Longevity secret

Longevity secret

recently was considered that the number of the days lived by the person depends, generally from genetic features. It was accepted to think that chances of long-term life have only those whose parents lived nearly up to hundred years. But actually not all depends on genetics.

To live forever as heroes of fantastic novels, of course, it is impossible. But it is possible to make so that to live till an extreme old age, feeling at the same time rather young. Many scientists pursued the idea of eternal youth, and recently the longevity coefficient razrabotanasistemaopredeleniya which allows to estimate habits in six vital spheres which influence duration and quality of the active and happy period of life was them: food, trainings, management of weight, updating of hormones, dream and rest and also emotional spirit.

The most important element in this system is food. Even small improvements in a diet can bring considerable benefit. To solve a problem of deficiency of nutrients, very important for longevity, besides products it is necessary to accept a day 1,000-1,500 mg of calcium, 10 mkg of vitamin D and 800 mkg of folic acid.

For high life expectancy advise is multibean and cereal, three times a day are desirable. They reduce the level of cholesterol and normalize amount of sugar in blood. Nuts increases chances of longevity too. Strengthen the organism, eating a small handful of nuts three times a week.

About five portions of vegetables and fruit daily are recommended to eat. If to begin at early age, then after forty years about such problems kakinsult, diabetes, a cataract and a heart attack it is possible to forget. Only a kilogram of live food a day will make you much more young, both a body, and spirit.

Replacement of products from red meat with sea gifts is also necessary, regularly eating red meat long life will not receive. Onoprovotsirut heart diseases, development of breast cancer, a pancreas. Believe, the alternative in the form of fish, crayfish, shrimps and mussels can appear not only it is more useful, but also is more tasty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team