"Meadow clover: medicinal properties and application, photo

"Meadow clover: medicinal properties and application, photo

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Lugovoi (red) clover — a plant, very popular in traditional medicine, because of the medicinal properties, despite existence of contraindications and side effects. It is carried to family Bean and actively used for therapy of various diseases. Let's understand, than this plant can help a human body.

Than the clover is useful

The clover is widely known as the shamrock, has a set of useful properties therefore in the medical purposes not only flowers, but also leaves, and plant roots are applied (all grass entirely).

With its help it is possible:

Whether you know? The clover takes off fatigue, brings muscles into a tone and promotes regeneration of bones.

It is natural antiseptics, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, limfogenny, urine - poto- and bile-expelling means.


Each kind of a clover is unique according to the description even if it has a certain external similarity to another:

  1. Lugovoi (red). There are two variations of this bright representative: two-year bush and long-term. Sheets are difficult, threefold. Flowers — small papilionaceous type, red or lilac. Sometimes leaflets can be covered with specks of white color. The bush grows to 60 cm in height. The plant in May-June blossoms.
  2. Creeping (white). A bush — long-term, no more than 25 cm high. It has creeping escapes and difficult ternate leaves. Small florets of papilionaceous type unite in spherical heads of white color. The blossoming period — from May to August.
  3. Vspukhly — a long-term bush no more than 25 cm in height. The inflorescence is similar to a head from pink flowers. The plant has a tubular cup.
  4. This look externally looks practically as a meadow clover. It possesses a powerful root system and grows to 0.5 m in height. Leaves are ternate. Flowers are collected on 60-120 pieces in inflorescences. Plants in June-July blossom.
  5. Pashenny or "cats" — an annual fluffy bush with a direct and thin stalk up to 30 cm high. Leaves — complex structure, ternate. The plant has single light pink heads. A head form — oblong or reminding a sphere. The period of blossoming falls on June-July.
  6. Chashenosny — the most widespread version. Bush height — up to 50 cm. In an inflorescence (head) about 12 florets are connected. Color is pale-pink.
  7. Multi-leaved — a perennial plant with a core root. The bush grows to 20 cm in height. The top inflorescence reminds an umbrella in a form. The color is lilac or red. Blossoming takes place in July.
  8. Mountain — a view with a strezhnevy root system. Grows to 60 cm in height. Leaves have the ellipse form. An inflorescence in the form of a head.
  9. The branchy bush, as much as possible reaches 40 cm in height. A form of the lower stipules — linearly-lantsetnaya with the pointed tips. An inflorescence — a head. Blossoming takes place in May. The plant in June beans of brown color fructifies.
  10. Hybrid (pink). It is a long-term pink bush with ternate leaves. Heads in the form of a sphere of a white-pink color. The bush grows to 80 cm in height. The blossoming period — June-July.

In traditional medicine quite often use also such grassy plants as a tansy, a cornflower, a thyme, chicory, a wormwood bitter, a hyssop medicinal, a valerian, a ginseng, a calendula, ekhinatseya.

Application in traditional medicine

The meadow clover often finds for itself application in traditional medicine for treatment of such problems as:

Whether you know? Ancient Russia considered a clover a symbol of beauty, love and youth.

Also application of a clover in the form of tincture can help to cope with painful periods and symptomatology of a climax. Besides, it is used for treatment of diseases of ovaries, sexually transmitted infections, disposal of irritation of a vagina, uterine bleeding and inflammation of uterine tubes.

Contraindications, side effects and harm

Besides medicinal properties, it is worth mentioning also contraindications of a meadow clover:

At the wrong dispensing of folk remedy the manifestation of the following side effects is observed:

Medical recipes

Vodka infusion. Place leaves and flowers of a red clover in equal proportions (for the maximum manifestation of medicinal properties of a plant) in a tight container from glass. Fill in with vodka and insist 14 days in the dark and cool place. It is recommended to use it in number of 2 tablespoons just before a dream.

Important! Do not forget to stir slowly periodically infusion.

Hypertension medicine. 1 tablespoon of a fresh or dried plant is filled in with a quarter of liter of water. We send everything to a water bath and we bring to boiling. Means within 30 minutes then it is filtered infuses. In day it is recommended to drink a glass of liquid: 0.5 — in the morning; 0.25 — during the lunchtime; 0.25 — in the evening. Broth for decrease in level of cholesterol. 1 tablespoon of florets and leaves is added to a saucepan from 100 ml of water. On a water bath the means cooks within 10 minutes. Further let's it infuse minutes 40 and filter. About 2 tablespoons and are recommended to drink during the lunchtime in the evening.

Broth from heartaches. Take 15 inflorescences and fill in them 200 ml of water. You cook mix on a water bath about 5 minutes. After that broth infuses about 10 minutes and is filtered.

Important! Use such means only before food three times a day.

During avitaminosis and a general malaise accept the means prepared from 2 tablespoons of dry flowers and a glass of boiled water. Before the use the means has to infuse 10 minutes. Drink it instead of tea with addition of lemon juice and honey.

Clover — the grass having the broadest medicinal properties. With its help treat the huge list of illnesses. Medicines from this plant can be bought directly in pharmaceutical points or to prepare folk remedies in house conditions. There is a set of recipes of tinctures, broths and ointments which can be used for treatment of problems with heart, skin and even from oncological diseases. Do not forget that the wrong application of a clover can cause a number of side effects, especially, if its application is contraindicated to you.

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