is impossible to call an organism healthy if it lacks such element as magnesium. Why? - you ask. And business all that this element participates in all processes which happen in our organism. He as the butler, looks behind everything that occurs in the house. Magnesium controls processes already at the cellular level: cell fission, protein formation, metabolism. And magnesium does not stand loneliness, he constantly seeks for interaction. The ion of magnesium facilitates the course of all vital processes, and the lack of magnesium slows down them. Scientists found out that at the pregnant women suffering from a lack of magnesium, childbirth more long than at those which have enough magnesium.

What products contain magnesium? Favourite grain is rich with this element very few people: buckwheat and millet. Also a source of magnesium are bean, watermelon, nuts (especially forest), bran, spinach (it in general with what is only not rich). Vegetable products are rich with magnesium: cocoa, dried apricots, prunes, fennel, salad, eggs, beet, carrots and also fruit and berries.

If you love buns cheesecakes, then there you will find only remains of this element. As already during the cleaning and grind of grain on white flour 80% of magnesium are lost, the purified seed of buckwheat loses 80%, the threshed barley – 70% of this element. Canned food, alas, too does not shine with magnesium content. So, when processing green beans in canned food 50% of magnesium, peas – only 40% are lost though crude peas contain 90 mg of % of this microcell! Corn in canned food loses 60% of the magnesium which is contained in it, cornmeal loses 56%, and white refined sugar contains it 200 times less, than dark treacle. When cleaning we deprive potatoes of 35% of magnesium.

As for standard daily rate, it is necessary for us to the adult it is necessary to consume 0.4 g of magnesium, and pregnant women and the feeding mothers need 0.45 g of this element.

How does magnesium interact with other elements?

Magnesium is on friendly terms with phosphorus and sodium, so they provide to our organism muscular and nervous activity. The activity of magnesium increases vitamin D. If there is not enough magnesium, then potassium cannot keep in cages. Also magnesium is kind of a controller of calcium as it does not allow it to be postponed in bodies and vessels.

Than magnesium is useful?

  • Magnesium and bones

Magnesium - a surprising element, it is necessary for normal activity about 300 enzymes. So, in the commonwealth with calcium and phosphorus, magnesium participates in formation of bones, cares for their growth.

  • Muscular system under control

For certain you though once visited such illness as spasms. It can be connected with the shortage of magnesium as he cares for relaxation of our muscles. Even so banal hiccups can be a call of the fact that there is not enough magnesium a little too. And everything speaks simply: the excess of calcium gives rise to deficiency of magnesium. If the amount of calcium is not regulated, then can lead to undesirable consequences, but not to the fortress of bones. The excess of calcium begins to be postponed in joints. What can lead to difficulty of the movement.

  • Magnesium + heart = healthy heart

From a biology course we remember that magnesium is a muscle. And so, and the lack of magnesium can lead to diseases of one of the most important bodies of our organism. The American scientists conducted a research and found out that 20 of 25 people who have a heart trouble do not have magnesium. After patients filled magnesium reserves, their state considerably improved. By the way, if you lack magnesium. That lean on bananas.

  • Do not irritate me!

Magnesium is necessary not only for heart, but also nervous system. Nervous cages become irritable at a lack of magnesium, and the person begins to react sharply to any influences, he is irritated because of the slightest trifle. Such state naturally leads to insomnia, it is difficult for organism to relax and sink into a sleep.

  • Magnesium also influences vessels

Magnesium removes angiospasms, thereby improving passability of a blood-groove. Also it cleans our vessels from surplus of calcium, relaxing them. Therefore all hypertensive persons need enough magnesium. It is interesting that brain vessels also contain manias, and it there is even twice more! Therefore if you are tormented by headaches, migraines, magnesium is necessary for you. And even the most severe pains release in minutes 30 that characterizes this element only from the best side.

And if there is not enough magnesium?

So, if you lack magnesium, then there can be such symptoms as spasms, headaches, high fatigue, insomnia, a depression, low working capacity. Also there can be problems with nails, hair, teeth and also with heart and digestion. Besides, at a lack of magnesium there is a weight in all body that is very unpleasant.

And if there is a lot of magnesium?

The surplus of magnesium is almost impossible as all surplus is removed with urine. So even if you ate a linking of bananas, then any poisoning to you does not threaten.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team