Medicinal properties of a bee perga

Medicinal properties of a bee perga

And even bee stings for a human body, perhaps, heard everyone about advantage of honey, propolis, flower pollen. But there is one more product made by bees toilers which is much less known to a wide range of people. It is about a unique product of a bortnichestvo — a perga, or as still it is called, bee bread.

The description from where undertakes

Has such rather small popularity for broad masses of people of a perg only for the reason that known in scientific community it became only three-four decades ago. Of course, the professional beekeepers, people devoted to the business knew about this extremely valuable product of bees much earlier, than scientists. Generations of people which restored the health successfully used this knowledge, maintained vital energy and perg rejuvenated by means of various waste products of bees, including.

Whether you know? Scientists became interested pergy in the late seventies thanks to athletes who used bee bread why became more hardy instead of the forbidden doping and set new records.

Many people dislike honey for luscious and sweet taste. A fine flavoring alternative without damage to curative properties is the perga. Its taste sweet-sour with bitterness notes, very pleasant, it is usually compared to taste of rye bread with honey. Received the name bee bread of a perg not only for the tastes. As for the person the main food product is bread, so for a bee — a perg.

Learn what honey with propolis and also Dyagileva, chestnut, lime, and white honey is useful.

This product is necessary for all members of bee family for survival during the winter period, it contains all nutrients, necessary for life. Such food is especially important for younger generation — larvae of bees, bees wet nurses and drones for strengthening of sexual functions. Externally bee bread represents firm granules of non-uniform color from light yellow to saturated-brown. It is not surprising as pollen of different plants differs in color, and the perga for 90% consists of flower pollen. Another 10% make special enzymes of bee saliva and flower nectar for pasting of weight and its laying in cells. After that cells are sealed by honey which interferes with air access. In such Wednesday closed from external influences (temperature and humidity of a bee are supported at the identical level), flower pollen is modified in even more useful and the acquired product is better. For receiving a unique biological product there have to pass not less than 15 days.

Whether you know? During the season one bee family is capable to collect more than 30 kg of a perga which part is withdrawn by beekeepers for the needs.

Chemical composition

As a perga — the only food of bees during the winter period, it contains all nutrients, vitamins and amino acids necessary for activity of a living organism in the structure. Also the human body as biochemical processes of all living beings are similar is not an exception. The solution of advantage of bee bread is in its chemical composition.

Honey is often used in traditional medicine, and with its help it is also possible to lose weight.

Are a part of this unique substance:

  • proteins, fats and carbohydrates (fructose and glucose);
  • vitamins (And, E, C, D, K, P, PP, B1, B2, B3, B6, except B12);
  • amino acids — not less than 16, including those which the human body is not capable to synthesize independently;
  • organic acids;
  • fatty acids — not less than 13, including an omega-3 and an omega-6;
  • enzymes and vegetable hormones;
  • minerals (iron, silver, iodine, cobalt, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, chrome, silicon, magnesium, etc.);
  • natural antibiotics.

The unique combination of all these elements allows to provide almost absolute digestion of useful substances with a human body.

Whether you know? The Perga for 30–40% consists of the proteins necessary for a human body therefore the product is demanded among professional athletes. At the same time caloric content quite low, in 100 g of bee bread contains only 196 kcal.

It is possible to speak only about the approximate chemical composition of bee bread. Contents micro and macrocells of a bee treasure is directly connected with that, where exactly bees collected pollen for a perga. The structure will differ at the product collected on a meadow, in the field, in a garden or in the forest. Even the quantity of sunlight received by a flower from which the hardworking bee collected pollen will influence structure of a curative product. But anyway bee bread will remain permanently nutritious and energetically valuable product.

Medicinal properties

Scientists carried out huge work to prove that bee bread — the unique product, the richest source of vitamins and minerals capable to make preventive and medical impact on all bodies and the systems of a human body. The main medicinal properties of a perga are listed below.

