Longevity secrets or How to live up to 100 years

Longevity secrets or How to live up to 100 years

The human body has limited quantity of a resource, in it the sad truth — all live once stops being that.

However this resource in it is put enough to live much longer, than we got used to consider. As the person will dispose of the obtained by nature basic data, duration and quality of his life will be such, and experience of long-livers prompts what to live up to 100 and more years quite really.

In youth it seems that the world is created for you and life is infinite therefore very few people consciously set before himself the purpose to live up to 100 years. However now more and more young people think of quality of life, consciously refusing addictions, such as smoking, alcohol, narcotic substances, watch food, physical shape and supply of an organism with substances and conditions necessary for it.

The secret of longevity is similar to an open secret — is known to all and for anybody not a secret.

Long living people often are sympathetic, active, less nervous, than the majority, and more sensitive. They are open for other people and the kind relations, are ready to offer the help and, thanks to these qualities, are capable to have hard times, preserving the mentality in safety.

The people wishing to live long life should be friendly and sociable. Evolutionarily and historically it developed that human beings live in society. Deriving pleasure from communication with similar, they exchange the energy stimulating the systems of an organism that well influences the processes happening in it.

However, angry and mean old men can live long enough too, but it is hardly such old age which wants to be received at the time. People need to communicate, joke, carry out joint ideas, to feel necessary and demanded for good health and long life.

It is necessary to know about harm of nicotine, alcohol and drugs. They destroy an organism, contribute to the development of various diseases, many of which are not harmless at all, and some — are deadly.

Notorious slogan about a drop of nicotine and the horse does not lose the relevance to this day. Nicotine destroys gradually, affecting vessels and wearing out them. The bad safety of vessels can play over the person a dirty trick at any time, and not only in old age.

Whether you know? It is possible to surround with the total length of blood vessels in an organism of one person twice Earth around the equator.

Smoking — one of the most common causes of oncological diseases and also other pathologies of a liver, lungs, throats. The smoking people twice bigger are subject to heart attacks as is exposed to destructive influence cardiovascular and nervous systems and also many other functions of an organism. Whether there is this addiction bringing doubtful pleasure to sacrifice for the sake of it precious years of life?

Whether you know? It is counted that in one minute of smoking of people on average pays off with one minute of life.

Harm of alcohol for an organism is proved long ago, nevertheless fans of hard liquors constantly try to disprove this fact, giving various examples of relatives and acquaintances and councils of the long-livers practicing regular alcohol intake. Only nobody knows how many these people would live, do not take they some alcoholic drinks.

Nobody argues that alcohol in small amounts expands vessels, having beneficial influence. Only fans to be treated by means of alcoholic drinks seldom remember moderation, causing thereby boomerang effect to which intoxication of an organism and its dehydration is added, and it if not to concern moral and household aspects.

  • cirrhosis;
  • diseases of a cardiovascular system;
  • pathological impact on a cardiac muscle;
  • withering of skin and internals as a result of dehydration;
  • diseases of nervous system;
  • problems with digestive tract.

The listed list of the possible problems with health reducing life term is not full. It is necessary to mention also alcohol as the cause of car accidents, episodes of domestic violence and even the criminal offenses committed in waste of intoxication and which are not prolonging life at all.

Important! Carelessly accepted alcohol dose against the background of drug intake can affect very seriously a condition of the person, up to a lethal outcome.

The accepting any drugs even do not dare to dream of longevity, on the contrary, their fast and not too tidy death it is no secret, including for addicts. Drugs kill, and this indisputable truth does not need proofs and is not called in question.

Thus, existence of one or several addictions leads not to longevity, on the contrary, to reduction of term of life.

What we eat forms our body, consciousness, habits, culture. Roughly speaking, we consist of the food eaten by us. Almost everything depends on its quality and quantity in our organism. Therefore it is so important to watch full value of food and saturation of an organism substances, necessary for it. At different age various requirements, for example, consumption of milk are much more important for children while enough the products containing calcium and its due assimilation by an organism has huge value for women after 50 years. Such nuances should be considered, forming the diet.

Nevertheless food at any age has to be balanced and contain all necessary for the person, and here unnecessary excesses it is possible and has to avoid, having elected a course to longevity.

Important! Not the last role in formation of a food allowance is played by attentive studying labels where the structure of products is specified that know that it exactly there contains and whether it will do harm.

  • It is considered that at advanced age the need for meat decreases, nevertheless, as a source of animal protein it all the same has to be present.
  • Vegetables have to make a considerable part of a diet, being a supplier of cellulose, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  • With fats it is necessary to be more careful as they can be the cause of the raised cholesterol.
  • Garlic is fine prophylactic of catarrhal diseases, it stimulates immunity and expands vessels, reducing arterial blood pressure and facilitating a blood-groove.
  • The advantage of chocolate as the means preventing heart and oncological diseases is proved if to use it in moderate quantities.
  • Beet prevents strokes, reducing cholesterol level.
  • Carrots prevent osteochondrosis and well affect sight.
  • Tomatoes struggle with cardiovascular diseases.
  • Tea contains the antioxidants fighting against aging and cancer diseases.
  • Nuts create an obstacle for development of diabetes and cancer.

Important! In food as, however, in all the rest, it is desirable to adhere to the mode that it was more convenient to organism to perform the same functions within a daily cycle.

