Low atmospheric pressure and interrelation with health

Low atmospheric pressure and interrelation with health

Whether you thought sometime of why in some days you feel deterioration in health and slackness though, it seems, everything occurs as always? Perhaps, you even connected it with deterioration in weather conditions, having noticed that on bad weather diseases become aggravated. However remains unclear, how exactly bad weather is displayed on health. The answer is simple — it is all about action of atmospheric pressure upon the person.

About atmospheric pressure

Atmospheric pressure is the force with which air presses on the Earth's surface and also on all objects which are on it. It constantly changes and depends on height and the mass of air, its density, temperature, orientation of circulation of streams, height above sea level, latitudes.

It is measured in such units:

  • torr or millimeter of mercury (mm Hg.);
  • pascal (Pa, Ra);
  • kilogram force on 1 sq. cm;
  • other units.

To measure atmospheric pressure, mercury and metal barometers will be necessary.

What atmospheric pressure low, and what — high

Influence of the atmosphere decreases at temperature increase (summer), and increases at its decrease (winter). It also decreases after 12 hours and after 24 hours, and rises since morning and by the evening.

On high points on the Earth's surface presses a smaller layer of air, than on low therefore weight of the atmosphere in such points is less. On the points located closer to poles, the atmosphere presses stronger because of cold. Therefore there was a need to define a reference point. As norm it is considered to be an indicator at sea level and width 45 °.

Important! Normal atmospheric pressure is equal to 760 mm Hg. or 101,325 Pas.

Video: atmospheric pressure Respectively if pressure is more than 760 mm Hg., it for meteorologists will be raised if it is less — lowered. However this statement does not concern specific people. Normal atmospheric pressure is a concept conditional, it does not designate optimum for the person.

People live in different climatic zones, at different latitudes, at different height above sea level therefore they suffer the different gravity of air therefore it is impossible to define optimum level for all.

It is only possible to tell that for the specific person that level will be optimum that is norm (taking into account height above sea level and other factors) for the area in which he lives.

In other words, pressure which for inhabitants of Africa near the equator will be considered as normal can be lowered for inhabitants of the Polar region if they arrive to Africa on an excursion.

Influence and interrelation with a human body

Near ¾ the population of Earth are meteodependent and react to decrease in atmospheric pressure deterioration in health. Meteodependent people feel fluctuation of a mercury column when it is about 10 mm.

Deterioration in health with the lowered atmospheric pressure, first of all, is connected with the lowered content in it of oxygen and increase in pressure of air in us.

Important! On each person presses on average from 12 to 15 t of air which does not crush people because in us there is an air pressing with an equivalent force too.

Video: influence and interrelation of atmospheric pressure with a human body the State of health worsens because air in the person seeks to enter balance with air around it and comes out a body. Therefore in space where there is no atmosphere, without space suit the person will come out all air.

Liquid begins to boil in the presence of air resistance at +100 °C, at its weakening temperature goes down. If to rise by height of 19,200 m above sea level, blood in a body will begin to boil.

Distinguish 3 types of dependence:

  1. The straight line — when arterial blood pressure raises after increase atmospheric and vice versa. This type is familiar to hypotensive persons at which arterial blood pressure is usually lower than norm.
  2. The return — when arterial blood pressure falls at increase atmospheric and vice versa. Generally it is characteristic of hypertensive persons.
  3. Incomplete the return — when changes only the top or lower level of arterial blood pressure. So, change of weather conditions can influence people to whom in usual conditions the hypertension or hypotonia is not familiar.

We advise to esteem how to lower pressure.

Gravity of the atmosphere decreases before deterioration in weather conditions, it is shown at the person by the following symptoms:

  • nervousness;
  • migraine;
  • slackness;
  • ache in joints;
  • numbness of fingers of hands and legs;
  • the complicated breath;
  • the accelerated heartbeat;
  • angiospasm, blood circulation problems;
  • deterioration in sight;
  • nausea;
  • suffocation;
  • dizziness;
  • rupture of an eardrum.