  1. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Acts as a natural antibiotic.
  2. Immunomodulatory action. Carries out the all-strengthening impact on an organism, stimulation of the immune system is a consequence of this process.
  3. The toning action. Tones up all fabrics and human organs by means of biologically active agents which are its part.
  4. The stimulating action. Stimulates recovery processes of an organism.
  5. The regenerating action. Accelerates restoration after surgeries and other damages.
  6. Antidepressive action. Positively influences nervous system of the people who are in a constant stress, nervous tension and in a condition of chronic fatigue.
  7. The rejuvenating action. Returns to bodies and skin a young and healthy look.
  8. Preventive action. Performs prevention of many diseases.
  9. The raising quality of life. Stimulates work of all systems of an organism and by that prolongs life and improves its quality.

Important! The Perga, as well as honey, loses the medicinal properties if it or dishes to which it is added to heat above, than by 45 degrees.

The positive effect of bee bread is proved by both national, and official medicine at treatment of the following diseases.

  1. Diseases of digestive system. As the elements making a perga undergo fermentation process, bee bread by right can be considered as natural prebiotic. Its properties help to treat locks, diarrhea, dysbacteriosis, colitis, enteritis, enterokolit, to clear intestines of parasites, to normalize microflora of a stomach and intestines, than promote treatment of gastritis and healing of ulcers.
  2. Liver diseases. The positive effect at treatment of hepatitis and cirrhosis as active components of bee medicine help removal of toxic and toxic agents from an organism is revealed.
  3. Diseases of a cardiovascular system. Thanks to the content of natural potassium the cardiac muscle and walls of vessels becomes stronger, the warm rhythm returns to normal. There is a normalization of pressure at a hypertension, thanks to diuretic properties of a useful product. For prevention of strokes and heart attacks it is also useful to use this bee product.
  4. Diseases of an urinogenital system. Men are recommended to use bee bread for improvement of male power, prevention of premature ejaculation, for prevention of diseases of a prostate, at impotence, for adjustment of a spermatogenesis and maintenance it is normal of erectile function; to women — at gynecologic problems, mastopathy, for treatment of infertility.
  5. Diseases of the musculoskeletal device. The product helps at treatment of osteoporosis, promotes strengthening of bones.
  6. Diseases of a blood system. Availability of iron in the easily acquired form provides fast restoration after surgeries, the help in disposal of an anemia (anemia), raises hemoglobin level.
  7. Hormonal diseases. Improves the overall hormonal balance of an organism, contains in the structure iodine which is necessary for normal functioning of a thyroid gland and production of hormones by it.
  8. Violations of nervous system. Availability of natural magnesium in a perga helps to get rid of irritability, nervousness, fears, normalizes a dream and also helps at a recovery from a depression. This product — natural antidepressant.
  9. Skin diseases. There is a number of skin diseases which treatment is performed by means of consumption of bee bread inside, skin is purified thanks to removal from an organism of toxins, slags and cholesterol. External application of a bee product found application in cosmetology for rejuvenation and improvement of a condition of skin.

It will be interesting to learn - that bee sting treats from what the bee subpestilence helps and that the uterine milk treats.

  1. Memory impairment. At consumption of bee bread, full work of a brain is restored, it is very useful for the people who are engaged in brainwork to accept it.
  2. The antihistaminic property of a bee product provides removal of allergic manifestations.
  3. Diseases of eyes. Bee bread is the leader in the content of carotene which in an organism turns into vitamin A. Vitamin A, in turn, improves sight and also provides protection of eyes against overloads, strengthens capillaries of eyes and takes off fatigue.
  4. Catarrhal and viral diseases. This product of beekeeping is good as the prophylactic increasing the organism resilience and also as a vitamin complex after the postponed disease.
  5. Consumption of bee bread in itself does not lead to weight reduction, but is a by-effect at clarification of an organism from slags and toxins, at normalization of exchange processes and hormonal violations, at decrease in level of harmful cholesterol. Increase in working capacity and vigor is indirectly led to weight reduction too.
  6. Oncological diseases. The fact that bee bread helps with resorption of benign tumors, especially at an initial stage is surprising. In the started cases the improvement of health of patients is also observed.

Important! It is necessary to remember that the perga is not the main and only remedy for any given disease. It is rather auxiliary component of medical process. Do not neglect consultation of the doctor before reception of a product.

