boiled water disturb and warm up on small fire of 15 minutes. The subsequent cooling at the room temperature will borrow already 45. Having filtered, broth is drunk hot (2-3 times a day after a meal, undertake 1 glass).


Also infusions are emitted with the simplicity.

In preparation, and at the same time very effective catarrhal diseases and SARS medicine is considered elementary: the handful of dry collecting is filled in with boiled water liter (and it can be done and in a thermos). Having insisted hour in the closed container, mix is decanted and drunk on a glass three times a day to food. Here it is possible to add also petals of a camomile or an ekhinatsea is a great option for maintenance of immunity.

For prevention of thrombophlebitis 1 tsp of dry material undertakes, it is kept in a glass of boiled water for 10 minutes. Having carefully decanted, liquid can be accepted according to the same scheme, as tea.

Means on the basis of pounded flowers helps to overcome tracheitis and pneumonia: 1.5 tablespoons, already habitual glass and 20 minutes of endurance. This dose will be enough for one-time reception for the night (it is previously possible to warm up, without bringing to boiling).

Those who suffers from stomatitis should pay attention to one more simple medicine. 1 tablespoon in mix with boiled water after half an hour of upholding and decantation is enough for rinsing of an affected area.

But at the same time try that as little as possible such mix got on healthy gums. Per day the procedure is repeated by 3-6 times.

It is important! If a small part of such balm got into a stomach — nothing terrible. Though rinsing a mouth, it is better to be accurater.

At diabetes very opportunely there is an ability of a linden to drive sugar in blood. It is promoted also by intake of profile infusion: having crushed flowers to small fraction, they are gathered by 2 tablespoons and send under 2 glasses of boiled water. Half an hour — is also ready, it is necessary to drink liquid on ½ glasses (periodically, but not regularly replacing with it tea). But do not forget about the stimulating impact on heart — if there are problems with this body, infusion does not need to be used.


Separate subject — the tinctures loved in the people with application of vodka or alcohol. But in a case with a linden you should not wait for a scattering of recipes from all diseases on light.

As we already know, its color (and leaves) perfectly disperse blood that together with effect of alcohol can lead to serious consequences.

The only exception is the soothing structure for nervous system applied at insomnia:

  • the net enameled capacity is filled with dry color and is filled in with vodka;
  • the vessel immediately is densely covered and for three weeks is stood in the cool dark corner;
  • only after that it is possible to accept 1 tablespoon to food (three times a day);
  • not to cause rejection, mix is a little diluted with water.

Similar means give only to adults (and if there are no complaints to a condition of a GIT), they are contraindicated to children.

Recipes of house cosmetology

At the competent address the linden will be good help in fight for beauty and youth. There are some of most popular recipes.

For the person

Many have heard a lot about wonderful properties of masks on the basis of inflorescences of this plant. It is possible to prepare weight for them so:

  • 1 tablespoon of raw materials with the hill is filled in ½ glasses of water;
  • mix is boiled, the most part of liquid did not boil away yet. It is also preparation necessary to us;
  • having cooled, it is put on a face and held 20 minutes;
  • the structure is suitable for any type of skin. But after washout it is better to apply fat cream on dry or normal skin (whereas for fat type in it there is no need).

Whether you know? Expressions it seems the lime seals came to us from the 18th century — stamps of that time did not differ in complexity of production and registration. The swindlers who were cutting out them copies just from lime wood used it.

The problem of grease skin and wrinkles is solved even more simply: the glass of boiled water and a tablespoon of flowers are led up before boiling then upholding (5 hours) follows. Liquid is used as tonic — daily wiping difficult places, you in a week will notice that skin considerably rejuvenated. For strengthening of effect many add when cooking also leaves of raspberry (it is allowed).

Also the rejuvenating tonic is quite good:

  • two big spoons of collecting plus boiled water heat on weak fire until water begins to boil finally. Add to the same time slightly some honey;
  • having covered a saucepan and having waited for 15-20 minutes, mix is cooled;
  • it is possible to store infusion and in the fridge. After each processing, skin is washed with flowing water.

For hair

Strong and silky hair demand other dosage.

Waters 0.5 l undertake already, and add 7-8 spoons of color to it. 10 minutes of boiling on average gas — and obligatory cooling with decantation. Hair rinse, previously having diluted this mix with water: it is undesirable to take it in the concentrated look (not to irritate head skin).

Important! At defeats like eczema, lime tar is used. It is better to buy it in drugstore — to receive a quality product in house conditions very difficult.

Some go further, having taken on the same volume of water of 10 spoons and boiling half an hour. But it does not give the expected effect: at long boiling any herbs lose the curative properties.

For eyes

It is quite simple to get rid of the small wrinkles which surrounded eyes: the lotion will cope with it. The cotton tampon can be moistened in any lime broth (provided that it warm). Having closed eyes for 5-10 minutes and having put on them cotton wool, in several days it is possible to see that skin became smooth.

Those who are not afraid of hit of liquid in eyes take 2 tsps of collecting which are filled in with boiled water and sustained 10 minutes. After filtration of an eye wash out, be at one processing also leather near them.

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