Medical technique of Kegel at hemorrhoids: as it is correct to carry out exercises"

Medical technique of Kegel at hemorrhoids: as it is correct to carry out exercises"

Such inconvenient disease as hemorrhoids, can develop at everyone, and in most cases it develops suddenly, without any previous symptoms. But there are techniques allowing to keep muscles in a tone and to overcome this illness. And one of such complexes was developed by the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel. And in what the uniqueness of a technique consists and how to carry out exercises, we will tell further in article.

Hemorrhoids symptoms

This unpleasant problem cannot be discussed. And when the disease has an effect, there can already be serious consequences which influence a habitual way of life. Therefore it is important to do not pass the main symptoms of hemorrhoids right at the beginning:

  • protrusion of the anal course;
  • inflammation and growth of gemorroidalny knots;
  • concern at depletion;
  • bloody allocations at defecation;
  • itch and burning in the anal channel;
  • morbidity, acute pain at touch;
  • loss of knots.

Whether you know? The prime cause of inflammation of gemorroidalny cones consider tendency to thromboses.

These are symptoms of external hemorrhoids. But there is also an internal form which is followed by unpleasant symptoms in the anal channel, feeling of incomplete depletion, presence of bloody impurity in Calais.

Indications to Kegel's treatment

Today many ways of treatment of hemorrhoids are known, each of which is applied at a certain form and a stage of a disease. However and less expensive Kegel's exercises are considered as the most productive. Some perceive the name of a system as a riddle. But actually, it is a number of exercises which noticeably improve a state and are used by many people already for many years. The basis of a training includes reduction and ease of muscles of a pelvic bottom with various tension and speed.

Important! Trainings according to the Kegelya system should be carried out regularly, except the period of aggravation of a disease.

The carried-out exercises train muscles of a pelvic bottom, stabilize a condition of the vascular system of direct intestines. Trainings also give the chance to strengthen muscles of a small pelvis which holds stool. Besides, during the occupations it is possible to improve a blood-groove.

By means of gymnastics the patients with hemorrhoids can achieve such results:

  • to reduce the frequency of aggravations;
  • to reduce the volume of gemorroidalny cones;
  • to constrain loss of gemorroyny knots.

Except hemorrhoids, Kegel's technique is shown to pregnant women, by preparation for childbirth and rehabilitation after a rodorazresheniye and also the suffering urine incontinence. Such gymnastics will help men at prostatitis and erectile dysfunction.

Read in more detail about what exercises can be done at hemorrhoids.


In spite of the fact that Kegel's technique is simple and yields positive results, in some cases is strictly forbidden to carry out exercises. People in the presence of such indications are included in the list of the bans:

  • inflammatory currents in a zone of a small pelvis and extremities;
  • vascular frustration;
  • hypertension;
  • aggravation of cardiovascular diseases;
  • the bleedings which resulted from the undergone operations;
  • patrimonial injury of a crotch (it is impossible to start gymnastics at least half a year);
  • tumors of various character.

Important! At all such problems it is possible to be engaged by Kegel's technique only according to the recommendation of physicians.

Therapy duration

Duration of treatment depends on a disease stage. Usually exercises recommend to carry out before total disappearance of symptoms. Only 2-3 weeks can be necessary for someone, and someone should carry out gymnastics several months. And at regular therapy about symptoms of hemorrhoids it is possible to forget for the rest of life. For this purpose the complex has to become a part of everyday life and it is possible to carry out it on service, in transport or other public place, in kitchen or in front of the TV. The intensity of exercises can be sketched thus:

  • The 1-7th day — on 5–6 times in 10 repetitions;
  • The 8-14th day — 5–6 sets on 15 repetitions;
  • The 15-21st day — 5–6 times on 20 repetitions.

Rules of performance of gymnastics

In order that the technique gave the expected effect, it is necessary to learn to control certain muscles. For this purpose it is necessary to exercise control at the intuitive level.

Important! Before any physical occupations at hemorrhoids consultation at the doctor — the indispensable rule.

But there is a number of the general recommendations of physicians:

  • at trainings it is not necessary to involve any muscles, except pelvic;
  • during the occupations the breath has to be deep, and let out the air a diaphragm;
  • between each exercise a pause is made — so muscles will better train;
  • it is necessary to do gymnastics only on the emptied intestines and a bladder;
  • at first are engaged lying, and in process of "schooling" of muscles, it is possible to make exercises sitting and standing;
  • during the first trainings it is not necessary to work too much.

Process is considered carried out correctly if it turns out to carry out gymnastics without breath delay. In the beginning trainings can be presented excessive, but quickly get used to them.