Consumption of bee bread is useful during pregnancy and feeding by a breast. Unique natural gift improves a condition of mother and a fruit, reduces risk of an abortion, stimulates development of breast milk and reduces risk of developing of anemia at the child.

As it is correct to accept

That treatment of pergy brought benefit, it is necessary to know how it is correct to use it. It is known that bee bread is useful and shown to application both to adults, and children, but Regulations of Admission will differ.


For the purpose of the general strengthening of an organism and completion of a lack of vitamins or nutrients and also prevention of various diseases the adult is recommended to use daily no more than 5 grams of a perga (one teaspoon without top). The day norm is recommended to be divided into two receptions: in the morning on an empty stomach for half an hour to food (1/2 teaspoons) and in the evening also for half an hour to food (1/2 teaspoons). Evening reception has to be not later than 18:00 as a product very active; if to use before going to bed, can cause insomnia or violation of the mode of a dream.

Important! Be careful, reception of a perga is on an empty stomach capable to lower arterial blood pressure sharply.

The maximum digestion of all useful substances of a perga is promoted by saliva enzymes therefore it is recommended to rassasyvat a product in a mouth before full dissolution, without washing down. If to swallow as a tablet, and to wash down with water, the effect will be much less. Bee bread should be taken courses on one month. Between courses a break is taken 1-2 months. So, in a year it is possible to do three courses, for example, in October, January and March, and four courses, for example, in October, December, February and April are possible. If the taste of honey is pleasant to you, then use bee bread in combination with honey, the complex of useful effects will be provided for 100%. Some experts in the medical purposes recommend to accept up to 30 grams of bee bread in day! Do not risk so!

To children

In this question of opinion of experts differ. Some consider that children can give a perga since year age. Only the standard daily rate should not exceed 1-2 granules. Not all children are ready to use voluntarily a perga in granules, perhaps, it is worth changing a form — for example, it is possible to taste bee bread in the form of paste with honey. Even if in such option the reception of a perga is not pleasant to the child, it is necessary only to process a dry perga in the coffee grinder and to add to the ready cooled porridge.

Offer such day children's doses of the granulated perga:

  • 1–3 years — from 1 to 3 granules;
  • 3–6 years — no more than ¼ teaspoons;
  • 7–9 years — no more than 1/3 teaspoons;
  • 10–12 years — no more than ½ teaspoons.

Important! Long excess of admissible doses of a perga can lead to a gipervitaminoz, serious disorders of digestive tract or an allergy.

Other experts hold the opinion that before execution the child of three years cannot begin reception of a perga as digestive tract got stronger not enough. The children's dosage of bee bread is counted so: to divide a day dosage of the adult into 70 (the average weight of the adult) and to increase by the child's weight. Then we divide the received value into two receptions: morning and evening. If for the first two-three days no by-effects are revealed, it is necessary to increase a dosage by 50% as the children's organism needs bigger quantity vitamin and nutrients, than the adult. Remember that to children, as well as adults, it is necessary to accept a perga monthly courses with breaks. It is recommended to refrain from the use of a perga for the night as the perga works excitingly and children badly fall asleep. This council is supported by all experts without exception. For children any house procedures, especially with use of biologically active agents, have to be agreed with the local pediatrician.

National recipes

Traditional medicine abounds with recipes for treatment of various diseases and preparation of cosmetics for preservation of youth and beauty by means of bee bread. Here some of them.

Important! The most valuable product of beekeeping is seldom or never capable to cause allergic reactions. Therefore before application of a perga carry out test on presence of an allergy.

For sight. In the preventive purposes that there was no easing of sight or at big loads of eyes, it is recommended to accept daily 5-6 g of bee bread within three weeks. It will be enough for creation of a necessary reserve of vitamin A and protection of sight of the person against deterioration. For recovery of sight it is possible to prepare such vitamin structure: 50 g of a perga, 100 g of honey and 100 g of bilberry. All ingredients to crush, mix and store in the fridge, the period of storage should not exceed seven days. To accept twice a day on one teaspoon of vitamin structure. For bones. To children, when bones grow, and elderly people when bones become fragile, the hormone which is responsible for formation and durability of bones is necessary. This hormone is produced in a human body only in the presence of vitamin D. 1.5-2 g of a perga a day can provide an organism with necessary amount of vitamin D, it is enough for strengthening of muscles and bones.