What dangerously low atmospheric pressure

The mechanism of influence of the lowered gravity of air is shown thus:

  1. The humidity of air increases, it becomes more difficult to breathe.
  2. Air becomes lighter because it is less of it, that is the amount of the oxygen which is contained in it also decreases. There comes oxygen starvation.
  3. Cells of a brain, heart, vessels, respiratory organs suffer from a lack of oxygen.
  4. Oxygen starvation of brain cages causes changes in a mental state — euphoria is replaced by apathy and a depression.

We recommend to esteem how to get rid of a depression and a headache.

  1. As a result the head, and usual drugs begins to hurt cannot kill this pain. The person feels giddy, nausea, weakness.
  2. Reflex reaction of an organism to decrease in intake of oxygen is rapid breathing.
  3. On the other hand, hard work of respiratory organs causes increase in need for oxygen. At the same time due to bigger quantity of exhalations the organism leaves bigger amount of carbon dioxide. In response to it the respiratory center weakens loading, the quantity of breaths decreases.
  4. The accelerated heartbeat leads to increase in quantity of heart attacks. Blood begins with a bigger force a leak on vessels, arterial blood pressure increases.
  5. On the other hand, in response to decrease in oxygen in blood red blood cells begin to be developed in the increased quantity to transfer more oxygen. Blood gets denser, internals increase, it becomes more difficult for heart to pump over blood, it flows on vessels more slowly, arterial blood pressure falls.
  6. Falling of arterial blood pressure worsens health not only hypotensive persons, but also the hypertensive persons taking medicine for its decrease.

Such food as kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, sea cabbage, dried apricots, prunes, pumpkin, beet, lemon and tomato juice will help to reduce arterial blood pressure.

  1. Condensation of blood worsens its current on small vessels, blood supply of joints and extremities worsens, appears an ache in joints and numbness of extremities.
  2. Deterioration in blood supply and work of a brain reduces visual acuity.
  3. The air pressure in an organism raises — in digestive tract, it causes raising of a diaphragm and tightening of lungs, that is breath is at a loss. The same reason can cause a rupture of an eardrum.
  4. Resilience of integuments increases, the organism feels a stress, produces more stressful hormones, the quantity of leukocytes in blood increases.

Whether you know? Blaise Pascal counted that the mass of all atmosphere of Earth is 5 quadrillion tons.

What to do with a low atmospheric pressure

Most often problems with meteosensitivity arise at the people with an excess weight leading a sedentary life and incorrectly eating.

According to it it is recommended:

  1. To limit influence of other factors causing changes in arterial blood pressure.
  2. Not to load a body physically.
  3. To rise every 50-60 minutes because of a table, to walk, warm up extremities.
  4. To drink a lot of liquid, it is better — green tea with honey.
  5. To limit consumption of coffee to one cup since morning.
  6. To exclude from a diet fried, smoked, sweet, salty, sharp.
  7. To enrich a diet with the food rich with B6 vitamin, magnesium, potassium (a mackerel, chicken, a liver, a tuna, dark chocolate, green sheet vegetables, tomatoes, pumpkin, fruit, greens, porridges, dairy products, bean, avocado, nuts, cocoa, garlic).
  8. To refuse smoking and alcoholic beverages.
  9. To take a contrast shower since morning.
  10. It is possible to do swimming or yoga.
  11. Massage and acupuncture will help to take off fatigue.
  12. To walk in the fresh air.
  13. To avoid stressful situations, nervous overloads.
  14. To take the medicine appointed by the doctor and infusions of medicative herbs.
  15. Hypertensive persons in addition should measure arterial blood pressure and to refuse drug intake at its normal indicators.
  16. Earlier to go to bed, observe a day regimen.

Whether you know? If the atmosphere of Earth disappears, air temperature will become -170 °C, there will be no sounds, the sky will become black.

Thus, the indicator of the lowered atmospheric pressure will be a miscellaneous for inhabitants of different areas therefore the optimum indicator for all does not exist. Decrease in gravity of air has an adverse effect on health of most of people therefore such indicators should be traced attentively. To reduce negative influence, in such days it is necessary to conduct quieter and a healthy lifestyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team