Kegel's technique against hemorrhoids

The system of exercises can be arranged in any place, without attracting to itself views. Their houses can be done lying or to include in structure of other complexes. They are so simple that they can be overcome independently.

Important! After several days of occupations of effect it is not necessary to wait. It is long process by means of which it is possible to get rid of disease symptoms forever.

Stages of exercises

In the system of exercises Kegelya allocate three main stages.

The first

Slow tension and ease of muscles. In the first 3–4 seconds extremely squeeze muscles, and then slowly reach their full relaxation.

The second

Speed of exercises is increased, carrying out short reductions of muscles. The next trainings should be increased on performance time at least for a minute.

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The third

So-called method of a vypikhivaniye. When performing occupations the crotch is squeezed, copying the act of defecation or attempts. Already from the first stage of exercise it is necessary to carry out quite often. In the first 7–10 days it is necessary to perform all three stages consistently on 5–6 times a day. Each phase includes 10 trainings of each look. Weekly the number of exercises within one stage increase by 5, reaching 30.

Gymnastics across Kegel

Having got acquainted with technique stages, it is possible to pass also to commission of exercises:

  1. Initial position: lying on a floor, legs are put in knees. The "lower" breath, is used by stomach muscles. On a breath pull in crotch muscles, inflating a stomach. On an exhalation the muscles relax, and the stomach — is pulled in.
  2. Initial position: being on all fours. On an exhalation the stomach is pulled in, the back is curved, muscles in a crotch are strained. Exhaling, return to initial situation and relax muscles.
  3. Initial situation: lying on a floor, legs are put in knees. To slowly push out hips up, tightening basin muscles. To return on a former position.
  4. Pose "birch". Lying on a back slowly to raise up the straightened legs and, pulling together muscles, to record situation. Legs are serially bent and return to initial situation.
  5. Initial pose: lying on a back. Equal legs lift up, straining muscles of a pelvic bottom. Parting legs on the parties, to posslabit muscles. Then to reduce them back with the simultaneous tension of muscles.

Whether you know? Kegel's technique became popular last century. Initially trainings were developed for women to train muscles of a pelvic bottom before childbirth.

Trainings should be carried out every day, repeating all exercises on 10 times.

Physical exercises for treatment strengthening

For improvement of result it is possible to use additional shells (a gymnastic sphere, etc.). In parallel, besides the exercises entering Kegel's technique it is possible to add a number of trainings:

  1. To lay down a back on a floor, to raise at an angle 45 ° equal legs and to cross them by the principle of scissors under a different tilt angle.
  2. Lying on a back, raise at an angle 45 ° legs, delaying them in a final point most long.
  3. Semi-bridge. Lying on a floor, to lift a basin on the greatest possible height, in a final point to be late for couple of seconds. At the same time muscles of a pelvic bottom strain.
  4. Cat's deflection. To go down on all fours and to cave in as much as possible at first forward, and then — back. In both cases to detain final situation for 3–4 seconds.

Important! The physical education should not cause pain and inconveniences. If during the trainings felt tension, studies should be interrupted.

Features of performance for women

The female can begin trainings in the toilet room during urination. Without resorting to muscles of legs and a press, it is possible to try to stop an urine stream for several seconds, and then to relax muscles. For pregnant women Kegel's gymnastics will become the real find.

However, all movements, especially on late terms, it is necessary to do carefully and without hurrying and to get permission of the gynecologist anyway. Future mothers can tighten lying the legs bent in knees to a stomach, standing, slowly to rotate the case, to carry out inclinations sitting, having widely placed legs.

Also such trainings will be suitable for pregnant women:

  • for 5 seconds to squeeze and unclench vagina muscles three times. Repeat 5 times a day;
  • in turn to squeeze vaginal muscles and back pass;
  • it is soft to make an effort for 3 seconds, imitating childbirth.

After the delivery it is also necessary to train muscles. But it is possible to do it only in a month after a rodorazresheniye and only after consultation at the gynecologist. Pins it suggests to be restored by such exercises:

  • to squeeze basin muscles for 3–5 seconds. Number of trainings — 3 times a day;
  • to delay emission of urine for 4–5 seconds.

Whether you know? The exercises similar to Kegel's trainings used geishas. Was considered that for this reason they managed to bring unearthly pleasure to men.

As we see, Kegel's technique is quite effective for treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids, and performance of exercises does not demand special preparation and knowledge. But, despite this, before the occupations it is necessary to get advice of the attending physician.


Really, exercises help!!! Two weeks constantly I strain and I squeeze crotch muscles. Six days hemorrhoids do not disturb. And before three months suffered. Only it is necessary is not lazy - will become to carry out exercises constant then a habit. No candles to me yielded such result.


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