For increase in immunity. On one reception it is enough to take a quarter of a teaspoon of a perga, a quarter of a teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey. Mix should be taken in an oral cavity before full dissolution. For activization of work of the immune system it is possible to prepare such mix. To pound one teaspoon of granules of a perga in powder, to add a half-glass of honey and 1 grams of a uterine milk (is on sale in the same place, where also all products of beekeeping). Mix is infused in the fridge night. In the morning on an empty stomach it is necessary to accept on 1 teaspoon.

At anemia. Reception on a perga half of teaspoon twice a day in 20–30 minutes prior to food for a month considerably will improve a condition of the patient with anemia due to existence in an iron product in easily acquired form. In two weeks the course can be repeated. Level of hemoglobin can be increased if to prepare and take drink on the basis of bee bread. For this purpose to connect 50 g of a perga, 0.8 l of boiled chilled water, 180 g of honey. To mix everything and to insist 2-3 days. It is necessary to take drink on a quarter of a glass for half an hour to food. A cosmetic mask for dry skin. A half of tablespoon of a perga to crush, mix and a half a honey tablespoon, to add milk (about one tablespoon) for reduction of density. To apply a mask to clean and dry face skin, necks and zones of a decollete. To sustain within 30 minutes and to wash away warm water.

Cosmetic mask for elasticity and silkiness of skin. In equal quantity to take the perga pounded in powder and honey, to add propolisny oil — 5% of total amount of mix, to mix, dilute carefully with one tablespoon of water. To put a mask on faces, a neck and area of a decollete for 20–30 minutes then to wash away warm water. The mask restoring and adding gloss for hair. To crush one tablespoon of a perga, to add one yolk and three tablespoons of milk. To distribute a mask from roots of hair on all length, to wrap up, sustain from 30 minutes to an hour. It is good to wash hair with water and it is desirable to rinse with grass infusion.

Conditioner for hair. One tablespoon of a perga carefully to pound and mix from 200 ml of warm water. Such infusion recommends to rinse hair after each washing. It will add gloss and a healthy look to hair, will strengthen hair bulbs and also will serve as prevention of appearance of dandruff. In traditional medicine bee bread takes the important place not only as remedy, but also as a source of preservation of youth and beauty. Masks for face skin and hair result in amazing result, the effect is visible already in half an hour. If to apply cosmetic procedures with bee bread regularly, then there is a steady rejuvenating cosmetic effect.

How to store

The most quality bee bread contains in cells, only in it also the period of storage small is a lot of wax. After extraction from a beehive the period of storage of bee bread in cells should not exceed four months.

Pastelike form of a perga. For receiving paste bee bread is milled and mixed with honey. Such structure suits not all because of the content in it of honey and appearance not too attractive. But bee bread in the form of paste will not lose the curative properties for a year and even longer. For storage and the use the perga in the form of granules is optimum, they are cleaned from hundreds and can be stored year and more. But at long storage of a granule of bee bread have property to dry and to partially lose the properties. Therefore to stock up pergy for the future it is not recommended. Storage of bee bread in the dark place at a temperature from +2 to +10 °C is optimum for any kind of a perga. The room should not be crude that the mold did not develop. The fridge for storage of a bee product — quite suitable place. That the humidity of the fridge did not spoil a valuable product, the perga has to be in glasswares with densely closed cover. In the freezer and at the room temperature of a perg loses the properties.

Important! Bee bread needs to be protected from a mold in crude rooms and from a wax moth in dry rooms.


Even at it, undoubtedly, a useful product as a perga, there is a number of contraindications.

  1. Beekeeping food intolerance. About 3% of the population of the globe suffer from it.
  2. In spite of the fact that bee bread — the least allergenic in comparison with other products of beekeeping, all

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