Meals has to be not less than 4, it is better 5, portions small, I go to chew carefully and without hurrying. Upon termination of a meal it is necessary to hunger a lung, saturation will occur in 20 minutes. It is desirable to avoid plentiful meals and feeling of satiation, weight in a stomach.

It is very desirable to observe the culture of food from the youth, to have the created eating habits. It is exciting to eat, it is not obligatory to eat expensively at all.

Council carefully to chew food exists not for effect. Process of digestion begins already in a mouth with chewing and mixing of food with saliva which thanks to enzymes in the structure splits some substances already in a mouth.

Chewing is possible only by means of teeth, it is difficult to overestimate their existence and health.

Whether you know? In primitive times lost all teeth perished, like an animal in a similar situation if there was no person concordant to chew for him food. This most ancient method of manifestation of love was used also by mothers crushing food for babies, besides, some consider it a prototype of a kiss and manifestation of trust.

The teeth affected with bacteria are an infection source, on the one hand, and open gate for hit of pathogenic microorganisms in an organism — with another. Unhealthy tooth is capable to bring to the owner serious troubles in the form of pulpitises, fistulas, inflammations of gums and even a problem with skull bones and also diseases of digestive tract and a cardiovascular system. It turns out, between loss of teeth and risk of coronary heart disease as the Swedish scientists proved, there is direct link.

Whether you know? According to some information, the good condition of a mouth and teeth is capable to increase life expectancy up to 6 years.

In respect of usefulness any substance on light cannot compete with water. Without it longevity is reduced to several painful days. We consist mostly of water, it takes part in the majority of the processes happening in an organism.

When the person thirsts, it means that the organism gives a signal of dehydration what it is desirable not to allow and drink water not when a wish arose, and it is constant, drinking from 2 liters in day.

Having deficiency of water, the organism begins to involve own resources, using the water which is a part of cages and blood. Providing first of all a brain, heart, lungs, a liver, kidneys, an organism deprives skin, intestines, joints, depriving of them an opportunity to work normally that can lead to unexpected and undesirable diseases.

It is important! To create a habit to drink water, it is necessary to connect its reception with some actions: awakening, before meal, at an exit from the house and so on. Not to forget to drink water, it needs to be held constantly in sight.

Intake of water in quantity, sufficient for an organism, is capable to prevent some diseases and process of aging that, undoubtedly, will positively affect life expectancy.

Foot walks play very large role for the state of health. It is not obligatory to make jogs, enough foot walks from 2 kilometers a day an active step at all. Such useful practice:

  • trains a cardiac muscle;
  • tones up work of vessels;
  • accelerates metabolism;
  • oxygenates body tissue;
  • helps to control weight;
  • stimulates work of all systems of an organism.

Important! It is necessary to go an active step, pretty fast, at the same time to breathe deeply and exactly. It is desirable not to do stops not to bring down breath. Naturally, walk in the forest will be much more useful than a promenade on gas-polluted city streets.

Of course, such practice takes some time, but it is possible to plan the daily route so that there was an opportunity to walk on foot, for example, on the way to come to work to two stops earlier and to walk.

It is easy, but the result will not keep itself waiting long — your body will pay back with improvement of health and changes to the best. It is especially important to elderly people to make foot walks for maintenance of a state and increase in life expectancy.

By the nature it is intended that the person was physically active. All our functions, having undergone evolutionary changes, are intended for active lifestyle. The child, since birth, instinctively brings these functions into the corresponding look, moving much, making exercises with repeated repetition, spending irrepressible energy for physical development.

In process of growing of energy becomes less, the metabolism and heat exchange slow down, and the person becomes cleverer and, alas, is lazier. This laziness does ill turn: the bodies planned for active life in inaction lose the functions, stay idle and through time cause to the owner of trouble in the form of diseases.

Important! Thanks to physical activity the term of life of nervous cages is extended, the blood-groove, work of heart improves, work of an organism in general is synchronized.

Regularly working out, the person does not allow to idle to the organism. And as in it everything is interconnected, muscle work and hearts strengthens work of systems and exchange processes, supporting them in the working and healthy condition, not allowing to stand and atrophy, being exposed to various diseases. The people who lived more than 100 years throughout all the life were active, did manual work and were not lazy.

The stress has pernicious effect on an organism, provokes diseases and reduces human life.

Hormones of a stress have extremely negative effect on vessels which can react with a spasm, up to the termination of current of blood. And it is fraught with strokes, heart attacks.

The fear, jealousy, rage, disappointment, discontent force your vessels to be narrowed owing to what pressure increases, the negative impact is influenced by all organism.

All managements how to live up to 100 years, unanimously advise to learn to cope with a stress, without letting in it to itself and without allowing negative emotions to destroy by itself.

The human brain, like any other body, needs trainings in the form of intellectual efforts without which it in literal sense atrophies. Without forming new neural communications, nervous cages exist in the economical mode, blood comes to this site in smaller quantities that leads to death of neurons.

Important! The brain is obliged to work for the existence. Self-education, foreign languages, new hobbies, reading literature, the solution of tasks — everything that will not allow it to vegetate in inaction.

For the same reason it is necessary to avoid stereotypic thinking which does not give work to the brain which got used to mechanical repetitions. It is necessary to find new solutions of ordinary tasks, to prolagat new routes, say, not to work from year to year according to the same scheme, without thinking of the made manipulations. Living from day in den

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